This is my first Disney post about our recent vacation. I plan to post about every park individually and share my favorite pictures and memories.

We arrived at Disney around 3:00pm on a Thursday and had to unpack all of all stuff and get settled. We didn't go to any of the parks the first day since we arrived so late and we had drove 9 hours! One thing that a lot of people do that is FREE is visit Downtown Disney. It's very close to all the Disney Parks and Resorts. I love to shop and look at all the cool Disney stuff! It's really a huge part of the Disney experience I think. All those adorable souvenirs! One of the first stores we checked out is a cute small shop with mostly all kitchen gadgets, cookbooks and lots of coffee mugs! Right away I was drawn to this huge window display of Alice stuff...

DisneyVacation Title downtownDisney Downtown1

I am glad to see more Alice In Wonderland stuff through the stores. When we went 2 years ago the selection was a lot less. You can get Alice teapots, teacups and unbirthday tea of course! Within the first 10 minutes of being at Downtown Disney we already got coffee! (We are junkies.) Unfortunately they did not carry any soy milk. I was very disappointed in this. This was a problem we faced all week. No soy latte's! I was very sadden by this considering that I am not the only person out of the thousands of visitors there who would like soy milk. Lots of people can't have dairy! What are they supposed to do? On of last day we did find out that the Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop DID have soy lattes! That is the only place I know of that you can get a soy latte. We drank not so good black coffee at the parks.

Disney Downtown2

All the clothing and girly accessories are amazing at Disney! You want to buy it all but of course it's pricey. I actually didn't buy anything buy one necklace. It will make an appearance during an outfit post I'm sure. I thought the above shirts of Alice and Ariel were beautiful. I kinda regret not buying one of them now. Look at this cute Minnie stuff!!!

Disney Downtown 3 minnie

Some of the bigger stores at Downtown Disney are World of Disney and Once Upon A Toy! They are full of EVERYTHING! Pretty much you could just go to these two stores and do all your shopping! I still go to every store and look at every item before purchasing anything. I have to feel like I am getting the best thing at the best price!

Disney Downtown4
I had to pose with the Yoda shirt....
Disney Downtown5 Yodashirt
Really cool Mickey Mouse head shrubs....
Disney Downtown7 shrubs

There is also a Lego store! It's so neat to see all the Lego sets and displays. I made Cody pose with Woody and Buzz. The line was way too long to get our photo taken with them at the park, so I guess Lego versions with have to do for now....

Disney Downtown6 Legos

Downtown Disney isn't just for shopping of course. They have a movie theater, tons of restaurants, drinking and nightlife. It's a great place to go in the evening when the parks have closed. They have live music some nights and even street performers. This one was lovely. She was acting like a statue and when anyone got near her she would touch them. It really scared kids but overall everyone was really enjoying it!

Disney Downtown8 statue

My favorite thing about Downtown Disney is a store called D-Street. It's the main place that Vinylmation collectors go. I plan to share another post with you about D-Street and how collecting Vinylmations works at a later time. Going through all my photos and typing everything out will take me sometime.

Want to know more about Downtown Disney?
Visit their website for more information!
Also, feel free to ask me any questions.


  1. I love those minnie mouse clothes! It looks like you had so much fun. I can't believe they didn't have soy milk, I thought almost everywhere had it these days!

  2. Awwww how fun! It's been ages since I've been there. That t-shirt is too cute btw ;)

  3. ahhhh!!! I am going to Disney for Christmas with my family! I CANNOT WAIT!

  4. I was looking forward to your Disney posts so bad haha! But I'm definitely jealous, all that Disney cute stuff is killing me!

  5. im going this wednesday... i hope it rains!!! no people no lines!

  6. This makes me miss Disney so much, I was just there back in June. Looks like you're having a great time!

  7. WOW BEKKA, it's hot there is June! LOL But still fun.

  8. Downtown Disney is so much fun. We performed there when I went to Disney with my high school band.

    <3 Melissa

  9. It's totally cliche, but I have a major Alice obsession! As in... planning to decorate one of the rooms in my house Alice style, and possibly getting an Alice quote tattooes. Yep. Hehe.

    That is soo lame that they didn't have soy available! Who doesn't have soy? Geez!!!


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