Fashion Inspiration - Wet Seal

Wet Seal - November 09

Fashion Inspiration

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Joining the Twilight Bandwagon

I hate to admit this.......

Twilight 1

But I guess I joined the "Twilight Bandwagon". I decided to rent the first movie the other night to see what the big deal was!! Well, I am sucked in now. I started reading the first book and I already went and saw New Moon. lol I don't like to read. It is rare for me to find something I can't sit down. With it being cold outside now and dark at 5pm, it is nice to crawl into bed with a book!

Twilight 3

Twilight 2

Twilight 4

Images are from Vanity Fair. I love photography and found these photos stunning.

My Tree - 09

I decided to put my tree up this past weekend. It is a little early, but I am working a lot the next week so I just wanted to get it done. :)

Christmas Tree - 09

I decided to only put red, silver & white ornaments on the tree this year.


Lexey & Chloe


My Pets - Lexey & Chloe

Lexey is the only cat that I have that will put up with Chloe. It really is cute how they "cuddle" and lay together.


Fashion Inspiration - forever 21

New Arrivals - November 2009 - Forever 21

Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21

Forever 21


Black & White Apartment

I stumbled across this lovely black and white apartment on flickr yesterday. This apartment belongs to flickr user: Wileima

She has many more pictures posted here, so check them out!


My Office Makeover

November 2009
Wall color : Springtime Bloom - Behr Paint

My Office - Nov 09

My Office - Nov 09

My Office - Nov 09

Hello Kitty Collection

My Office - Nov 09

Before Pictures- HERE
Design Board- HERE

I will have more photos on my website which is almost done!


Pet Photos - November 09

Simon - In "his" chair in the living room

Chloe - Her new winter sweater

Norman - Loving my new office


My Guest Bedroom

Now that my office is almost done I am ready to move on to my next project. The Guest Bedroom will home a nursery someday, but for now it will decorated it like this....

Design Board ~ Marilyn Monroe, Vintage and Modern

Guest Bedroom Design Board

The main inspiration piece for this room is the vintage 1970's poster, " The love in you heart wasn't put there to stay, love isn't love till you give it away ". The room is just a collection of items I already have that are just being stored in closets and in my basement. I just have to purchase a few accessories and paint basically. Decorating on a budget can be challenging, but if you are like me you got a bunch of STUFF that you probably can use to do a whole room over!!! I really wanted to paint the room a shade of yellow or purple, but I decided on dark gray. I decided that the accessories would be enough color for this room.

Stay tuned for the end result.... :)

Hello Kitty Flash Drive

It just goes to show that you can get just about anything "Hello Kitty" ;) lol This cutie is from Urban Outfitters.


This made me smile....

This little doggie looks like mine. :) Cute.


Keep Calm & Carry On

I love the Keep Calm & Carry On Poster/Print! I love seeing it in different colors and different rooms in peoples homes.

Ivy style 33


Aunty Cookie