Biking in The Cooler Weather

Over the weekend we had fairly nice weather for Wyoming. The sun came out and the wind wasn't extremely bad. There were strong gusts at times. One of the jokes in the cycling community is that, "You train with the wind"! Well it's a joke for a reason because biking in the wind is VERY hard. The cool air made my lungs burn for the first time while riding. That sucked. I also rode without my Camelback of water for the very first time. It was nice not to have all that weight on me, but it met less water. I am still having trouble breathing through my nose and NOT my mouth. (Probably why my lungs were burning.)

We stopped so I could snap a few photos.
Biking Oct 20 2012 1
The scenery has changed a lot on the bike trail since we last biked it in early September.
Biking Oct 20 2012 2

We decided to bike to Barnes & Noble, which we do often. The bike trail runs behind a strip of stores in town. We got some coffee and took a break since my lungs were on fire. I browsed through some kitchen design magazines for more inspiration and ideas. Of course I always have to check out the Jonathan Adler stuff also...

Biking Oct 20 12 3
The main reason we went to Barnes & Nobles was so Cody could buy The Hobbit.
He wanted to read the book before the movie comes out in December.
Biking Oct 20 2012 4

I can't explain the happiness I feel when I am on my bike. I have grown so attached to my bike and the sport it's self. It was the first time I felt at peace and happy since we got back from our vacation. It just feels right to be out there peddling. We really hope to buy a house that is close to the trail and bike to the grocery store, shopping and work next year. I can see myself leaving the car in the garage a lot.

Here I am hugging a tree with my bike & shouting in happiness that we biked again before winter sets in for good!
Biking Oct 20 12 5

It felt so good to be out doing something. Biking again was one of my Simple Goals Before 2013! To be more exact, it was to bike some hills. Well there were a few hills, one of the biggest I had done yet! I thought I was going to die. It felt like it was miles long and would never end. I pushed through it though with the wind in my face. Climbing to the top of the Rocky Mountain Summit on my bike next year is a huge goal of mine. I don't ever like to say that I CAN'T do something, but man it's going to be hard. If others can do it, so can I!
The Children's Village
Biking Oct 20 2012 6

There isn't a lot that I like about my city, but I will give them credit for the awesome bike trail and parks. They have a big huge park that also has it's own Children's Village area. It's so beautiful and fun. I can't wait to take my kid here someday. It's very EARTH FRIENDLY and teaches children (and adults) all types of ways to be nice to the environment. There are gardens, windmills and all types of water features. They have painting classes for kids and all kinds of activities for families. I will be here a lot over the next few years while living in Wyoming. :)

Biking Oct 20 2012 8
Biking 10 20 12 7
This beautiful dog was laying by our bikes...
Biking Oct 20 2012 7
I leave you with my two favorite pictures of the day...
Biking 10 20 12 9
The above quote is defiantly one of my favorites and I find it the most inspiring in my everyday life.

When ever I am down or feel the world is falling apart I remember it. Sadly I lost a friendship a few months ago. I was defending my Vegan diet and arguing about saving the environment. They decided to stop talking to me. Something they said shook my soul. They said that one person can't make a difference and even if we all changed it wouldn't be enough. I am glad they aren't in my life anymore. I can't be close friends with someone who has such a negative attitude. It just brings you down. Like I always say, You can choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem. I know which side I'm on. ;)


  1. That park looks so nice! I wish we had one of those around hehe :) Also, I'm glad you found something like biking. Starting this week, I'm going to try lots of sports to find one I like :D xo

  2. i'm sorry to hear about that :( it really is awful when people decide they can't be friends with you for a reason like that - something happened to a friend of mine like that. :( anyhow - this little park is beautiful and looks like a wonderful place to bike too - it's so quirky and fun and sure to put a smile on your face

    <3 katherine

  3. Looks like a wonderful ride! I love biking around campus so much.

    <3 Melissa

  4. I can't wait to start biking again. We always have so much fun when we go together. Looks like you do too :)


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