Monthly Review // October 2012

I can't believe another month is gone! I know we all say that at the end of every month,...but I really mean it! What happened? It's like I blinked and October was over! October was a good month for me though! Check out what I did...
Month in Review Title Oct12 Oct 2012 in Review

The numbers are linked to my posts:

1 Really fell in love with Mustard Yellow
2 Met Alice at Disney World
3 It snowed already in Wyoming
4 I did my very first VLOG!!
5 Decided to buy a house and started drooling over paint swatches
6 Went on a bike ride, probably the last one this year :(
7 Chloe joined me in one of my outfit posts

I also shared some posts about our Disney Vacation! See them HERE.
Shared a Vegan Pizza Recipe! One of my favorite meals! Meat and Cheese FREE!
Had some great sponsors in October. If you missed the post, you can see that HERE.

As far as November goes, I have a busy busy month ahead and announcement of why in a few days!
Just have to get the post together!
Also, if you are interested in sponsoring in November and December,
ad space is half off or free with a swap! YAY! Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. AHAH omg your paint swatch pile looks very familiar... =) I bought a new house and moved in this year. Had all these plans to paint and everything so I got a bunch of swatches before moving... and let's be real. Two months later, I'm not even totally unpacked. Oops!

    Anyway, please share with us what you decide to do, paint-wise! I'm way too indecisive and can't choose the colors of my house for my life... it's holding me up!

    1. Painting is a lot of work! I just am some sort of freak and love it. LOL I will knock out a room in a day. I can't wait. I will be sharing everything. Also, I would also help give you advise if you needed help. :) It's overwhelming to decide on colors.


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