Inspiration: Decorating by Vintage Revivals {Mandy}

Are you guys ready to see some of the coolest decorating EVER? Best part is it's mostly second hand purchases, DIY projects and items from discount stores. Meet Mandy from Vintage Revivals. She's a "celebrity blogger" really and is so very talented! It's actually blows my mind how good of a designer she is. She is a born nature and her talent has taken her great places. When I see her unique designs I fall in love every time. I really wanted to share her newest design here on my blog. She had a Room Makeover Giveaway on her blog recently and here is the design the winner received....

Vintage Revivals 1

Mandy is very inspiring to me because she uses lots of color and really makes every design with her clients personality in mind. I found Mandy's blog probably about a year ago and fell in love. She has tons of tutorials on her blog, which makes her more awesome! (She shares her secrets with you.) She proves to you that you can turn any beat up thrift store find into a treasure. She paints everything. She teaches you to let your own inner interior decorator out.

Vintage Revivals 2

I urge you to go check out her blog and GET INSPIRED! You can see her full post with before and after shots HERE. In the next few weeks Mandy will be posting all her tutorials for the above room, so visit often. Mandy has made me want a house so badly. To have the freedom to paint my walls again, knock down walls if I want to and remodel things if I want, makes me all kinds of HAPPY!


  1. Wow, going to check her out now! Seriously amazing interior design!! Especially love the geometric wall

  2. Will have to check this out! Awesome cool style!


  3. these are beautiful! looking at interior design makes me crazy though because i can't do much to my apartment

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. oh my gosh, I LOVE her style!! Thanks so much for introducing me to her blog, yay!!

  5. OH my gosh. I have never seen a wall like that! This is amazzzzzing.

  6. I love the wall behind the bed! So cool.

    <3 Melissa


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