Gwen Stefani Style

I found this blog today called : Frugal Fashionistas
They featured an outfit Gwen Stefani was wearing featured on their blog. They show how you can get the look for less.....

I love Gwen Stefani and her style. I love how she has kept her BLONDE hair all these years and not really changed who she is. She has stayed true to herself and is beautiful. She also is an inspiration to me because she has 2 kids and still has kept her tiny figure!!

Image is from Frugal Fashionistas


Kitchen Decor

Here are some photos of things in my kitchen & dining area....

warhol print & billy bookcase

Muffins eating area. (my dog)

White vases hold my tea bags! yum! Vanilla Chai Tea is my favorite! You should try it. :)


Fashion Inspiration

I went "window" shopping the other day and it inspired me to make some design boards featuring clothing. Not something you usually see me do! I really want a wardrobe makeover!!! Here are some of the things I am dreaming of....

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

All clothes on the design boards are from ~
Forever 21
Body Central
Old Navy
Charlotte Russe
Payless Shoes


*Current Events*

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.

If you have followed my blog at all for the past few years, you will know that my house has been full of stress and problems.
Our roof is a flat rubber roof and has been nothing but a headache since we bought our home. We paid someone A LOT of money to do only PART of it, and what he did already leaks. We had a lot of rain the other night and my bathroom ceiling starting leaking AGAIN. It had been dry for months and held up, but finally the water made its way through a small hole in the rubber. My poor husband keeps trying to "band-aid" it.

We need a whole new roof and we are currently trying to figure out how the hell we are going to pay for it. We have had about 6 different roofers come and look at it so far. They all said what a horrible job the guy who did it 2 years ago did!!!! It makes you sick to know something you paid A LOT of money for has to already be replaced! There are some days my husband and I are so upset, we just get in the car and leave our house just so we don't have to look at it. Our new roof will cost probably around $10,000 ~ $15,000 dollars. Getting a loan for that isn't easy. I just hope that we don't have to use a credit card. My husband and I are almost debt free, and now this. Plus I really want to start a family. :(

My husband has been waiting over a month to find out if he is getting a new job or not. We believe it will pay well and that we would be able to have a baby. I don't mind being in debt and having to pay on the roof and have a baby at the same time. Aren't we all in debt with something always? :( Oh well, what can you do? I just try to keep my head up and smile everyday.

On a happier note, I am working on a new blog. I thought it would be fun to just make a blog for baby stuff. Stuff I love and want for my nursery someday. I decided to do this because my "modstyle" blog was becoming to much "baby" stuff. I know not everyone who visits wants to see or read about baby stuff. I will share my blog later!! I am still designing it. :)