June 09

My New White Office

I decided to move my office into our guest bedroom. We plan to use my OLD office as a nursery when the time comes. The walls were painted white in the guest bedroom from when I thought I was going to do it in the "gun & love" theme. I like the white walls with all my "office stuff". Color might make it feel to busy. I have enough color with all my STUFF!

I still have the dirty & GROSS looking blinds as the window treatments. These were put up by the people that lived in our house before us, NOT ME. I hate blinds.

My new office is now only in a 10x10 room. I lost alot of space, but everything still seems to fit in the new room. I still have some more things to do in this room, so I am sure there will be more pictures of it in the future. :)

I decided to buy a MAC!

My Laptop that I have been using for close to 4 years now is getting sluggish. It doesn't run very well when I use photoshop! I am loving my new computer so far! I hope to design wonderful things with it. :)

I finally started to paint some of the trim on the back of our house. It needs so much work. Its been very hot here in Ohio the last few weeks. Its making it hard for me to want to go outside and paint.

All the paint is gone from water damage. I will be working on painting all this the rest of the summer I am sure. My husband is going to finally start putting the white siding on the back of the house.

Here is my cat Norman being cute!

I have spent alot of time this month trying to make my blog more organized and have a nicer look. I really appreciate everyone who stops by. Thank You! :)



Victoria Secret Bedroom

I designed and decorated this room back in May 2007. This room was for a 14 year old girl named Ashley. Sadly the photos I took were blurry. My digital camera died about a week later after the photos were taken.
Please see my NEW POST about this room {HERE}

This is one of my favorite rooms I have ever done. (Probably because of all the pink!) I found the bedding on Victoria Secret's website and used it as my inspiration.
I painted the canvas over the bed to match the "Pink Love" pillows. The stripes I painted came out great also. It was really fun to design this room!

link to original blog post here.


Rejected Decorating Projects

Some decorating ideas seem great when you first think them up. Then you try it, or you live with it for awhile, and it just doesn't work as planned.

Hallway Photo Frame Wall (January 09)

I love picture frames hung together on a wall. My plan was to spray paint all the black frames white. (which meant more "work" I didn't need in my life.) My hallway is narrow and the frames made it feel closed in. After about 5 months I decided they needed to come down. I have new plans for this area in the near future.

Landscaping ~ White Gravel (August 07)

I love white gravel. The problem is you have to buy a million bags to fill one flower bed. Since we ended up turning our red house into a white house the red mulch looks better now anyways.

Bathroom ~ circles painted on the ceiling (November 07)

Well, you can hardly even see the circles I painted on the ceiling. Painting a ceiling is terrible!!!! It is one of my least favorite things to do. It is a good thing that I didn't paint circles on the whole ceiling, since our roof leaks in this bathroom!!! We have to redo the drywall in this room since our roofer was an idiot.

Guest Bedroom ~ Gun Theme (Feb 09)

I had this room over halfway decorated when I decided I hated it. I love everything on the design board. I ended up not liking it because I painted the walls white in the room. If I would of done black walls I think I would of loved it. It's okay though because this week I made the guest bedroom my new office. I wanted to make my office the "nursery" when ever my husband and I decide to start trying to get pregnant.


waiting for mini mcdonald

I am obsessed with my Adobe Photo Shop Program and having a baby. I want to decorate a nursery so badly. I am not pregnant and should wait atleast till the end of the year to start trying to get pregnant. When I signed into my blog today, I saw that I had a new follower.

Her name is Jillian. She is having a baby girl in October. Her blog is "waiting for mini mcdonald". She is still trying to pick out her nursery decor and feels a bit overwhelmed with decisions. It is hard to pick your nursery decor! There are so many choices out there. As soon as you fall in love with one thing,.....you see something else!!!!! On her blog she is asking for advise. I thought with my sudden obsession with photo shop I would make her some design boards. :)

Design 1 ~ Girly MOD
Nursery Design Board - Scottlyn
Jillian seems to pick out modern decor the most. She likes green and pink together. (Which I must say, I also love this color combo!) This design is a bit "over the top" with the patterns and colors. It's a nursery I would love for my little girl.

Design 2 ~ Birds & Flowers
Scottlyn Design Board - Birds & Flowers
This nursery design is more calming. The design still has a modern feel & a girly look.

Design 3 ~ Pink Taffy
Scottlyn Design Board - Pink Taffy
Pink, pink, and some more pink. I love the "pink taffy" bedding.

I hope Jillian gets some ideas and inspiration from these design boards. If anyone wants to know where any of the items came from, just leave me a comment. I will get the link for you. :) Jessie


Things I Want

I made a design board for a few things I am dreaming about having.....

Now that I have a new hobby, BAKING, I want cake stands and other fun things to use for baking. Yum! Cupcakes!

I collect white vases already. I plan to put some of my collection in the bookcase.

I have some vintage autumn leaf hall china pieces that belonged to my great grandmother. I will start collecting cookie and cupcake cookbooks soon. I am also on the hunt for white cake stands and red and white kitchen items! :)