Marilyn Monroe

Found this image on Decor Pad! I just wanted to share it... 4e89a3ddf6b0



I wanted to post about a movie I really enjoyed. I just randomly picked it from Net Flix and really really liked it! Here is the movie trailer...

Here is a link to the movies website {HERE}


Donkey Kong Wall Decal

I want this wall decal so bad....

Donkey Kong Wall Decal

Can be purchased from Blik


MOSAIC - August 2010

Monthly Mosaic 10x10 Aug 2010

My Life Recap / August 2010
*Under contract again, and again. We SHOULD be FINALLY selling our home!
*Donated things to Goodwill and did a lot of packing.
*Cody & I had our "7 Year Anniversary".
*Went fishing with my dad.
*Came up with decorating ideas for my future bedroom.
*Worked my butt off at IKEA! {very busy}
*Still waiting to hear from the Air Force for Cody's bootcamp date.

{ Just trying to keep a happy outlook on life! I always tell myself things could be worse. }


My Vintage Pink Cabinet

I was going to donate my vintage pink cabinet to Goodwill, but I think it MAY fit in my apartment. I hate to let it go because an antique dealer spent a lot of time refinishing it for me and painting it pink! Hopefully I will make it work!


Here is a photo of the cabinet in my office BEFORE I painted it pink!


I am not sure what I will put in the cabinet if it fits in the apartment. I got a really cute Alice in Wonderland teapot from Disney World! I think it would look great in the pink cabinet. I just hate getting rid of ALL my stuff. ;)

Design Board - Victoria Secret Bedroom

Sophia contacted me about helping her pick out some decor for her bedroom. She found bedding from Victoria Secret that she wanted and she just needed some help picking out accessories. If I was decorating this room I would paint the walls a very bold bright pink and stencil big white polka dots on the walls. With the bedding being black the pink would POP.

Design Board - Victoria Secret Bedroom


Black Curtains
Victoria Secret Bedding {Show the Love}
Black Table Lamp
Light Switch Cover
Pink Vase
Black Picture Frame
Vanna Black Mirror
Red Heart Mirror
Black Vanity
Pink Zebra Rug
Zebra Peace Poster
Zebra Chair
Polka Dot Walls
Hot Pink Pillow
Black Chandelier Light
Black Nightstand

If I was Sophia I would find some PINK wallpapers online and print them out. It would be a cheap way to create artwork. Here are some I found that I really thought were cute... {Victoria Secret Wallpapers from All 4 Myspace.com}


If you want to find Victoria Secret makeup bags, purses or even PINK Dogs I would suggest shopping at thrift stores. I have found about 6 PINK Dogs and many purses while shopping at Goodwill and other second hand stores. Also, here is the beautiful Polka Dot bedroom I featured on the design board....


Polka Dot Room designed by: Emily A Clark



Image source unknown
Image source: Dipity
Image sources: Casa Haus & Bahraini Diva
Image sources: This Next & Source unknown
Image source: Decor Pad

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Jeweled Ambrosia

Lisa is making room for new pretty things over at her etsy shop Jeweled Ambrosia! She is running a free shipping SALE! Visit her shop for full details! Lisa makes unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry!

jeweled amborosia1

Jeweled Ambrosia

My Apartment - The Bedroom Design Board

I was going to wait to post this, but I was to excited to wait! Cody & I plan to move in the middle of September to our apartment. The bedroom is the only room that I have totally planned out! A pink, white and pops of yellow color scheme...

apartment103 thebedroom plan1

We do have our house "under contract" AGAIN! {Hopefully the 4th time is it!} We just have to wait for the bank to accept the offer now! We can't wait to move! I am still sad to leave my home that we have worked so hard on, but look forward to a "new" much easier decorating project! lol ;) Everyday is a step closer to our new {military} life together! It gives me hope and happiness knowing I have an exciting future ahead of me. Plus, my apartment is going to be awesome!


Inspiration: Damask

Image source: Anna French

Image sources: Design with Christine & Decor Pad

Image sources: Katy Elliott & Houston Lifestyles
euro_damask_timorous_beasties-709840Thibaut JulieDamask10142164

Image source: Room Envy


I love Damask mixed with modern furniture. I may be getting a Damask print couch from a friend at work. It just depends if I like it or not. :)

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Fishing with My Dad - August 2010

My dad and I went fishing yesterday. He took me to a lake that even if you can't fish you WILL catch something. It was fun. I had never held a fish before and I didn't like it. lol We did not keep the fish, we just fish for fun. It is relaxing and peaceful on the water...
Fishing - Aug 20, 2010
Fishing - Aug 20, 2010
Fishing - Aug 20, 2010
Fishing - Aug 20, 2010

My dad caught the biggest. Which I was glad. I think that fish would have pulled me into the lake.


Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21

All items featured are from Forever 21 / August 2010

Fashion Inspiration / Forever 21 / Aug 2010


Art Inspired by Music Lyrics

A few months ago I started listening to a band called Phoenix. This is a big deal because I still mainly listen to the same stuff I listened to in high school. I still love my Soundgarden, No Doubt and Stone Temple Pilots. I have gotten a little better with branching out to some newer bands. Phoenix has a song called "Rome" that has a line in it that I love. I decided to take that line and turn it into a picture to hang in my bedroom when I move.



7 year Anniversary

Today, 7 years ago, Cody & I started dating.  :) He left me roses in my car at work. Very sweet and I was surprised!

Roses from Cody - 7 year Anniversary {Aug 16, 2010}



I would like to share with you a blog I stumbled across recently called : Black. White. Yellow. The blog author is Jess. She is a Architect and has a great eye for interior design. Go check out her blog!

BANNER 07.21.10

Here is a few photos of her apartment! I love her style! Check out more cool photos of her place on her blog!

living 1

living 2


Moving On and Forward

Well we have our house under contract AGAIN. We are onto Buyer #3! They are really nice people. Cody & I spent 2 hours with them in our house on Thursday. They had a house inspection and asked us a lot of questions. They are an older retired couple who are moving from a condo. They love contemporary style and shop at IKEA! It really feels like a great fit for our home! They understand that our home needs some love and repairs still. They can afford to finish what we can't. This is what I wanted the whole time! For someone to come and LOVE our home and take care of it. These people will do that. It makes it easier to let go.
Front Entry Collage {2009}Living Room

My Office - Nov 09Master Bedroom - Feb 2010

It is weird to think of someone living in "my home". I have decorated and made it so personal and so "us". I can't imagine someone else's furniture and different paint colors on the wall. I am relieved that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Cody & I. I know that it is not over till it's over! It is all in our mortgage companies hands now. They have to accept the offer. For now I just assume that this is over and contuine to figure out how to store all my extra stuff at my parents house! I have some furniture to donate to Goodwill and hopefully I will be able to afford a new TV stand from IKEA. Our TV stand is so heavy!!! I just want something light weight and easy to move.

*UPDATE: About 12 hours after I posted this,....they backed out!!! Can you believe our luck? I guess I jinxed myself! :P  Hopefully we will get another offer soon and it will happen "FOR REAL" this time. lol

Tour My Home {HERE}

Thanks for reading!


My Life & Vintage Tulip Chairs

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks. I have been busy with "life". Our buyer for our house backed out, so Cody & I were pretty bummed out last week. We do have at least 2 different buyers interested, but we are trying not to get excited about it. I should know soon if our "newest" buyer is going to work out or not. *fingers crossed*

Cody is still waiting to hear from the Air Force. He was given the option of 2 jobs this month, but they were both things he did not want. Hopefully September he will get an offer he wants!!! That is my life recap for the moment. Now onto some design business. lol

Here is a photo of my retro table and chairs. I purchased it at the antique mall that I used to work out about 2 years ago. I am trying to decide if I should take it to the apartment or not.

My Vintage Dining Set

The dilemma is that the chairs need recovered something horrible! I am not good at recovering things and I just hate trying. lol Currently they have hand made pink covers. Yes, I like the pink, but they don't seem to stay on the chairs half the time!


The foam that is under the covers is in good shape and really comfy. I guess I will attempt to just take it out and put some fabric around it and hope I can stuff it back in !?!??


I am thinking about covering them in something pink & white, but I haven't gotten that far yet! I still don't know if I want to go to all the trouble. It is a neat set and I don't own very many vintage pieces.

Any Advise?


Design Board - Melissa's Kitchen & Dining Area

Melissa asked that I make her a design board for her kitchen / dining area. She wanted to carry the same color scheme from her living room into the space.

melissasapartment 1kitchen


Max Teal Dinnerware Set
Docksta Dining Table
Urban Chairs
Marimekko Towel Set
Spontan Magnetic Board
White Ribba Frame
Potted Plant
SYNTES KONST Black & White Bowls
Frame Wall Decals
White & Red Rug
Mixing Bowls
Kort Food Pictures
Spiral Napkin Holder
Yellow Wall Clock
Yellow Colander

I love the look of Melissa's apartment! The kitchen has great tall ceilings and a great place above the cabinets to hang the Ribba picture frames, display art, vases and much more!

See the other boards I designed for Melissa's Apartment {HERE}


*I Want A Vintage Sofa*

This photo may look at little out of place on my blog. If I saw this couch at a shop by me I would buy it. Behind the ugly pillows I see a great Damask Patterned Pink Sofa with great lines!! I would love to have it....


I am hoping to find a great vintage sofa at a thrift store or antique shop. My Crate & Barrel Lounge Sofa has to wait and it is way to big for the apartment I plan to rent.



2-24-09 retro sofa


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