My Favorite Pins #5 {Decorating Ideas}

Hi, My name is Jessie and I'm addicted to Pinterest. My decorating wheels are turning and NON-stop recently. I'm laying awake at night dreaming of painting walls in a house that I don't even own yet. Yes, it's a sickness I think and Pinterest just makes it worse!!! (If you missed my post about us buying a house last week you can read that HERE.) This week I wanted to focus on some of my favorite pins that are Interior Design related. Mostly inspiration things for the home I don't have yet....
Pinterest Favorites Title5Pinterest Favorites5
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1 I love that light fixture from IKEA. Love that this room is so bright and white! Beautiful.
2 That pillow is amazing.
3 Love this idea! Little felt balls in a vase. I just love all the colors in the picture also!
4 Love these colors! Talk about the perfect color scheme for my whole house!
5 Re-purposed wood table. YES PLEASE!

Using Pinterest for decorating ideas is very important to me because my tastes have changed a lot. I used to only like white furniture and ultra modern things. I find myself more and more drawn to wood pieces and a mixture of antiques. I know I am going to start collecting tons of globes!!! Now that I will have more room for them. Pinterest is really helping me to see what colors I am drawn to the most. Here is another board, because one is not enough!

Pinterest Favorites #5

1 Those stripes would make me feel like I'm in a candy store!
2 I want to make something like that lamp from vases!
3 I would love to paint a wall with a herringbone pattern!
4 Great colors!
5 Love the idea of using a wall for an office instead of devoting a whole room.
6 Bookcases around the doorway! Very cool idea and function.

So what do you think? Am I nuts? Gosh I can't wait.
It will make the cold winter much more pleasant! Decorating my heart away......

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  1. Blue green is my favorite shade. I wish I could decorate my whole house in that color. Sadly, that would look completely ridiculous.

    1. HAHA! That's funny. I have tons of turquoise everywhere in my current home. I didn't even realize I kept buying it. I look forward to painting some walls a blue green color!

  2. That little throw pillow is so pretty!

    1. It's from Sweden and I LOVE IT! I love that it has every color on it.

  3. I've mentioned on my blog before that it's been hard for me to decorate my house because I know that we won't be living there forever. I've found some great inspiration through your blog though because the fact that you might move in the next few years has never stopped you from making a place feel like your style. I love that!

    1. It seems I am always moving. HA! Hopefully this time we'll stay in our home for over 4 years. That will be a record for me. I think a decorated home is a happy home. You have done a great job with yours!

  4. I love all of these! I think you have a great eye for colour and texture. They're the most important things to me in any kind of design.

    1. Thanks! You and I both share a love for color that's for sure. :)

  5. These photos are all great. So inviting and fun.

    <3 Melissa

    1. Thanks Melissa. I love color but all bright white walls are also so beautiful.


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