Yesterday my friend Dan and I went on a short road trip in Indianapolis. One of my favorite antique shops is located there, Midland Antique Mall. Midland is located in a huge warehouse. It always has unique fines and lots of Mid Century Modern furniture. It's a hip place that plays techno type music while you shop. I like it because its different.
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011I loved this Indianapolis graphic poster
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011
Midland has 2 floors of booths. There are showcases with expensive things on the main floor. Sadly they have no air condition in the warehouse, so we looked as quickly as we could. They have a decent selection of vintage clothes at Midland.
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011
I loved this gold colored vintage sofa. It was only $80 and very comfy! If we would of had a truck, it would of been mine. I loved this display!
Midland Antique Mall - 7.30.2011
Dan and I went to the Castleton Square Mall to have lunch. Well, they had a Disney store which meant they had Vinylmations. They had a sale going on where if you bought one Vinylmation you got another for free.
Vinylmations 7.30.2011
I was super excited about being able to purchase some Vinylmations in person instead of online. Dan and I had a lot of fun! We also visited the Exit 76 Antique Mall. It is very large and has something there for everyone! I highly recommend it.


2 Many Totes

What I have been doing. Moving totes and more totes. I think I will dream about totes tonight.Moving Stuff to Storage - 7.25.11
I really missed my Saturn VUE while I was in California. I hadn't driven it since April. Today I decided to start bringing stuff that was at my parents garage to my storage unit. Most all of it is my 1980's toy collection. Today was 91 degrees instead of 98, so I decided to move things in the "cooler" weather. HA! (I took two showers today!) I was pleasantly surprised to get as many totes as I did in one trip!!! It was a productive day.
Moving Stuff to Storage - 7.25.11
Sadly I still have a lot more to do. Lots of big pictures and mirrors to bubble wrap. Any suggestions on a good way to move my 42" flat screen tv? We have decided to let the Air Force do the move. We don't want to mess with it!
Storage Unit -  7.25.2011

Tomorrow I am taking the day off to spend time with a close friend. Wednesday I will be back to work. More totes and bubble wrap.



I haven't been posting a lot on my blog because I haven't been near my computer. I have been out doing stuff and I am only going to get busier. Cody comes home to Ohio in 12 days!! I took a few days this week to go look at Sofas. The selection in Wyoming is limited, so I figured I should look while I was here. I decided to go somewhere I never would think to look, Macy's. The best part is they will ship to my apartment in Wyoming! I am waiting for Cody to get here so he can help me make the decision. Of course he is an awesome husband and says to me, "Just get what you want. I trust you!" (AMAZING!) I did find a couch that I can get made in pink, but I won't do that to him! lol Here are a few of my favorite sofas from Macy's...

The Chloe
This sofa is covered in a micro fiber velvet. The sofa looks so grown up and I love it's curves. I think a Warhol Marilyn Monroe print would look great over it!
I like both colors that it comes in, not sure which one I would get. Probably the gray. The only "bad" thing about this sofa is, I don't think Cody and I can really cuddle together on it. If I went with this sofa collection I would get the sofa for Cody and the love seat for me. lol I am in love with the Chloe collection!! The chair is very cute also...
I love the chrome lamps they had at Macy's. I really want a set of big chrome lamps...
Then there is the Milo sectional that I love but it's not as comfy as the Chloe. You would think it is. I really want a couch that we can lay together on and put our legs up on! That is why the sectional is good for us...
The sectional does come in a dark gray. The back cushions are really comfy but the seat is kinda firm. This is when I need Cody's feedback on the couch before I spend the money!!! Last but not least, there is the Elliot...
This sofa is super comfy and does come in gray also. (I really want a gray sofa!) I would get the ottoman for sure so Cody can put his feet up! I love the cute chair...

Decisions, Decisions!!! Which one do you like for me? I think the first two are the most modern looking. The Elliot may not be contemporary enough, but I think it may work once all my other stuff is with it. It all comes down to comfort! Cody and I love to watch movies and cuddle! If we can't do that, then there is not point.



dress and room floral pink orangeROOM | DRESS
dress and room blackbrownROOM | DRESS
dress and room blackwhite stripesROOM | DRESS
dress and room redROOM | DRESS

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Well I made it to Ohio! I took two days to drive here. I couldn't drive 1,200 miles by myself in one day! I drove from Wyoming to Iowa, then Iowa to Ohio.
nebraska logo
I made this fun map of all the states I have driven through this year. All the pink states are this year, the turquoise states are places I have been in the past.

USA MAP / Places I've been

I am very proud of myself. If you would of asked me just a year ago if I ever thought I would drive across the country, I probably would of laughed. It amazes me how life always is full of surprises and how one decision leads to so many events happening. I am glad that I took Muffins with me. She does so well in the car and loves being with me. I took this cute picture of her being lazy in our hotel room bed...
muffins bed logo
So, of course since I am back in Ohio that means I did find a place for us to live in Wyoming. I ended up just renting a typical apartment in a complex. Not what I wanted, but everything else fell through. The apartment is large enough for all my stuff though. Now that I am in Ohio I have a lot of people to see and things to do! Today I visited with a close friend and ate at one of my favorite places to eat, Chickfila!
chickfila logo

I will try to keep posting on my blog with my morning coffee!



I am so sick of looking at the same couches over and over. I look at the same stores and the same websites. Everything I love is so expensive. When I get back to Ohio I hope to hit some thrift stores in hope of finding a great vintage sofa. I may be lucky and find something awesome!
Design CrisisPink Vintage Couch
I find that vintage sofas are very comfy! Look how happy this little doggie is!
Bluish Orange
Vintage Couch
Enduring ArtsYellow Couch
Tara FerreiraFloral Sofa
2 Register GuardRound Vintage Sofa
The Rebirth of Freshyellow+couch


Pier 1 Vase

I fell in love with this vase from Pier One a few months back. I have thought about it many many times and decided to just bite the bullet and buy it!
vases pier 1
I purchased the big one on the right. I bought the last one! Sometimes you just have to buy things when you see it! The color is great and the design is unique. I can't wait to find a special place for it when we get settled into our new place!