Green & White Living Room - Image source unknown
Green & White Living Room
My {old} Guest Bedroom - Butterfly Bedding from Target
Butterfly Room ~ Oct 07
Living Room - Image source unknown
Green Entryway - Image source {HERE}


Norman - March 2010

I love this picture I took of Norman.
Norman - March 2010



I took a style quiz from Sproost and shown below are my results. I am Vintage Modern.

apartment therapy P1030439_small

Picture 1

Flea Market anyone? You know you are drawn to modern furniture and interiors, and yet you really don't like a space that feels cold and sterile. And who could blame you? And that's why Vintage Modern is so appealing to you. Though the backdrop of the room, the walls and windows, are many times white or monochromatic, the furniture and accessories have the color, shape and texture to bring the warmth into the space. The great thing about Vintage Modern is ease of mixing different styles in the one space. You can have a new modular sofa mixed with a great pair of chairs that your grandmother purchased in the late 1950's and the new and old work appear as though they were destined for each other. What's great is that even if you don't have time for swap meets and garage sales, so many of the pieces from the mid-century were so great that they have been remade and mimicked year after year.

{ Thanks Ally for blogging about the quiz! I love taking these things!! }


Hot Pink Panton Chair

                           Hot Pink Panton

Image source {HERE} Flickr user - The Sugar Monster


Decor Love - March 2010

Decor Love - March 2010
I thought this would be a fun monthly post {if I have time! ha!} showing items that I dream of having or I find interesting! I am in love with the idea of having a pink couch!!!!

Demi Sofa {HERE}
Lily Mirror {HERE}
Trollsta Sideboard {HERE}
Glacier Coffee Table {HERE}
Mirror Block Coffee Table {HERE}
White Vases {HERE}
Keep Calm Bandages {HERE}
Lily Fleur Mirror {HERE}
Love Wall Art {HERE}
Stretch Vases {HERE}
Magazine Rack {HERE}

Master Bedroom Collage

Master Bedroom Collage - 2010


MOSAIC - March 2010

monthly mosaic march 2010 10x10

My Life Recap / March 2010
*Sun started shining again!
*Put our house on the market to sell
*Finally framed my New Moon Poster
*Finished our masterbedroom bathroom
*Got hooked on the TV show Dexter
*Got my haircut
(Over all busy month with keeping the house clean to show it to people all the time.)

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My New Pumas!

I *Heart* Pumas.....
Puma's - March 2010


My Bathroom {March 2010}

The last room in my house to be decorated :

My Bathroom Collage - March 2010

I kept this small bathroom simple. If I didn't have my house for sale the walls wouldn't be white. I would of painted it some BOLD bright color. I fell in love with the shower curtain from Target! It was something I thought I could use in my next place. I bought a Billy Bookcase from IKEA to use as a storage cabinet next to the shower. I designed the print hanging on the wall to match the space.

Here is a shot of the bathroom when we bought the house :

MasterBedroom Bathroom - 2007
We ripped out everything! We put a small shower stall in the bathroom instead of a tub.
{Before photos taken in 2007 / Blogged HERE}

MasterBedroom Bathroom - 2007

Now :
MasterBedroom Bathroom - 2010

MasterBedroom Bathroom - 2010


Coach Purses

I have NEVER liked Coach purses. However they have a new line called "Poppy" that I love!!! Fun designs & fun colors!
Coach Purses - March 2010

Link {HERE}


Dear Realtor that HATED my house

As if selling your home is not stressful enough, it really makes you angry when someone comes into your home and rips it apart. Like they just can't tell you, "Sorry this home doesn't work for my client. Thanks." I really have to vent about this because I can't seem to "let it go". This past Saturday we had a early morning showing. I had worked late the night before and really would have enjoyed sleeping in FINALLY, but no, this person HAD to see my house in the morning.

Every time we have a showing I have to load up Muffins & Chloe in the car and ride around for awhile. The poor cats are locked in their "new" cat room I made for them in the basement.
Cats Room - March 2010
They like to lay in the room when its "their" choice, but as soon as you force them its a whole different story!!! I hate having to put my pets through this. :(

It was raining Saturday morning. Which meant that we had water from the roof running down the front of the house. Our house has a flat roof. Which means its different than a typical home. The water runs off because there are no gutters. It is the design of the home. So, of course the realtor pointed that out and complained about that. Saying the water goes into the flower bed and that concerns her because it may leak into the basement.
Landscaping / 2007
( Photo taken in summer of 2007 / Blogged HERE )

Okay, ..... NO! I have lived here in my home for 3 years now. The flower bed was one of the first things I did. It has never leaked! NEVER!!!!!!! It actually has made my plants grow like crazy. Which is great! :) I just hate when people assume things when they could just ask.

