MOSAIC - May 2011

Monthly Mosaic May 2011

My Life Recap / May 2011
*Took Muffins to the beach for the first time
*Got a new camera
*Cody & I had our 5 year Wedding Anniversary
*Went to the Santa Barbara Zoo
*Got a few new Vinylmations
*Fell in love with Harajuka Lover's Purses

Weekend 7 in California

I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend. It was great having an extra day with Cody! On Saturday I bought a new camera. I finally broke down and did it. The camera I wanted was going out of stock and I didn't want to lose the chance to get it. I hated spending the money but I think its a good investment. On Sunday we decided to go back to Solvang California.
collage solvang1 5.29.2011
collage solvang 2 5.29.2011 collage jalama beach 1 5.30.2011

On Monday we went to a local beach so we could walk Muffins. She had a great time of course! It was only 60 degrees out and very windy, but still beautiful. I got some great pictures of a surfer with my new camera. I can't wait to see what we do next weekend! :)



Rachel contacted me about helping her redesign the look of her blog, Polka Dots and Puppies. I was super excited and couldn't wait to start coming up with a new look for her blog!
blog redesign pp1

Rachel was losing her love for blogging. Her blog needed some happiness and cheerful colors to help bring her desire to blog back to life. Rachel's favorite color is YELLOW. You can't get more cheerful then yellow! I used a yellow polka dot background to tie into the blogs name and added the image of a painting of Rachel's cute Boston Terrier brought the whole theme together. Carving something different, I used a bold eye catching stripe in the blogs header. I am very happy with the end result and hope that Rachel has fun blogging again!
pp turq striped header grnfont 920x380

Go visit Rachel's blog today! You can view more of my designs by visiting my website.



Can you look in your closet to find inspiration to decorate a room? I think you can!!! For my fashion post today I wanted to combine two of my favorite things: Dresses & Decorating

dress and room pinkSource: Room & Dress
dress and room blueSource: Room & Dress
dress and room floralSource: Room & Dress
dress and room orangeSource: Room & Dress
dress and room patterenedSource: Room & Dress

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Miami Beach Apartment

I love this apartment designed by Avram Rusu Interiors. I love white rooms with pops of color! This apartment is so sleek and modern and has great furniture! I love the wall of glossy white cabinets.
 Miami Beach Apartment Miami Beach Apartment Miami Beach Apartment Miami Beach Apartment Miami Beach Apartment
Read about the apartment and check out other rooms designed by Avram Rusu Designs {HERE}.


Weekend 6 - Santa Barbara Beach

Last weekend when we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo we realized how beautiful Santa Barbara was. We decided to go back again this past weekend. This time Muffins got to go. I think this was the happiest I had ever seen her. It's to bad we aren't staying in California, because she loves the beach. She had never walked on sand before and she loved the ocean breeze blowing in her hair.
collage santabarbarabeach 1
collage santabarbarabeach 2
My favorite part was walking out on the pier. It was so beautiful. A really nice woman stopped to pet Muffins and she offered to take a family photo. lol It was the first photo that someone else took of us the whole time we have be in California.
collage santabarbarabeach 3
I will miss California when it is time to leave, but I look forward to moving also. With Cody's job field we could come back to California someday to live but it would be a long time from now. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!!


I *Heart* Animal Print

I LOVE Animal Print!!! I don't think I will ever stop wearing it. Here are some really cute things from Forever 21.

dress and shirt
tank and earring
dress and bows

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Design Board - Pink, Lime Green & Turquoise Room

Emily emailed me asking for some suggestions for her bedroom. Her dilemma is that she just painted her room lime green and turquoise a year ago. She really wants pink walls, but it is to soon to repaint her room. I think the best thing she can do it just add pink accessories to her decor. Lime green, turquoise and pink look great together!
Design Board for Emily{LINKS}
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Emily told me that her current bedding is lime green and turquoise. I think the best thing for her to do is to get new bedding that has pink in it. The bedding above is my top pick for her space. I think the pink in the comforter really pops. By changing the bedding and adding pink accessories it is easy for Emily to change the look of her room. Here are a few more comforters sets that I thought Emily may like...
bedding for emily{LINKS}
1 2 3 4
Happy Decorating Emily!


Colors & Patterns & Decorating, OH MY!

