Moved into the House

I haven't posted anything to do with my house in weeks. I have lost track of the "rehab weekends", its all a bit of a blur at the moment. I will get back on track here soon. We are MOVED in now and I have taken a few pictures to share with everyone.

Moving has been ruff on my pet family.

That's my dog Muffins. Doesn't she look sleepy? Poor thing.

Here is Simon. He is liking his new home, but he has been a bit of a baby.

Simon has been crying every morning at 5:00 a.m.!!! He has been very needy.

Here is Lexey. As soon as I brought her to the house, it was as if she always lived there.

Here is Norman. He really is my "baby". He is so sweet and well behaved.

The cats really needed more space. They have been alone all summer because of the house. Its great to have them here with us.

Here is Barrett. He is already enjoying the red rugs in the dining room. lol

Last week I spent alot of time getting my office together. Unpacking and organizing takes lots of time. Here is a few details of some of my decorating. I am not going to post alot of pictures till I get the rooms DONE.

My Office (I love hello kitty)

Its a very PINK and HAPPY space. Great place for me to relax and design.

We finally have pulls on our kitchen cabinets.

My gun vase made it into the house. :)

Art is going up on the walls.

Here is one of the few vintage pieces of furniture I own.

I wanted to get them covered in yellow or white vinyl, but don't have the money.

Here is a photo of my Andy Warhol shower curtain in our hall bath.

The hall bath has been a nightmare. Last weekend we took our first showers in the house, and found there was a puddle of water in our basement. We figured out where the leak was and are able to take showers now. Last weekend we also had to spend a day cleaning up raw sewage that had backed up from the street into our basement. This is why my posts have slowed down for the time being. I don't think anyone wants to see photos of raw sewage. lol

We have started doing small things in our master bedroom. Hopefully next weekend drywall will start going up. *fingers crossed*


The Home Rejuvenation Blog

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that Stan over on The Home Rejuvenation Blog is having everyone VOTE on their favorite Design Blogs!! I urge everyone to go check it out and vote. Should be fun and interesting to see who wins!!!! Here is the link ~ http://homerejuvenation.blogspot.com/2007/09/nominate-for-10-most-influential-design.html

By the way, I still don't have the internet, but I am connected on to a neighbors right now using my wireless laptop. :) I hope to post pictures soon.


Moving and No internet

This weekend we are moving into the house. I just realized today that I will not have the internet. So, of course that will make it hard to post anything, or visit other blogs. :( I hope to have it sometime next week, but I am not sure when we will have it at the house. I'll be back soon. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!


Magazine Collages

What I made today.

I haven't taken much time to "enjoy" decorating the house. Last night I was going through old magazines, and instead of throwing them away, I used them to make collages.

I have a fetish for collages. I don't know why, but I love the look. I plan on framing these in white 8"x8" square frames that I bought at the Dollar Store. I will be hanging these in my PINK office. I have been doing nothing but painting WHITE walls at the house. So, I needed a break. It was like "therapy" making these today.


Rehab Weekend #16

September 1 ~ 7

We went to Lowe's and bought alot of drywall!!!!

The drywall in the photo will be our Masterbedroom and Bathroom here in the next few weeks. :)

We did hang drywall on the garage wall. So now we can't walk through the garage into the masterbedroom anymore. lol The garage feels more like a garage now, and not part of the house.


BEFORE (how the last homeowners left it)

Then it was time to work inside. We were ready to finish the ceiling. We decided to just spray the ceiling instead of make it smooth. I wanted it smooth, but we are running out of time. Since we were spraying the ceiling we put up alot of plastic!!
So glad we did, it was very messy!

I tried to take pictures of the ceiling, but it wouldn't show up in the pictures. :( I hate textured ceilings, but our ceiling really turned out good. I was surprised how much I liked it.

While my husband worked hard on spraying the ceiling, I decorated and painted furniture. Below is my Dining Room table painted glossy white, along with my red IKEA rugs.

What do you think? I just hope the chairs sit right on the rugs. We'll see. I don't have them at the house yet. I like it so far, its fun. I found this "Goof Off" stuff in the house when we moved in. I took a picture of it because it was red and yellow. :)

Here is a photo of the living room a few weeks ago...

Here it is now..... (I have been painting!)

