MOSAIC - December 2010

Monthly Mosaic 10x10 dec 2010 2

My Life Recap / December 2010
*Went to Metamora with my parents
*Went to Disney World
*Finally sold our house
*Spent a lot of time preparing for Cody to leave for basic training
*I turned 29 years old


Busy December

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Between being on vacation, all the Christmas family gatherings and Cody leaving for basic training I have not had much free time. Yesterday I went back to work after being off almost 3 weeks! That was a reality check. I realized how much I don't want to work in retail anymore. It was super busy at IKEA yesterday and I am just burned out with Customer Service. My mind is elsewhere at this point. I am ready to move forward.
Cody & Me November 2010

Cody is going to basic training on Tuesday January 4th. I will be driving him up on Monday and staying over night with him. Then we say our goodbyes for 8 weeks. Then I will go to San Antonio Texas to see him graduate in March. I am already looking really forward to it. After he graduates he will train for his job for 6 months. We will be able to talk during this period which will help a lot! I will go visit him at least once, maybe more depending on his location. I am hoping I cope with being alone well. I have a bunch of things I plan to do while he is gone. I should be able to keep my mind busy and make the best of it.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Thanks for stopping by!


Christmas Toy Past

Today I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Years ago I would have been opening presents as a child. Here is a 80's flashback to a few of the toys I remember Santa bringing me.

Knight Rider
Knight Rider

Rainbow Bright Doll and a Tomy Water Game
Rainbow Bright in BOXvintage-starball-1980s-tomy-wizard-water-games-retro_230529822567

Fisher-Price Toy Sets

I almost forgot about these charm necklaces that I used to have till I saw the picture today!

It is so much fun remembering all the fun things I used to have. I think this is why I collect toys now. lol I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas!

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Disney World Vacation #2 - December 2010

Well I am back and we had a great time at Disney. We were a bit stressed during our vacation due to a crappy hotel bed, cold weather and the Disney Dining Plan. If anyone ever plans to go to Disney and has any questions, please feel free to ask me. Disney is a wonderful place, but there are mistakes you can make when planning your vacation.

We stayed at The Pop Century Resort at Disney. I would not recommend this resort. I recommend spending more money on a nicer resort if you ever plan on going. When you stay at a Disney resort there are tons of perks. You ride buses to the parks, you can stay at the park after it has closed to the general public and you can get the Disney Dining Plan which saves you tons of money on food.
disney dec10 collage 1 9x12

We got a different dining plan this vacation. This vacation we got 1 table service meal each day. Table service meal means a "nicer" sit down meal verses "fast food". Only problem with doing this, is you have to make dinner reservations 180 days prior to your vacation. Sadly, there are people out there who book multiple reservations for the same day at all different restaurants. Which caused Cody and I to have to eat at places we didn't like. I had being trying to book reservations since October, and they were already all full. Cody and I will just stick with the "fast food" food plan, which they call Quick Service Meals. Making reservations is hard when you just want to play at the parks and ride rides!! That is why we go!!
disney dec10 collage 2 9x12

Anyways, I don't mean to sound so negative. lol It is just things you learn from each time you go. This vacation we got our picture taken with lots of the characters! That was super fun. I also really enjoyed the Christmas environment!

We rode the Toy Story Ride - Midway Mania. We didn't get a chance to ride it last time. The line is usually the longest out of all the rides in all the parks. We rode it 4 times! I think it is one of our favorite things at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park.
disney dec10 collage 3 9x12
disney dec10 collage 4 9x12

In the collage above you can see a picture I took of Mickey Mouse figurines that we bought while on vacation. Their proper name is "Vinylmation". Yes, I started collecting something new. Cody & I really love them. They are each painted by a different artist. There are probably over 100 of them to collect and you buy them blind boxed. You trade with the people that work at the stores or other guests at the park. We were lucky and all the ones we bought were ones we wanted.


Goodbye Ohio! Hello Florida!

