Hallway Photography & Decor

I spent some time going through my pet photos (all 100million of them) to pick some I would like to get blown up to hang in the hallway. Here are the ones I have picked of my babies. I did some photo effects to them and changed there colors a bit.

Now that I have hung my Kylie Minogue poster up in the hallway, I really want to hang everything else. The pet photos are going on one wall. The other walls I just have ideas of things I might want to hang. We have so many wedding photos that its overwhelming to pick which ones would go up on the walls!

Here is a photo of 2 pictures that I have in the hallway right now of my husband and I. I don't think I am happy with it, so I am going to move them around and see if I like something else better. The frame that the Kylie Minogue poster is in matches these frames. I really like the WHITE look in the hallway. The pet photos will add color though.

I took this picture on our honeymoon is Sonoma California. I laugh everytime I see it. They say "California cows are happy cows", but these cows were very grumpy. Of course I changed the colors and added a censored bar.

Here is my husband and I in San Francisco. I thought it would be fun to do a wall of photos from our honeymoon.

Just a few of my favorites. I have a million more.



FINALLY, I framed my Kylie Minogue poster. I bought it months ago! Now, I don't have to worry about it getting ripped up anymore.

I love Kylie. Her music is very "poppy", but I call it my happy music. Kylie is hanging in our hallway right by the front door. We still need to hang our track lighting we bought from IKEA. Can't wait to get it looking finished with the walls covered with photographs!!!


Xmas Trees & Decor

Here is my Christmas tree! It has no topper, needs more ornaments, maybe some stuff UNDER it, and its to small for our new living room. I also have a vintage silver tree, but I don't want to take the chance of one of the cats killing themselves eating it!!!!

Here is my tree last year, at our old house.... (looks the same.)

I love the size of this tree.

I want a 7ft skinny tree, so I can push it right into the corner! Also, this tree goes to the floor. I think that looks better. Well, money is tight this year, so unless I find a really good deal no new tree. I searched Flickr for some photos of trees that I think are very pretty and well decorated.

Well, of course I love the tree in the above photo. DUH! Pink & Hello kitty. My husband would NEVER let this tree in our house. I suppose I could buy a little tree and put it in my office....hummmmmm This tree belongs to Anasui on flickr. She did a great job decorating her tree. (link)

This pretty white tree belongs to Holiday Jenny. (link)

Look at this colorful white tree that belongs too Laurenmlove. (link)

This tree is so pretty and tiny, and PINK. :) It belongs to Nerdstrom. (link)

This pretty white tree belongs to Runesrule. (link) They wrapped the lights around the middle of the tree to make it glow. Great idea!

Here is a tree made out of toothpicks! How cool! (link)

Holiday Decor from CB2! How Mod!

My husband and I aren't into the Holidays at all this year. He didn't even want to put the tree up. We are tired and stressed. Like most couples around the holidays we get stressed over making all the families happy, while we are miserable. I will say looking at trees online makes me want to get more into the spirit and decorate my tree more. See, it all goes back to DECORATING!!! :)


Media Room

My newest design is for my parents. They want a room for playing video games, watching movies, and parties. They love music, so I thought it would be fun to be inspired by some of their favorite artists.

Lucky for me, they like contemporary style.(makes it FUN for me!) I want the room to feel like a lounge. My parents do not have alot of color in their home, so this will be a very different room for them. The rug will set it off.

The rug is from Home Decorators Collection. Once I saw it, I didn't like anything else for the space. All the furniture will be black, chrome, and glass. The rug is Andy Warhol's Sunset painting. (link)

Bono Rolling Stone Poster (link)

Guitar Print (link)
This room needs ALOT of work, it might be awhile before I post about it....... New carpet, flat screen tv, furniture, lots of painting..... etc etc etc.....

BUT we have a "design plan" to guide us!!!! :)


Trim, Stress, & Being Tired!

Not to much has been happening at my atomic ranch. We are under lots of stress because of our stupid "deadline" with the bank. We are already PAST the deadline, and paying a fee for it everyday we go over. Oh well, such is life. Its a long story. All I can say it that I am tired and drained. Can't wait to be working so I can get OUT of my house and far away from it for 8 hours a day. My husband and are love working on our house. BUT being forced to hurry and spend money you don't have sucks!!!!!

The bank has decided that all our trim had to be done. Last weekend all we did was this. I painted all these trim boards before putting them up. Sadly, they still need MORE paint, and all the nail holes need filled. :( I just don't have the motivation that is needed to do all this right now. My husband and I have agreed that the month of December is our month OFF. Then we are going to work on ONE ROOM at a time.
Living Room Trim

My Office


The kitty's..... if only we all could have a cat life. lol

Thanks for stopping by.