The Yellow is bright!!!! I love it. Our house is really getting alot of attention now. Every time people drive by they slow down or stop. Its very amusing. ;) I feel like I am in a comic book when I am in the house. I am waiting for Batman and Robin to jump out, and I picture the words POW and WHAM painted on my walls. lol I must say the house has really been inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and POP ART. I just need to get all my furniture now.

This weekend's project is to spray the hallway's ceiling and more painting. We hope to move in next weekend. *fingers crossed* We bought a flat screen tv today, and I placed an order for my couch from IKEA. I hate debt, by my house needs to look good!!!! :) Thanks for reading!


Design Portfolio

My Interior Design business isn't booming or anything. Which is fine. The house is taking up so much of my time I couldn't imagine trying to do other things along with it!! I live in OHIO, where IKEA is finally finally finally being built. They just posted a job opening for the Interior Designer Manager. Which that is NOT the job I am after. Plus that job requires a degree, which I do NOT have.

The Interior Decorator position that they will hire for, is to design the IKEA displays. Which I think is a dream job for me. I think I would be very good at it. Lucky for me, they don't require you to have a degree for that!!!!!!!!!! Good for me. So my question to my readers is, what should my portfolio look like??

Should it be simple? Bright colored? Should I make it like a scrapbook? What I have now is a scrapbook with a white cover, 12x12 pages. Every page has scrapbook paper to match the theme of the room. Its cute I guess. But I don't feel its good enough. I want this job, and I know I am going to have to fight for it. I hope to get alot of the house done, so I can put those rooms in the portfolio. *fingers crossed*

So I am open to all and any suggestions!!!!!!!! help. I want it to be just right. :)


Rehab Weekend #14 and #15

August 18 ~ 26
This was 9 days in a row of working on the house. My husband took a vacation from work, to work on the house.

Our first day was spent going to IKEA yet again. We lucked out and got 42 boxes of our Tundra Flooring. We bought some rugs and lots of lighting for the house. We decided to go with this light fixture for our entryway. We only could get something that hung 12 inches, so I couldn't get anything I really wanted.
KULLA Ceiling lamp

Once I got it to the house and out of the box I really liked it. I think its going to be perfect. Works with the all the "white" in the house. :)
We got 3 track lights to put in our hallway.
RADIUM spotlights

We spent alot of time starting work on the living room. The fireplace wall finally got insulation and drywall. woohoo!!!!

This was our first time doing drywall, and I must say its time consuming. We still have alot of work to do.

Its strange too see something besides studs, but GREAT! Its actually feeling like a living room. I am getting very excited about painting and decorating.

My husband sitting on the porch daydreaming,...wishing that the house was just done.

Then it was time to do flooring.... lots of flooring....
I love my PINK office with its pretty White floor. Found this great HOT PINK shag rug at a local store for $80.00!!

I love it,....but didn't plan on such a "Pink Office", but I haven't had any other luck with finding rugs I liked. The shag rug is VERY soft too. So, it will double as a Cat bed I am sure. lol I hate covering the white floor, but I have to have something for my feet. I plan on putting a big desk on the rug.

The rest of the week was spent doing lots of flooring!!!!!

The White floor looks wonderful. :) Only room left is our MasterBedroom. We are getting there.

We had our first "real" meal at the house on Aug 25th. My husband loved using his stove finally. There is never enough time to cook,...and I must say 4 months of mainly fast food SUCKS!!!!!

My Dad framed our walls for our Closet and Master Bathroom. I can't wait to see my bathroom come to life!!! (My $500 shower door.)

These 2 photos below are the closet. We decided to build the closet in the garage, instead of putting it back in the masterbedroom. We wanted the room to be bigger.

I painted my "Do it for the Butterflies" in my Green Room..... It makes me smile everytime I see it. :)

Goodbye Orange wall.

I have also started to paint some of my old furniture WHITE.

So, yes, we have been busy. So for the long delays in my posts. But we only have a few more months to get everything done,...and we are working on it daily now. Think I am going to get some new furniture from IKEA soon. Also, IKEA is being built here in OHIO where I live,....and I want to work for them as an Interior Designer. I think its a job that would be perfect for me and my style. So I am trying to get the house done before they post the job opening online. Time's ticking.....