Inspiration: Pops Of Mustard Yellow

How do you feel about Mustard Yellow? It's one of my favorite colors! When shopping for clothes I am always drawn to it, but it doesn't look very good on me. I am dying to decorate my own home again. It's been over 2 years since I painted a room!!!! I love painting so much, it's a crime that I can't do it where I currently live. I am basically over rentals and have gotten the itch to own my own home again. Here are some images I found inspiration...

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While we were vacationing at Disney I snapped this photo of one of the buildings at Hollywood Studios!
When I saw the window frames painted a shade of mustard yellow, I knew that I needed a room decorated in this color...


Cody always laughs at me because anytime we are out anywhere I will say,"Oh, that would be a pretty paint color!" I love color, decorating and painting rooms! Talk of buying a house is such a huge decision! We plan to keep thinking about it for the next few months and then make a decision. We are stuck here in Wyoming for a while and figure we would be happier with our own walls. :) I have fallen in love with a hand full of houses already and they keep selling within a month of being on the market. It may be hard for me to even find one that I love! We'll see....

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  1. Mustard yellow is one of my absolute favorite colors.

  2. my brother in law always helps my sister pick nail polishes by imagining it on a car! kind of like 'that would be a good paint color' and i LOVE mustard yellow

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. I totally love mustard yellow! I don't look good in yellow, either. At least, none of the things that I have tried on so far. I do have one mustard/white striped shirt that I wear sometimes, but it's not my favorite. Perfect for fall decorating, though!

  4. I plan to look for a mustard yellow sweater or something. I don't give up that easily! I am so drawn to it. :)

  5. That fire place is stunning! I LOVE mustard, I've just bought some mustard tights, a mustard dress and a mustard cardi haha

  6. It really is an amazing color. Seems everyone likes it like me. :)


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