When I think of decorating a room for myself I get very overwhelmed. I am my own worst client. I can give other people ideas all day long. My problem is I like so much stuff that I can't decide what I like best. I love just about every color and I don't even have just one "favorite" color anymore. lol I have about 20 patterns I want to use in my next house. I want wallpaper, hand-painted stripes and a turquoise ceiling! Cody looks at me like a deer in head lights.
so many colors

Not to long ago I made a design board for ideas for my future kitchen. I feel it is the only room that I know exactly what I want. Everything else is kinda a blank slate in my head. Sadly Cody and I don't even know if we are going to be able to buy a house and I have fallen in love with one that is 1,200 miles from California. (Where we think we are going to be moving.) I haven't even stepped foot in to it. All it took was the 8 pictures I saw of the home online. Now the decorating ideas are pouring out of my head!!!!
love these rooms

I had this great thought the other day about Jonathan Adler. He is my favorite designer because of all the colors and crazy patterns he uses together. I thought that since I am in California I should go visit one of his stores. It may be my only chance to see his products up close and in person. I told Cody I really want him to go with me so I can get a feel for what Cody does and does not like. Not only is Cody an awesome husband, but he tends to like all my decorating tastes. (Except anything to do with pink.)
dear jonathan

My next home will definitely be influenced by Jonathan Adler's style, but I will also make sure it is my style. I do not intend to just go out and buy a bunch of his stuff and copy his look. I still want it to look like Jessie and Cody's house! Plus, I can't afford his stuff anyways! lol I can't buy a $3000 couch and let my cats lay on it.
stuff i like

I am going to spend sometime putting decor ideas together to get myself more organized. I want to really figure out what is that I love and make it happen! I told Cody this will be my best design project yet! I can't wait for the challenge.


Weekend 5 in California

This past weekend was our anniversary weekend. I already posted about my present to Cody {HERE}. The rest of the weekend we basically just enjoyed being in California. I am trying to get used to the weather still. The forecast said 60 degrees as a high and rain this weekend. Usually we would just sit inside and watch movies all day assuming it would be to cold to go anywhere. We took a chance and ignored the predicted forecast! It was beautiful!! We still have to wear long sleeves, but it was comfortable and SUNNY! Saturday we took Muffins on a walk on a trail located on the Air Force Base....
california walking muffins
I think Muffins will miss our life in California. She has me all to herself while all our other pets are living in Ohio waiting for our return. She was my first dog and likes being the ONLY one to get ALL the attention. She seems jealous of Cody now, since he wasn't in our lives for about 4 months. Yorkie's are best as one person dogs and are very loyal to their owner. Muffins is not used to walks. It's just not something we did in Ohio. She had a hard time walking on some of the big gravel that was on the trail so sometimes I carried her. She loved every moment of it. I love seeing her happy.

Then Sunday came and it was supposed to rain outside. I really wanted to go to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Going to the Zoo has to be one of my favorite things to do! The Cincinnati Zoo is amazing and I still have yet to find a zoo better then it! The Santa Barbara Zoo was small but beautiful. I have a small obsession with palm trees and loved seeing them at a zoo. (Don't have that in Cincy!) The zoo had some really cute entertaining animals...
california sb zoo collage1
The otters and the turtles were probably my favorite. The turtles just make me laugh! I love watching them because they try to move so fast, but it just doesn't work out for them. It's so cute to watch.
california sb zoo collage2
The lions are always sleeping when you go to the zoo, just like my cats. lol Cody enjoys the "gross" things at the zoo. Spiders, snacks and bugs. Not me! My skin crawls the whole time we are looking at them. The Santa Barbara zoo had a baby giraffe. He was so cute and shy.
california sb zoo collage3
We really had a great day and can't wait to go back to Santa Barbara to site see. California is so beautiful.
california driving 5 15 2011


Vinylmations for Cody

On Friday I surprised Cody with some Vinylmations for our anniversary. We weren't supposed to buy gifts for each other, but I never listen to that! lol Plus, we both love Vinylmations so it was kinda for me to! Cody looked like a little kid on Christmas morning opening the box from Disney....
Cody's Anniversary Presents
I got Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas because Cody really wanted him. The other two are part of a new collection that just came out. I bought them as a set and think the one in the center will be harder to get someday. I love the bright colors!
Vinylmations for Cody - May 13 2011
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5 Year Wedding Anniversary

There was a time in my life when I never thought I would have a "normal" relationship. Then I found Cody.
Wedding Photo B&W

Today 5 years ago Cody and I got married. It is the best feeling in the world to know that I found true love. That I am married to my best friend. That I have someone to experience the bad times and the good times with. Our love grows stronger everyday! I can't wait to see what the next phase of our life together brings us!
In California on our Honeymoon / May 2006 Honeymoon California May 2006

Living in California / May 2011 Cody & Me April 2011

Love is Great.

Harajuka Lovers {My First Purse}

I bought my first Harajuka Lovers purse this week. I say "first" because I love it and already want more. I have always loved Gwen Stefani and her style. Of course she can pull off wearing anything and it will look great on her no matter how crazy it is!

8x10 Harajuku Lovers Collage2

I love all the colors and patterns of the purses. The shoes are so adorable! I love the green and yellow pair above!

Harajuka girls 2

Most of the purses are bright colored. I almost put my purse back because it wasn't colorful. Once I got it home though I really feel in love with it. I tend to wear a lot of black anyways so it works well with my clothes. I paid $12.99 for my purse! The suggested retail price is $58.00! I purchased my purse from ROSS.

My 1st Harajuku Lovers Purse - May 2011

Check out this adorable advertisement for the Harajuka Lovers Fragrances. CUTE!!


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