We are leaving for Disney World super early tomorrow morning. Ohio got snowed on today. We are hoping it doesn't effect our flight to badly. *fingers crossed*

We are really looking forward to seeing the sun in Flordia after the snow storm today! Be back next week! :)


Turquoise Tulips & BlissPinkRoom

You may already know because its plastered all over the "interior design blog world", Honeysuckle is named the color of 2011 by PANTONE. Well my apartment has every shade of pink in it so I guess I did it right. lol
6a00d834cdafac69e20148c6902c3e970c-800wiPicture 5
Houzz and The Pumpkin Queen
Picture 3PINK wall
Young House Love
Pink Flower
Bossy Color Blog

Do color trends matter to you? I think everyone should always decorate how they like and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

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10 Things {from the Disney online store}

10 things from disney
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Visit the Disney Store {HERE}

BLOG LOVE - Mostaza Seed

Picture 2

Meet Stephanie. Her blog features her items that she sells in her etsy shop. She is very creative and like me, loves to design graphics also! One of her popular items she sells and makes is her teacup lights!

Check out her blog and her shop today!


Dream Home

{Inspiration to build a home someday}

When can I move in? I searched for modern home and I found this beauty!
Source: Design Shoot

{ Design Shoot image source : Furniture & Fashion }


4 Movies

4 movies

1. Chasing Sleep - I only watched this movie because Jeff Daniels was in it. It is a very bazaar story about a man who's wife dies and he basically goes crazy. It was a very dark movie. 2 stars

2. The Oxford Murders - A college student tries to solve a murder mystery based off math problems. This movie has unnecessary sex scenes in it I thought. It was interesting but not that good. 2 stars

3. Get Smart - Pretty funny, but not as good as most Steve Carell movies. 3 stars

4. Gamer - Only watched this because Michael C Hall is in it. It is about video games that are played using real life people. Again, unnecessary nudity. 2.5 stars



I thought it would be fun to pick a few of my favorite Flickr photos and feature them here on my blog. There are so many beautiful images out there and that is one of the reasons I love to blog. Here are 4 photos in my Flickr favorites....

FLICKR USER: Aleya2009
This image just makes me smile. When I was a little girl I had a Care Bear cloud car. I can't wait to have my toy collection unpacked and displayed someday!!

FLICKER USER: Grandpa-Disney
Alice & The White Rabbit. Disney Grandpa has wonderful photos he has taken at Disneyland. He takes great photos and really makes me want to buy a good camera. lol ;) This picture is really sweet. The little girl is his granddaughter.

FLICKR USER: The Estate of Things
I love love love the pink and white chevron pillow!

FLICKR USER: jade :: chikaustin
I love this display of vintage toys! Plus, it is on an expedit bookcase from IKEA. Again, I can't wait to display my collection someday. This is a great photo of a great display!


Christmas Tradition - Metamora

Yesterday Cody & I went to Metamora Indiana with my parents. We go every December as a Christmas tradition. Metamora is a very small town that is full of stores that sell crafts, antiques and new items. There is something there for everyone! I took a million pictures, here are a few of my favorites.....
metamora page2
metamora page1
metamora page3
metamora page4
metamora page5

Every year I usually get a Christmas figurine of some sort. This year there was a new store that had Hello Kitty stuff. Needless to say I bought two cute Hello Kitty stuffed animals instead. lol My dad bought me the vintage pink owl in the photo above from my favorite antique shop at Metamora. I figured he would fit somewhere in my decor at the apartment.

This will probably be the last time that we will go to Metamora with my parents, at least for awhile. Hopefully we will be able to come home next year for Christmas. I am not sure how that will all work out with Codys leave time from the Military. He will only be at his job for a few months so it may be to soon to come back to OHIO.



Detailed Bookcase Arrangement

I love my bookcase in my living room so much, that I wanted to take detailed pictures of each shelf opening. I love arranging bookcases and shelves!

apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf1
apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf2
apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf3
apartment103 bookcase detail 16x7 shelf4

Click {HERE} to see photos of the bookcase