What I Wore #7 {meeting Alice}

This is a different type of outfit post. The outfit isn't very exciting but the event that happened while I was wearing it was. This was our 3rd Disney vacation and I have always hoped to meet Alice, from Alice In Wonderland of course. She is my favorite Disney character and I really wanted my picture taken with her. I had never seen her at any of the parks greeting with guests. I always figured I would see her by the Teacup ride in Magic Kingdom. How wrong I was...

WIW TITLE ALICE 650x100 WIW Alice1Alice walking with twin little girls! So sweet!

When you stay at a Disney Resort you get to ride buses from park to park for free. Our last day at Disney we decided to try riding a boat instead from Hollywood Studios to Epcot. Then from Epcot we would ride the tram to Magic Kingdom. It was something different, plus I love boat rides. When we reached Epcot the boat didn't drop us off at the usual front gate. Instead we entered Epcot in the World Showcase area. Epcot is the park that I spend the least amount of time at, so I don't know tons about it. We entered the World Showcase in the "Great Britain" area. We were heading towards the front of the park when I noticed a sign out of the corner of my eye that said ALICE really large. I stopped dead in my tracks and realized it was a meet and greet! Finally, I was going to have my photo taken with Alice. It seems so cheesy, but it's so fun to get your photo taken with the characters. It's really part of the overall Disney experience!

Pretty Garden where Alice lives.WIW Alice8 WIW Alice2

I waited for what felt like forever to have my turn meeting Alice. It was very hot outside and I kept asking Cody,"Do I look okay?" I felt like all my makeup had melted away and my hair looked like crap. I had hoped to do real outfit posts while I was at Disney, but found it way too hard to do. Too many people and way too hot. I dressed cute but didn't feel cute sweating it out all day! Anyways back to my story...

WIW Alice3

My turn came and Cody took pictures of me talking with Alice. It was very strange since I'm not a child and they talk to you in character, complete with her British accent! (Which I LOVE by the way!) The first thing she noticed was my necklace. An Alice in Wonderland necklace of course! Boy, did I pick the right day to wear it! You can see below that when Alice realized I was wearing "her portrait" she was VERY excited. Of course I laughed...

WIW Alice4

Then she proceeded to ask me if I had been to Wonderland and if we could go together sometime.

WIW Alice6

She asked if I liked tea because the necklace also has a teacup on it. Of course I said yes. :)

WIW Alice5

Dress - Wet Seal | Necklace - Jeweled Ambrosia | Shoes - Converse, Target

WIW Alice7

If only I would of wore my black headband, I almost did!
Oh well, I just looked like a happy dork wearing my Converse with a dress. LOL

WIW Alice9

Isn't the necklace so pretty? It was actually a gift from Lisa of Little Lovables!
She has an Etsy shop where she sells all kinds of pretty pieces of jewelry.
Plus she is adorable and very sweet! You should go check out her shop: Jeweled Abrosia

I hoped you enjoyed my little cheesy story about meeting Alice. I forgot to mention one other thing, but you probably noticed. She was as short as me!!!! This never happens so it's kind of a big deal. It doesn't happen very often that I get to look someone straight into their eyes! HA! It was a great way to end our vacation at Disney World!



  1. Oh this was so cool to read! I love that they actually play the character. At Disneyland Paris they don't speak usually :p And I love your dress and necklace :) xo

  2. this is ADORABLE! and i think you could definitely play alice. and i love staying at disney resorts - i dont think i will for awhile now because my in laws live in celebration now (disney's ideal town)- i always feel weird meeting the characters too because i'm not a kid - but i love it!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. You guys look like twinkies with your hair! So cute. Looks like fun!

  4. This is too cute! I really love your dress.

    <3 Melissa

  5. What a great day to wear that necklace! Seriously love this outfit post! Your dress is so cute, love the little bow on the front. Alice dosn't even look real haha, her hair is too perfect!

  6. Oh my gosh, you look just like a modern day Alice, love the dress! She looks so adorable too. And what are the odds you met her while wearing the necklace? I'm so glad you took pictures of it, what a sweet moment, it makes me fell all happy inside! :)

  7. Oh goodness, I love that necklace, I am going to have to figure out where she got it! And, meeting Alice, did you feel weird, as an adult, that she was talking to you in character?! I mean, it was probably super cool though, I probably would have geeked out! haha


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