What I Wore #16 {Snow in the Spring}

WIW16 Ohio Snow
I really had hoped to do an outfit post in the snow this year.
I just didn't expect it to be while I was in Ohio visiting family and friends.
Luckily I packed some winter clothes, since Spring doesn't seem to want to stick around and stay.

WIW16 Ohio Snow
The above acorn necklace was a gift from the lovely Aubrey.
I thought it worked perfect with this outfit.

WIW16 Ohio Snow WIW16 Ohio Snow
I took these photos at my parents house. It's a very peaceful place out in the country.
Believe it or not, my hair is pink in these photos. The dye was just too light to notice really. I plan to try again.

WIW16 Ohio Snow WIW16 Ohio Snow

Shirt - Aeropostale, thrifted | Tank - Wet Seal | Jeans - Target | Necklace - Project Lovegood | Boots - My work

Our trip is going well so far. Sorry for the lack of comments and delay on replies from me. We are keeping very busy. Lots of people to visit and things to do while we are here! It was fun putting this on the blog now instead of waiting! The weather looks to be getting a little warmer for the next few days. I know we are all ready for Spring!!


Netflix Must See: If A Tree Falls

I've actually wanted to share this film on my blog for awhile now. I first watched it months ago and today I watched it again for thd second time. The film is called If A Tree Falls. It's a documentary about an "eco terrorist" group that protested by burning buildings down. Sound insane? I was shocked at how many emotions this film evoked in me.

IfATreeFalls pic1

I laughed, cried, cheered and felt my heart break for these supposed eco terrorist. I hate that term so much. To some their acts were acts of terrorism, to others they were heroes. They never actually physically hurt anyone. They did however leave businesses shut down and some peoples lives ripped apart emotionally. The film mainly talks about Daniel McGowan who was on of the main people connected to the fires that were set against companies that did logging and other harmful things to the environment. The acts were extreme but these individuals knew it would send a strong message.

IfATreeFalls pic3

Something I really enjoyed about this film is that they showed both sides of the story. Yes, it mainly was Daniel and others talking about the things that they had done, but he wasn't looking for pity. It's a nice insight into the mind of a very passionate environmentalist. Even if you don't agree with some of the actions that he and others did, you get a chance to really understand it.

IfATreeFalls pic2

The film isn't just about fires by the way. It shows all kinds of peaceful protests that built up the anger that lead to the fires being set. Things like women being peppered sprayed in their eyes while they literally sat there helpless. The girl is screaming, "Please don't do this! I just want to save some trees!". This movie shock me to my core. I could really relate to a lot of the things they were saying and feeling. It's ashame that things turn out this way in our world. I don't want to tell you what happens to Daniel and the other group members. You should watch it yourself to see. Here is the official trailer for the film....


Just Simon

Sleepy Simon Sleepy Simon Sleepy Simon Sleepy Simon Sleepy Simon

Simon is my oldest cat. He is probably also the most spoiled. When he sleeps on our bed he enters a full state of bliss. If you are laying on the bed with him he will lay as close to you as possible whether you are comfortable or not. He also has been know to drool a little bit Laying on our bed completes his kitty life. :) I love him dearly.


Introducting The Vegan Project


I am really excited to share this with you today! I was inspired by the movie Vegucated to do my own kind of vegan experiment here on the blog. In the film Vegucated, three ordinary meat eaters decide to try out a vegan lifestyle and diet for 6 weeks. I love the idea and thought it would be fun to ask someone in my own life to do something similar. I have asked one of my best friends to try out a vegan / plant strong diet for a period of time. Meet Dan...

DAN intro pic

Dan and I have been very close friends for over 12 years now. Dan has always been there for me whenever I needed him. Dan knows me very well and actually is one of my only friends who reads my blog. He has watched me transform into an entirely different person over the past few years. Of course I want everyone I know and love to be vegan for health reasons. I want them to be living the longest life that they possibly can. I believe with a plant based diet that is what you get! Dan has volunteered to kinda be my guinea pig here on the blog. Great friend right?

VeganProject typepic

Needless to say that we are approaching this just as an experiment. Dan is mainly interested in eating healthier, picking up some new meal plans and some new eating habits. What will Dan being doing during this vegan project? I will be asking him to give up processed foods, added sugars, soda, dairy, meat and many other items. I will teach him how to read the ingredient labels on food products, help him with vegan meal planning that fits into his busy work schedule, have him watch the film Forks Over Knives and others like it so that he can learn the facts about a vegan diet.

