WEEK 8 {Going to TEXAS}

This post is a day early because I am off to Texas this morning!!! Cody has {almost} completed his basic training. I will see him this Thursday. I hope that I have brought enough Kleenex. I was very lucky this weekend and got 2 phone calls from Cody. It always cheers me up so much. We are looking forward to "this" part of the military life being over. Soon will we be able to talk on the phone often and I will start visiting him.
week 8

This week was just as hard emotionally as the last few weeks. It is bittersweet going to see him because our time is limited and the goodbye is going to be awful!!! I do look forward to coming back and having lots of pictures to share. Driving is going to be fun. My friend Dan and I are taking 2 days to get there. I can't wait to see my most favorite person in the world, my husband Cody. :)

I won't be back till March 9th! I hope everyone has a great week!!


MOSAIC - February 2011

Monthly Mosaic Feb 2011

My Life Recap/February 2011
*Spent most of the month planning my trip to Texas for Cody's Graduation
*Spent time with Family & Friends
*Went shopping a lot for Navy & White outfits
*Watched a lot of tearjerker movies
*Still doing pilates everyday
*Worked less which = Happier Jessie :)
*Redesigned my blog a little bit
*Made Cody a photo album of 52 pictures of us together



Something happened to me in the last week. I fell in love with the color green. Now don't get me wrong, lime green has always been a color close to my heart!!! Suddenly though I find myself wanting to redecorate my apartment bathroom with it! Here are some bathrooms that I find inspiring....

Source: Not 2 Shabbydsc05324

Sources: Oakland & Berkeley Journal & Ising for Toilets
Source: Design Serendipity

I found this Trellis patterned shower curtain and think I may like it for my bathroom. Of course I would get green bath towels. The vase I just like, but since it is kelly green I don't think it would work. I would love to paint my bathroom a bright shade of lime green, but I don't feel like having to paint it back with it is time to move!
green bathroom small collage

Source: HGTV Blog & Country Living
dh-bpf-home-tour-bathroomMary Jane McCarty
Source: Houzz


Another Navy Top & Window Shopping

I hit the mall yet again yesterday. I actually had to return a dress to Forever 21 that was to big on me. I ended up exchanging it for this...
navy polka dot top

It's a very cute Navy Polka Dot Top. It fits me really well and I love that it looks vintage. The other things below I did NOT buy, but love! This outfit was in the window at Charlotte Russe.
black top animal print skirt

I love animal print and pink so the Animal Print Skirt is perfect for me! The Black Top looked great with the skirt and aren't the shoes adorable!
brushstrokes tunic

Then there was the Abstract Brushstrokes Tunic from Forever 21. I love the colors and the pattern. I really want a new wardrobe, can you tell? LOL If you haven't checked out the blog FOR THE LOVE written by Sarah, go check it out! She puts super cute outfits together and most her clothes are thrift store finds!



TUESDAY! It's not really my favorite day of the week, but it does mean that I am a week closer to seeing Cody! Next Tuesday I will be in Texas. I will see Cody on Thursday March 3rd. Cody did his deployment week during week 7. I don't know a lot about it. I know they camp outside and carry weapons around with them. Cody hurt his knuckle and had to get 4 stitches. He is okay though and it hasn't really affected anything for him.
Week 7 Without Cody

I am definitely ready to see him. Being apart SUCKS! It is heartbreaking and depressing. I will say though I have only broke down a few times. LOL It is normal to feel sad when you are apart from your husband, best friend, soul mate and YOUR EVERYTHING!!! I started playing FarmVille on Facebook. My mom and some friends play, so I decided to join them. I have always loved video games and computer games. I also decided this week that I am in love with lime green. I am trying to find a lime green shower curtain! If you find one please let me know! :)

Listening 2: The Bravery - Stir the Blood


4 Movies

Picnik collage

I really enjoyed all 4 of these movies. They all made me cry.

