March 09 (almost spring)

I saw this purse and had to buy it! I love the vintage picture printed on it. The quote on the purse is the story of my life.....

(I haven't decided if I am going to keep the purse or sell it.)

My main focus in March has been working on redoing my Pink Booth where I work. Here is what it looks like currently.....

The other focus is getting ideas together for the front yard landscaping! If you haven't seen my house in awhile, its now white instead of RED.

The tree in front of the fireplace is being cut down. It blocks the house to much and is hurting the roof.

I hate to cut it down, but its to big for where they planted it!! :(

I have actually asked someone I know to help me design all the landscaping. He is very good, and I am so not. I can do interior design, but not so good at landscaping!! lol Here is the house when we bought it....

I do miss the red house, but the white looks very nice. Here is a few images that are inspiring me! (To see more photos of the house in RED, click here!)

Of course, living in OHIO means no palm trees! :( My husband won't allow plastic pink flamingos either. I am also pretty sad about that.

First, before flamingos and pretty purple flowers, I plan to paint the window trim on the front of the house. I am open to any suggestions or ideas anyone may have for my landscaping. Red mulch, good idea or bad idea?

Thanks, happy spring!


*Creating Marilyn *

(one of my many projects for March 09)

I have been working on signs and photos for my booth! My pink booth is getting a complete makeover!!!

I really want to make my booth feel more "personal", like a little shop. Very little shop considering my booth is only 40 square feet!

I can't have my own store, but I can just keep making my booth better. I had two booths, but I have decided to downsize to just my pink booth. I want to be able to spend all my time on it! With spring coming I also will have less time to work on my booth! I have alot of work to do outside this year! (those who follow my blog have seen the photos! yikes!)

I thought cute little signs framed sitting in the booth here and there would be a cute added touch! I sell purses new and old, Marilyn Monroe photos, glassware, decorative items, and anything that is cute. Here is a old photo of my booth taken sometime last year....

I have sold most everything in this photo. The pretty white desk & hutch is gone. It always looked so pretty in my booth, but I sold it. (money is good!) Now I just have to find time to do all this,...HA!