Master Bedroom

Doesn't look like much of a Masterbedroom/Bathroom right now....

Soon we will be slowly doing some work in our Masterbedroom..... finally!!! I am really looking forward to decorating this room. I love the wall color I have picked. I can't wait to put orange with it. Should be interesting....

I have that Marilyn Monroe print, its 24"x24", I will have to have it custom framed. I am so excited that I have a place for it now!!

We are thinking about taking out the window in this picture.....(you can see where the bathroom will be,..in the right hand corner of this photo.)

and replacing it with these french doors....

Of course we would put a deck outside the french doors. As you can see our backyard needs some love. That shed on the right will be gone,..along with the tall weeds. lol

the bathroom is super tiny...so there isn't much to work with. The bathroom is 60" x 80",...so my goal is to make this little bathroom as fancy and nice as I can...

I love this sink and faucet!!!!

I love this idea..... I would just try to build something myself, or look at IKEA.

IKEA has this set,...all 5pc's for $99.99!!! I worry its to "cheap" looking. Its everything I need though,...guess I'll have to check it out next trip to IKEA.

I am in love with this Shower door by Kohler. But man its pricey,...its hard to stay on budget when you like expensive things!!!!

we'll see if I can play with our budget a little,...so I can have all this wonderful things in my bathroom.... hehehehe I will try to keep the posts coming! Thanks for viewing!!!! ;)


Rehab Weekend # 9

FINALLY, some pictures!!!!!
July 14 ~ 15
(click on the photos for better views)

And up went the tile......

I actually really enjoyed doing the tile backsplash. We thought it was going to be alot harder,...but it was pretty simple.

The tiles were in sheets, but we ended up putting them on the wall one by one.

I really love the tile. Its alot of freakin WHITE in the kitchen. Very modern. Its strange to see the kitchen looking so nice,.....then there is the rest of the house... :(

So, the kitchen is basically done. Except for all the small last minute stuff. I got the credit card bill and about passed out. The bank has already paid us for it though!!!!! So, now I can run the credit card up again!! WooHoo!!! Off to drywall now! Have I mentioned I have never done drywall??? We'll see what happens......


My Living Room Decorating Ideas

Its been awhile since I posted anything,....I must admit I lose track of time!! I will post pictures later this week from last weekend.

As our house keeps getting closer and closer to be ready for decorating,...I get excited, but a bit overwhelmed. As I stood in my empty living room yesterday, I asked my husband, "How do you feel about having yellow walls?" He looked at me, and there was a pause of silence, then he replies with, " I trust you. " So, hes worried in other words, but knows he always loves what I come up with.

So, I have been searching for artwork ideas, and trying to decide what I like best, what will go where. I stress over this way to much!!!! I just need to breath. lol
Here is some things I love.

I want my living room to have yellow walls, with pops of black and white with a little red here and there. Very graphic and a pop art feel,...don't forget funky and mod. I don't know where I come up with this stuff,....I am sure it will be a bunch of craziness when its all said and done. We'll see what happens,..I am nervous. lol
Here is what the last homeowners had the living room decorated.....


Rehab Weekend # 7 and #8

June 30 ~ July 8

I spent weekend 7 painting two of the rooms in the house. We wanted to paint them before putting in the new floors.

Here is the room that we will be using for our Guest Bedroom.


The green is BRIGHT, but starting to grow on me. Once I get rid of that awful flooring, and put in the white hardwood flooring, along with all my decorating, I think I will love it.

Now I really love the other room I painted, which is going to be my office.

(how nice of them to leave a bed for us,....yuck!!!)


I love pink. I also have noticed this color calms me, so I figured it would be good for my office. I have a small Hello Kitty collection that I will display in the room, along with red as an accent color,....and white furniture of course! ;)

We spent our 4th of July tearing out the carpet and tile under the carpet in my new office.

We started laying the white floor, I just don't have any pictures of it yet!

Weekend#8 was to pretty for me to work. I went to some yard sales with a friend. lol

Weekend 8 was alot of Husband/Man stuff. My husband, Cody, spent lots of time working on laying lumber on the roof. (Which still isn't done!! Yes, the rain still keeps coming in the house) He also put in outlets in our kitchen, and got the backer board on the wall to do the backsplash. So, Weekend #9 is this upcoming weekend, and it will be spent doing the tile, and hopefully getting the freakin kitchen DONE!!! Can't wait to post pictures of it complete! And maybe someday we will get a roof....so we can actually start putting up drywall!


New Stuff & Decor

Went to the thrift store yesterday and found these cool Chrome Vases! I am really excited about them because I don't usually find anything I want or like at thrift stores.

I am extra excited over the Chrome Vases, because they look like the ones I wanted from Chiasso that were priced at $68 ~ $98!! Mine were $3 and $5! SCORE!!! :)

Here is a picture of our Kitchen backsplash from Lowe's. What do you think? Its funky and retro looking. Gotta get that JETSONS MOD look that I am going for!! Hopefully we will get to put the tile up this upcoming weekend.

Sneak Peak ~ My Office.......I love the pink.

Sneak Peak ~ Guest Bedroom.....Not really liking this color, too bright!!

This room will probably be repainted, because the green HURTS your eyes!!!