1. Remember Me - I could never get Cody to watch this movie. He hates Robert Pattinson. I love him. LOL I feel this movie was good, but could of been better. I don't think it was long enough and it was a very predictable movie. The end was kinda of surprising though. It is a sweet love story, but be ready to shed some tears. 3.5 Stars

2. The Duchess - This movie was very good. I love period movies. The story is pretty heartbreaking though. I thought Keira Knightley was amazing in it. 4 Stars

3. (500) Days of Summer - This one really made me cry. It was kinda a "life lesson" movie. I can't say much about it without ruining the story. It is all about love and fate. 3.5 Stars

4. Young Victoria - Another great period movie. This one was a lot happier to watch. Very sweet love story. If you like period movies I highly recommend it. 4 Stars



I am thinking about buying some new stuff for my bathroom. Here is some stuff I like. I love the bright & bold color scheme...
Inspiration Board for My Bathroom - February 2011

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Has anyone seen any cool shower curtains lately?


Inspiration: Sofa & Living Room

Whenever I do finally decide to buy new furniture I am really going to have a hard time picking things out. I like to many different colors and styles. I have always bought neutral colored sofas so that I can change the color scheme in my rooms easier. I am bored with white sofas now. I would love a pop of color! Here are 4 styles of sofas and color schemes I love right now...
Turquoise Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Yellow Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Pink Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Neutral Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

I am already bored with my apartment, which tells me that my design tastes are changing. My apartment is just "cluttered" to me. I really like simple interiors and that is how my old house was. I kept my living room the same at my old house for over 3 years because I decorated it right for me. I can't wait to move at the end of the year with Cody and design a place that we will stay at for at least a few years.



It is Tuesday!!! Which means the end of week 6 and the beginning of week 7!!! Woo-hoo! I got to talk to Cody this Sunday which was unexpected. He didn't call till 5pm and sadly I was at work. I did still get to talk to him because he called my work phone. (It is really loud at IKEA and hard to hear him.) He is doing really good. He isn't sick anymore and has gained his voice back. It was a very "mushy" phone called. I feel like we are newlyweds again. LOL He asked me what the date was and I told him February 13th. Then he wished me a Happy Valentines Day. His phone calls really lift my spirits every week.
Week 6 without Cody

This week I did cry some. I had a horrible day at work this past weekend and basically broke down. Most everyone at work know that Cody is away right now and weren't surprised to see that I couldn't hold my tears in anymore. I made Cody his present this week. I bought a small photo album that holds 52 photos. I printed out photos of us from when we first started dating to the last photo of us taken at the airport when we said goodbye in January. Its 7 years worth of memories. He can't really have any gifts, because it has to fit in his backpack. I think he can find room for a small photo album. The photo in the top left side corner is the photo album. Those two pictures are the night Cody proposed to me. All our friends were there and took pictures. It was New Years Eve 2004. It was hard only picking 52 pictures out of a 7 year time period, but really fun to make. I spent a lot of time shoe shopping this past week. I finally picked some shoes out to wear to Cody's graduation! I am glad shoe shopping is over now because I hate it. Now week 7 starts and before I know it I will be heading to Texas to visit him.

Listening 2: Chevelle - This Type of Thinking



I love this room! Just wanted to share it with all of you!
Home Office
Image Source: Houzz



Sorry for my lack of posts this week. It has been a busy week of planning and getting things together to go see Cody in 2 1/2 weeks. Sadly I do not have my military ID yet. When Cody left he took the wrong piece of paper documenting our marriage, then I ending up sending the wrong thing to Cody in the mail!! Now {FINALLY} this week I sent the correct proof that the military needed to get things going! It has been a headache. Things are on the right track now. When you can't just communicate with your husband it makes everything take WEEKS to plan or do. I have been shoe shopping like crazy the past few weeks. I have been trying to find some sandals/wedges that would match my navy and white outfits for Cody's graduation. The search ended yesterday....

I am blogging about this because I think it is funny. I am very petite. I need a size 5 or smaller. I finally gave up and bought KIDS shoes! I went to probably 20 stores searching and searching. Most stores don't even carry size 5! Apparently size 2 in kids fits me the best anyways! I decided to buy the One-Star Converse gym shoes and the cute little girls wedges from Target. I only spent $34.00 for both. Now I have something to wear with all my outfits and the rest of summer. I love the Converse. I want to start wearing them, but know that I will just get them really dirty if I wear them to work. I am glad to be done shopping for shoes. If I wore a size 6 I would probably own 200 pairs of shoes! The only advantage to having small feet is it keeps me from spending a lot of money!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Today marks the beginning of week 6. I really thought things would get easier as his graduation approached. I was wrong. Things have gotten harder and harder! 6 weeks without your husband is extremely hard. Yesterday was the first day I finally broke down crying. I have held in my tears because I feel crying or being sad will not really do me any good. I still write Cody a letter everyday, which does help.
week 5

