My Friend ~ Dennis Capps

I have a friend who is so creative! He is a painter, photographer and now designs great things on Photo Shop! Here is what he designed for me.....

Photo Montage by Dennis Capps

He used photos taken at my wedding and on my honeymoon. I didn't have a lot of photos in my house from the wedding / honeymoon, so I thought this would be a great way to display them together! Dennis even took some of the wedding shots that are in the piece he made for me. I will post a picture of it once I get it framed and hung in my hallway. (The photo is 29"x29")

When I first saw a photo collage he made from photos he took on a trip to Spain, I knew I wanted he to design something for me.

I just love how he makes everything work together in one large photo. He has such a great eye for photography!

His painting style is also very original....

Please check out all his work on his website! He is seeking clients. He would like to make some collages for other people using vacation, wedding, family or whatever other photos you would like! Please contact him if you are interested!

Dennis Capps ~ DwCincyArt.com


Entry Wall Collage

We have lived in our house for over 2 years now. I have never be able to decide what to do with the entry. When you walk in there is a closet. We actually took the doors off and just left it open. I bought a cheap wardrobe from IKEA to keep coats and shoes in. I couldn't decide if I wanted to paint the area, wallpaper it or hang fabric. So, instead of any of that I just decided to use all the great magazine photos, warhol prints, marilyn monroe pictures and everything else I didn't have a place for!!! Now it all has a home together!
Magazine Collage - My Old Home {2009}Front Entry 2

Its not for everyone, but is very ME. I love collages. Its so fun to stand and look at all the images. I even put photos of friends and family in the mix. Its very personal. I still have some "holes" to fill. It sometimes is hard to find the right size picture to fit into the puzzle.


My Collections

When I started working at the antique mall, I started to see more and more flower patterned items. Items from the 1960's and 70's. Like any collection, one thing turns into two things, then you end up with three. Here is a very images of my favorite flower printed & flower items I own.

Vintage Flower Pins ~
These I put in an IKEA picture frame. I just pinned them to a piece of fabric.

These are all items in my bathroom. My trash can and a cute vintage Shirt-Tales watering can.

I use a vintage pillowcase as a backdrop on the top of my cabinet in the bathroom. The aqua flower planter I found at a thrift store, I spray painted in the aqua color.

I like to use vintage glasses & mugs to hold makeup brushes, eyeshadows and other bathroom items.

Then there is my teapot set! Hands down my favorite! $10.00 for all of it at a thrift store.

I use vintage glasses for pen and pencil holders. Vintage scarf and vintage floral box also in photo.

Vintage makeup case ~


Opening an Online Store

Any advise?

I am thinking about opening my our little store online. I currently have a booth at the antique mall I work at. I sell items there pretty well, but I am looking for something else. I thought it would be fun to sell online.

I have already started to design a website using www.wix.com. Having my own site seems the best way to sell EVERYTHING I want in one place. I will sell clothing, purses, decorative items, vintage glass, anything I think is cute, linens and probably somethings I will design myself. It could be months before I am ready to do this. I may even change my mind.

If anyone has any advise, feedback or suggestions I am all ears! :)



My Office ~ Collage

I just added this Collage to my Interior Design by Me page!

My White Office ~ 2009

Original post here!


Froggy Monkey

Aimee's Scrapbook Room

I found Aimee on Flickr. She collects dolls, toys and hello kitty! (like me) I love love love her scrapbook room she has decorated! She has set it up so nicely. Her collections look great in the space.

You can see more photos of her room by going to her flickr account. (link)
She also has a blog! Froggy Monkey


My Bedroom ~ 2009

Lots of IKEA, color and Marilyn Monroe.

My Bedroom ~ 2009

Click HERE for before pictures of the room.


My Hall Bathroom

Oh how I hate my hall bathroom. The time is coming soon, when I FINALLY get to take a sledgehammer to the ugly green tile walls. :) Months ago I had planned to paint the walls in the bathroom black. I have decided that black is to goth. lol I will stick with black walls in our basement, whenever we finish it.

I am leaning towards a yellow and white color scheme. Of course I made a design board....

hall bathroom board 1 jpg

Thank Goodness for IKEA. They have new bathroom stuff at their store! Stuff I LOVE!

The Lillangen Sink ~ comes in 3 different sizes!

I haven't decided if I want white walls or yellow walls. I also don't know how much tile I want on the walls. I plan to just do the shower area and install glass shower doors. I want the bathroom to be very contemporary. The shower area will be subway tile. Like this....

The penny round tile is what I would love to put on the floor. I really like this bathroom...

Does any one have suggestions on having glass shower doors if you have kids? Is this a BAD idea? Maybe I should stick with just a shower curtain. I would save ALOT of money that way. Hopefully in the next few months my husband & I will find time & money to remodel our bathroom FINALLY!

Design Boards for Design Dazzle

Toni from Design Dazzle asked me to make her some design boards for her website using her products. Design Dazzle is a great source for interior design ideas for kids rooms. ( Which just happens to be my favorite thing to design! ) Design Dazzle has a great selection of decor & bedding for any nursery or child's room. Also visit the Design Dazzle blog!

Here are the design boards I designed :

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

All items on my design boards are from www.designdazzle.com



I found a great baby website yesterday! www.csnbaby.com

They have a huge selection of cribs, nursery decor, and baby bedding! Here are a few things I loved!
Butterfly Paisley Bedding ~

Bebe Crib

Bebe 5 drawer chest

Sparrow Crib

Mercer Crib

How about cute diaper bags! Here are a few of my favorites!
Zany Zinnias

Skull and Cross Bones

OiOi Pink Floral Bag

If you are expecting a baby, thinking about having a baby, or just love to look at cute things, go check out there website!