This Disney vacation post will feature EPCOT. A lot of people LOVE Epcot. For me, it's my least favorite park. Sorry to those who love it. I don't have as many photos for this blog post. We only went to Epcot once. In my opinion Epcot is great the first time you go and it's great for people who want to eat some neat food while you are at Disney. The World Showcase at Disney offers all kinds of food from different countries. I am going to feature the things that I enjoy about Epcot in this post.

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When you first walk into the park it is neat to snap some photos of the big Epcot ball. The correct name is Spaceship Earth. It is an actual ride, so yes you can go inside the big round thing. I have actually never done it. The first time we went to Disney we flew and on the plane I could see the Epcot ball below on the ground. That was pretty exciting! I also love seeing the Trams run through the park...

I'm always photographing wildlife!

I do enjoy the scenery at Epcot. It's wonderful to photograph. They have a flower show in the springtime. I haven't been yet, but think that's the time of year I will plan my next Disney vacation for. I couldn't imagine all the beautiful flowers I could take photos of! I'd probably explode actually.


Epcot is a good place to go when you kinda want to relax and get away from the crowds. One draw back for us though is when you enter the back of the park where the world showcase area is, lots of people are pretty drunk. You can almost instantly tell a difference in the way people are acting, walking and talking. If you like to drink it probably wouldn't both you. ;) I am sorry I don't have any photos of the world showcase to share. We walked through very quickly hoping to find soy latte's, no luck. I recommend going early in the morning before everyone starts drinking.


There are many beautiful fountains at the park, making it a rather peaceful. They have The Land Pavilion which is a nice area geared towards saving the environment. One of my favorite things was the film Circle of Life. I highly recommend it. Then we did the Living with the Land ride, pictured below...


You ride on a boat and it takes you through the Disney greenhouse area. Showing you how they are growing produce for some of their restaurants at the park. They are trying to spread awareness about better ways to farm that are healthy and better for our planet. It was really neat. Another thing I like about Epcot is the aquarium area that they have. It's actually a Finding Nemo ride that you get on and then after the ride ends you walk around and look at fish.


They do have a few Dolphins there, which breaks my heart. I hate seeing them in captivity. I actually was so upset that I had to walk away. It's amazing how an animal can touch my heart so much. On a happier note, I really enjoyed seeing this many clown fish together in one place...

Of course you should always try on silly hats while on vacation at Disney... EPCOT3

Another highlight for me at Epcot was getting my picture taken with Alice! If you missed that post, you can see it HERE. So if you want your photo taken with her, she's at Epcot in the Great Britain area. There is also a building that has lots of character greetings. Great place to get your photo taken with Mickey and Minnie! The ride Soarin' is supposed to be really good. I haven't done it yet because the line is always really long, so get a Fastpass for that!! I like that we haven't done everything yet. Gives us stuff to look forward to next time. :)

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  1. I love Epcot. the Living with the Land ride is my favorite - I went on it at least 3 times when I was there.

    <3 Melissa

  2. Epcot has always been my favorite. I love the idea of "The Circle of Life" ride!


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