Back From Florida!

I'm finally back. The time flew while I was actually at Disney, but the driving felt like forever. I really appreciate all of your comments while I was gone. I hoped you all enjoyed the Disney themed posts. There are going to be more of course about my trip! I just have to take a lot of time to go through my photos and decide what I want to share with you!

So we started our journey to Disney World on Tuesday September 18th. We both got off work early and left around noon! We decided to take 3 days to drive the 1,800 miles!

Day 1 // We drove to the end of Nebraska, 7 hours, 462 miles
Day 2 // We drove to Birmingham Alabama, 16 hours?, over 900 miles
Day 3 // Made it to Orlando! 9 hours, 550 miles

As you can see we were super excited to finally be leaving....
I love Google Maps! This below was a map of our journey to Disney....
DriveMap Drive4
I was excited to see the PETA billboard shortly after we crossed into the state of Florida.
As much as I would enjoy seeing a Whale show because they are my favorite animals, I do not support them at all.
I find it very cruel after watching many documentaries about Whales and Dolphins.
These animals should roam the oceans free.
The long drives made Cody and I both look like Zombies! LOL
On the drive home we took a different route. The total drive was 28 hours on the way back!
We took only 2 days to do the drive, 14 hours each day.
We arrived back home on Saturday night at 8pm! Our pets showered us with love and then we crashed.
I feel like it's going to take me awhile to get back into my blogging and life routine, so please bare with me. :)
Plus, if you saw a few weeks back I did my 4 Simple Goals Post. I need to start working on that!
Which includes less time on my computer,....so yeah, not sure how this is all going to workout! LOL
Thanks again for following me and reading my rambles. It's good to be back!


  1. Welcome back! But it's also a little sad because you're not in Disney anymore! :) Looking forward to your pictures.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I haven't been to Florida in years.

  3. Beautiful photos! Eeeek that's one hell of a drive! Think I would probably collapsed before I got to Disney if I did that.
    Looking forward to seeing the pics :)

  4. Wow y'all drove a LONG ways!!! And you had to drive though Alabama (I'm sorry...I know it's boring!)


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