Target Mirrors

I have been searching for a mirror for my bathroom. Haven't found the right one yet. :( I did find these mirrors from Target. Most of them are 12 inches by 18 inches, not big enough for my bathroom mirror. Thought I would share them with everyone though.

Be Yourself Mirror (link)

What are you looking at? Mirror (link)

Be Silly Mirror (link)

Take a Picture Mirror (link)

Be Strong Mirror (link)

My Garage

What was the garage from HELL............

This is what the garage looked like the day we bought the house. It was the first thing we did in back in May, Rehab Weekend #1.

Yesterday it was warmer outside. I decided to take the time to move around all of our drywall tools, lumber, furniture, nails, etc etc... I wanted to be able to finally put our cars in the garage with winter coming!!

It was a great feeling to finally see our cars in our garage. At our last house we had a tiny one car garage. I would just squeeze my Mustang in. Now we have a huge garage, and both cars fit!!!! woohoo!!!

We still have tons of stuff to get rid of and organize. We just can't worry about it right now. We plan to finish the garage and paint the floor. We hope to finish the basement first though. Lets not forget, we have to paint the outside of the house come spring time. (a house is NEVER done)



I wanted to blog about a new blogger that I have found. She goes by the name MOD DIVA. We have tons in common when it comes to Design. Which will show in all the pictures below.

She has a 1950's house that is so cute!

She is NOT afraid of color!!!! She has great furniture too, I am a bit jealous!! :)

Here are her babies Bijoux, Penelope, Skylar and Diva! How cute!

Go check out her blog to see more photos of her cool atomic ranch.
Her Blog ~ It's A Mod, Mod, World (link)


Master Bathroom (shower drama)

The truly only GOOD thing that came out of this weekend was the items pictured below...

For those who may not know, I collect toys from the eighties. I went to the thrift store and was lucky enough to find some stuff. (Okay, the hello kitty stuff isn't old, but its HELLO KITTY!!!!) My favorite find is the small Garfield in the devil suit. The Garfield stuffed animal was made in 1981, he is as old as me. :)

The photo above is circles I had painted in my closet. They were for practice. I wanted to do circles all over my bathroom walls. Instead, I decided to just paint them on the ceiling and leave the walls bright WHITE. I really wanted to keep the bathroom white since it is so tiny.

To add color I painted the ceiling the same color as the master bedroom walls. I think its pretty!!

We finally installed our pretty light fixture. It looks so good. I am very happy with it. I started circles in the left handle corner, but they don't show up well in this photo. The next photo is where the weekend went to hell.....

Our fancy $500 shower door!!!!! Looks pretty, but it DOESN'T FIT!!!! I special ordered it over 3 months ago, so there is not returning it. Also, we are out of time. It needed to be DONE today. CRAP. If you look at the photo, on the right side, the door is hitting the shower. We have adjusted it as much as we can. (after many attempts, injuries, and cuss words.) There is still a silver piece not even on yet. NOT GOING TO FIT!!!! Now we have to go get the 80 pound $500 piece of glass cut somewhere. We also haven't gotten good news about refinancing. They want MORE work done!!!! ALL THE TRIM in the house, lots of things fixed in the hall bathroom, and many other things. Things that take alot of time and money. All I can say is, "We'll see what happens." I am just trying not to freak out. :) All part of rehabbing a house I suppose. I don't want to move for a LONG time.

Okay there is one more good thing that came from this weekend.... we finally have the toilet in the room it belongs. lol Its been in the living room, my office, the dining room, the guest bedroom, and even the hall bathroom. We actually bought it for the hall bath, but it didn't fit.


*Fuchsia Anyone?*

My husband says to me, "What is it with you and Fuchsia lately?"

My answer is, "I don't know."

Why do any of us fall in love with any certain color? The more I see HOT PINK and FUCHSIA I really want to use them. I will have bright pink, hot pink, or fuchsia colors in my bedroom and bathroom. I will just make sure its in small doses so that my husband doesn't have a heartattack. ;) lol

Here is a pretty top from Forever 21 (link)

Disco Dot Fabric from Tonic Living (link)

I have always loved this room. Its just saved on my computer, don't know where its from. My husband begged me NOT to paint our bedroom pink. Since he gives me such "design freedom" everywhere else, I agreed NOT to. :)

I would love to do a little girls room or teen girls room in pinks and reds. *fingers crossed*