I've decided to do this on my blog because I felt it would be inspiring for others. Dan and I don't know if he will actually stay vegan or not. We are approaching this as something fun for him to try. We are both approaching the project with an open mind. Needless to say he will have my full support along the way! At end of the time period we agree upon, we'll just see what changes stick. Below I had Dan answer some questions. First he also introduces himself to you guys! Lets read what he had to say....

VP introDan

Hello everyone! My name is Dan, I'm currently 30 years old, and I've lived in Ohio my entire life. I met Jessie in 2001 while I was working at an antique mall. She has been my best friend ever since! I keep up with Jessie's blog on a daily basis. We now live over 1,200 miles away from each other, so it's really a great way to keep current on what she is doing in Wyoming. As you all know, Jessie is now completely vegan, and definitely on her way to a healthier life. I'm very happy for her, and wish her the best! Recently, Jessie e-mailed me asking whether I'd be interested in trying out the vegan lifestyle for a short period of time. I currently eat the same foods that most Americans eat...beef, chicken, plenty of dairy products, and just about anything else you can imagine!
VP whypart of project

As I was considering whether or not to accept the challenge, many things went through my mind. There are many benefits associated with changing to a plant-based diet, and a healthier body is my biggest motivation for giving it a shot. I've read how happy Jessie has been lately because of her decision to eliminate animal products from her diet. This also gives me hope that I can succeed as well. But since I am new to this, I do have some worries as to how far I will be able to make it. I will be honest when I say there are certain things I am very nervous about. There is a bit of uncertainty about whether I will be able to give up the foods I enjoy so much.
VP giveup

There are many foods that I feel will be extremely difficult to quit eating. I love chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and tacos very much. However, I am learning about how unhealthy those all can be. My unpredictable work schedule frequently makes it difficult to plan a healthy meal. Many times I just settle for fast-food, which is about the worst thing out there! However, I'm willing to give this a serious attempt. I could have easily backed out from this offer and said NO before even starting. "Change" is a very difficult word in my mind. There will definitely be lots of changes to what I eat, once this project really kicks in.
VP gain

One of the biggest things I want to come out of this upcoming experience is a much greater knowledge of the food I am putting into my body on a daily basis. A majority of people eat what they do, because it's basically what they were brought up to eat, and don't even think twice about the harmful effects it may be having on them long term. There is a significant attachment to the food I eat in my life. The hardest thing in my mind will be breaking that connection I have with certain foods.

Right now, I have come a long way, just to even try this. I never would have imagined myself not eating animal products for an extended amount of time. The thought just never crossed my mind. But, I have some great motivation to move forward. Obviously, my health is an important factor, and in the past I've never given it as much thought as I really should. I hope a majority of the changes I make actually become permanent. That would be terrific! But for right now, and with Jessie's help, I am going to educate myself on some vegan foods, begin sampling them, and try very hard to cut out a lot of the junk I currently eat. I am very much looking forward to preparing different foods I've never tried before. I want this whole experience to be fun, and not scary.

A very special "Thank You" to Jessie for even thinking I would be a good candidate at doing this. Being Vegan is one of the most important accomplishments in her life. Without trying different things in life, there is simply no chance of success, so I will do the best I can. I know there will be many challenges, but hopefully I am able to overcome them and come out a healthier person. That's the main goal!

Thanks to all of Jessie's great blog followers for taking the time to learn about this project!

VP greendivider

Thanks Dan for sharing your thoughts and concerns about the vegan project. I asked Dan to be very honest with the way he was feeling. The doubts and emotions that he is experiencing are so normal and typical. The most common fear for people about being vegan is all the food they will have to give up. The key is replacing them with new foods that you will soon crave the way you did the OLD foods. When I talk to Dan I say things like," Yep. Yes. I know." I understand all his worries about changing his diet. I am very proud of him for even accepting this challenge at all. For even putting himself out there! Some people look at my food and turn their noses! Silly really.

The next part of the vegan project will be taking Dan grocery shopping while I am visiting him in Ohio. I am so excited about this. It's going to be so fun having a close friend really see what it is like to be in my world! So stay tuned for a video of Dan and I together next month talking about grocery shopping and his most current thoughts on a vegan diet.