Cody is doing really well. He received his dog tags and his name on his Camo uniforms this past week. He also has received his dress blues. Last week when I talked to him he was pretty sick, but now he is doing a lot better. Going to Texas from Ohio was tuff on his sinuses! He says everyone is sick. Besides being homesick {missing me} he seems to be doing well! Which really helps keep me going. I plan to make him a photo album of pictures of us from the 7 years we have been together. This week I did hang out with some friends which helped lift my spirits. BUT at the end of the day, I just want my husband. So, a word of advise: Do not take the people in your life for granted. Tell them you love them everyday! It is so easy to get wrapped up in our daily routines that we don't stop and take a moment to think about what really matters. {The people we LOVE} I started a scrapbook this week for old black and white family photos. I also spent a lot of time picking out things to wear to Cody's graduation! Any excuse to buy new clothes sounds good to me! LOL


Outfits for Cody's Graduation

With Cody's graduation ceremony approaching quickly, I have been buying a few cute things to wear. I don't want to be overly dressy but want to look nice. Considering that he will probably be wearing his dress blues everyday and there will be tons of pictures of us taken together, I kinda wanted to match him.
what to wear navy white sandals
I bought the navy blue dress yesterday. I plan to purchase a white shrug to wear over it to make the outfit more conservative looking. I think the navy & white striped wedges would look perfect and would match all the other things I have bought to wear! I love the little simple heart necklace from Forever 21. Here are two of the tops I purchased.
what to wear 2
The red top is really cute with jeans. The striped top is really light weight and comfortable. Can you tell I am ready to see Cody? Can you tell I am excited to go to his graduation? For now I just continue to daydream and plan.



Picture 1
I joined this Flickr group yesterday because I thought it was adorable and funny. I love looking at cute photos of Chihuahuas! Here is a cute picture of Chloe that I posted in the group pool. I love her black whiskers!
Chloe - Aug 2010
Chloe hates sweaters! Somehow she always gets out of them. I did manage to snap this cute photo of her in this sweater...
Chloe in sweater.  Dec 2010
Chloe loves to JUMP...
Chloe with Muffins when she was a puppy...

If you would like to visit My Chihuahua is cuter than your Chihuahua Click {HERE}


4 Movies

4 Movies - Feb 2011

1. The Painted Veil - I really like Edward Norton and I really enjoyed Naomi Watts in this movie. It was a romantic movie but it was also very sad. 3 Stars

2. Revolutionary Road - I hated this movie. The acting for really good, but the story itself made you feel like you were on a emotional Roller Coaster while you watched it! It ended bad also! 1 Star

3. After.Life - Very strange movie with Christina Ricci in it. I like her, but she was naked the whole time! I didn't really understand the story either. It was a movie about death and it was very morbid. 2.5 Stars

4. Someone Like You - Very cute and funny movie. Again it was a love story but this movie actually had a happy ending! 3 Stars



The end of week 4 means Cody is now half way done! Yes, it is exciting. I did get to talk to him this past Saturday. Sadly this time we were both pretty stressed. He is sick and was really tired. He sounded really down and all I wanted was to be able to give him a big hug. That is what is making this so hard. I did mail him a picture last week and he had already gotten it. I was pretty happy about that and so was he!!

I am trying really hard to keep my spirits up. I have been spending a lot of time with my parents. The photos above are Mario Sunshine for Game Cube. I tried to play it but got really bored with it. Mail from Disney, "They miss us" apparently! LOL Well, they are just going to have to wait to see us! We may or may not be able to go this year. I bought some cute Camo slippers! I started playing Sim City on Super Nintendo. I enjoy playing the old school video games. I would say overall this week has been the hardest. Work has me stressed out and I am missing my husband like crazy. I finally cleaned my sterling heart necklace that Cody bought me years ago. I am wearing it everyday. Cody also informed me that he is going to school in California. That means he will be even further away!!! Hopefully I can get some cheap flights!

Listening 2: Band of Skulls