Then she had the nerve to say that the house only had "paint and flooring" updates. She was upset that our home had the original windows. Hey, I am upset that I don't have money to replace the freakin windows. I am sorry, last time I checked money doesn't grow on the trees in my backyard. Also, the realstate listing online says ORIGINAL windows and that the home was built in 1963. So, maybe if she knew how to READ I would of been able to sleep in Saturday morning. Not to mention it says NEW KITCHEN & NEW BATHROOMS!! Last time I checked that is more then "paint updates". Lets not forget the new white siding on the house!!!
My House - Before & After
Oh, and my husband and I have put over $40,000 in our home. So there!!! Life happens. I wanted to stay in my home for 10 years but guess what, my husband lost his job and I have to move now. So, someone else can put new windows in the house. It sure as heck isn't going to be me. { Unless the trees in my back yard starting blooming dollar bills! } Also, why don't these people look at NEWER homes? Why are they looking at my home in the first place?? She also complained about our flooring. Saying it was " COLD COLD FLOORS ". Duh. They are laminate. Again, READ THE ONLINE INFORMATION before wasting my time!!!!!!

Well, with all that said I do understand that this is part of the "selling game". I have been through this before. Its just hard not to get upset when you have poured your heart and soul into something. Plus, I don't really want to move. I love love love my home. Its beautiful in my eyes. Yes its not perfect and there is still work to be done. I just can't do it anymore. Its someone else's turn to take over.

On a happier note :

We had our first open house yesterday and it went REALLY well. Everyone loved our home and said NOTHING bad. One woman told her husband over and over, " I have to have this house. " I am sure they had a fun night of arguing! Apparently the husband wasn't in love with it as much. Another cool thing was the original (first) home owners came and walked through. :) That made me happy. Our realtor said they loved everything we had done with it. That made me very happy. So all and all things are hopeful. I have found a few apartments that I am interested in, but I am not jumping the gun yet. Time will only tell where things are going to go......

I am hopeful and ready to get this part over with and move on to the next chapter of my life. :)


My Guest Bedroom - March 2010

Guest Bedroom Collage - March 2010

My First Award

Heather from Joy De Vivre Design gave me this award! It made me smile. :) It is my first and it is appreciated. Thanks Heather!


For my end of the bargain I must do the following as the recipient of the Happy 101 Award:

1. When you receive this award you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.
2. Name 10 things that make you happy.
3. Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers and inform the winners.

{My 10 things that make me happy}

1. My husband. All his hard work his put into our home and looking forward to our future together.
2. My pets. They are all so sweet and loving.
3. Sunshine. My mood is already getting better with the few sunny days we have had lately in OHIO.
4. Houseplants. Its great to have my mom's green thumb. I love watching them grow!
5. Being Creative. My blog & photoshop are like therapy for me. :)
6. Bright Colors.
7. IKEA. (Except on Saturdays. lol)
8. My family & friends.
9. Driving my Mustang.
10. Making others smile. Treating people the way I want to be treated. (Spreading good karma.)

I am passing the Happy 101 Award on to the following bloggers:

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My Hall Bathroom - Finished!

Here is some photos of the bathroom with some decor placed in it....

Hall Bathroom - March 2010

I spent hours shopping for artwork to hang in the bathroom! In the end I just spray painted 2 cheap frames bright yellow and designed two prints on photoshop.

Hall Bathroom - March 2010

A room that was such a dark ugly space, is now so bright and cheerful! I love it. :)

Hall Bathroom - March 2010

You can view all our bathroom remodel photos by visiting my Flickr account!


Time to say goodbye...

Sad but Happy news today. You may have read it on my monthly mosaic post, but if not here it goes.... My husband and I put our house up for sale. Life has decided to throw us a curve ball in 2010.
Front House 2
My husband lost his job a week before Christmas and our life changed over night. We had to decide what we were going to do with our home. I do not make enough money at my job to pay the mortgage, not to mention all the other bills. We were really upset at first, but now its March and we are excited. We do not want to have the stress of living check by check. Lucky for us, before my husband got fired, I paid off my Mac computer, our car and our credit card debt. :) So, things could be worse.
Front House 1
I will miss our home. Its hard to walk away with all the hard work my husband & I have put into it. I want a better life and a better future. Sadly THIS home will not be in it. My husband waited 2 weeks before he finally told me one night that he wanted to join the Air Force. I didn't "flip out" the way he thought I would. I was understanding and listened to all he had to say. Really, the Air Force is awesome. They really take care of their people. I feel we have no solid future here in OHIO and I feel at this point in my life change would be good. There is so much I want, that I feel I just can't have. Like a baby, college and money. Well, the Air Force can help me out with all that. Of course the down side is, not knowing where you will live for sure and moving away from family & friends. Its hard. I cried a lot in the month of January. Not wanting to move, quit my job or lose my husband for 8 months. Some things take time. I have thought about it so much now, that I am excited!!!! The chance to save money, have great health care benefits, no housing costs, college and a chance to travel. It just fits for us.

With that all said, I will try my best to keep updating my blog. I just worked 6 days in a row last week and now I am running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off! I have so much to do!!!! Today I ATTACKED my basement. I went through everything I own and threw stuff away. When you know you have to move, you learn to "let go".
Basement / BEFORE
I had so much furniture that was painted and falling apart. Things I had for years. I realized today, that sometimes its just better to go to IKEA and start over. lol Here is the after shot...
Basement / AFTER
It felt good to clean it all up today. For the record, I made it messy by opening boxes up and pulling it all into the room. ( I could never live like that, not even in my basement. )

I decided to share all this with you today because this is going to effect my blog. I have mainly focused on my home all this time, so now I will be decorating somewhere else. ( Probably a small apartment. ) I am up for the challenge. ;) What is life without RISKS?

{ This blog entry is dedicated to Peggy }