A Few of My Favorite Things #6

favorite video
Justin Timberlake - Bring It On Down 2... by IdolxMuzic
I love Justin Timberlake. His sketch on Saturday Night Live about being vegan really made me laugh!

Favorite Image COW
I love this image of the cow. I actually can't remember where I found it.

Favorite Post HobbitHouse Aubrey
Aubrey from Project Lovegood did a post talking about her dream to build an off the grid home. After reading her post and talking to Cody about it we are actually really interested in doing this ourselves as well. I don't know a lot about off the grid homes and have so much to learn. Reading her post is a great place to start!
Favorite Quote never done

Favorite DIY coconut oil
I have become pretty obsessed with making my own things to use in my daily life. Things like soaps, laundry detergent and household cleaners. Karen posted about her new love for coconut oil. She talks about all the lovely things you can make with it. I really enjoyed all the info and inspiration in her post. I hope to try some of the things out in the future.

What has been inspiring you lately?
Please share some links with me!


What I Wore #15

WIW15 pic5 WIW15 hotairballondress1

I am so in love with my new hot air balloon dress. I feel super girly in it. The dress is from eShakti and it was custom made to my measurements. When ordering from them you can even change the length of your dress. I ordered my dress in the "short" length. (Talk about not being able to bend over!) I am loving the vintage style and bright colors! I've never really worn anything like this dress before. Feels good to leave my comfort zone. AND yes I wear Converse with dresses!!!!!!

WIW15 pic7 WIW15 pic4 WIW15 pic3
Dress - eShakti c/o | Bow - Hot Topic | Necklace - Hobby Lobby | Shoes - Converse

Maybe Converse with dresses isn't for everyone, but it works great for me. While I was taking my photos today I realized why I like doing outfit posts so much. It's simple: I get to dress up. I get to be girly. I wear jeans and dress plan everyday to work. It's nice to put on a dress and twirl around. I always wonder if people think it's weird that blogger's do outfit posts? Then I thought to myself, "Whatever. I'm having fun."

eShakti offers $25 off to new customers!
Also there is a promo code for My Mod Style readers till the end of the month for 20% off!


Painted Closet Doors in My Bedroom

I finally got my closet doors painted and up in my bedroom. It looks so much better and I couldn't wait to share some pictures. The doors were brown and made the room look darker. I decided to paint them white. Here is a photo of the closet when we moved in....
IMG_2008 Painting Our Bedroom
The closet with all of our stuff just crammed in. It wasn't organized and had lots of wasted space!
Below is a photo of it after. I put a Billy Bookcase from IKEA in the middle of our closet to divide "his" and "hers" sides.
We bought a ClosetMaid system from Home Depot so that everything is adjustable.
Closet Doors Painted!
The closet is still a work in progress and is messy because we are packing for our vacation that we are going on soon.
Cody has no clothes. He won't ever let me buy him any either!
There is brown contact paper that is glued down on the floor of the closet.
We had trouble getting it off. I guess it's a project for another day!
Painting the Closet Doors
I used Bulls Eye Primer to paint the closet doors, 2 coats. Then 3 coats of white semi-gloss paint.
Painting the Closet Doors
Once the doors were painted, it was time to put them back up! (Happy Dance!!)
Closet Doors Painted!Closet Doors Painted!Closet Doors Painted!Closet Doors Painted! Closet Doors Painted!
Chloe loves to watch us work on the house.
Closet Doors Painted!
I'm pretty excited that I don't have to look at the clutter that my closet becomes anymore.
My bedroom is going to feel much cleaner now! Closet Doors Painted!The room is getting nearer to be finished, but still have some work to do.

Tour my home HERE.


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My Favorite Post: It Takes Courage To Do What You Love

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Calypte Collection is handcrafted jewelry designed by Carol. A Wildlife Biologist by day and Jewelry Designer by night. Handmade statement jewelry, where you can can expect edgy modern pieces whatever your personal style. Blogging here to share my health, beauty, fashion, interior design and Etsy obsessions with you.

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My name is Stephanie and I'm on this earthly journey learning how to accept love in my life and share it with others. One thing I've realized is that once you let love in, its source is infinite. This was not a familiar concept for me 10 years ago, but now it's my priority in life. LOVE. And I have many loves which I write about on my blog.

My Favorite Post: Vegan Tuesday - Carrot Paté Wrap & Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Apples

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