Fashion Inspiration April 2011
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MOSAIC -April 2011

Monthly Mosaic April 2011

My Life Recap / April 2011
*Moved out of my apartment
*Joined Mary Kay
*Drove across the country to be with Cody / Read{HERE}&{HERE}
*Spent a beautiful afternoon in Solvang CA with Cody


Weekend 2 - Solvang California

Cody and I visited Solvang California on Saturday April 23rd. Solvang is a small Danish town with cute shops, dining, bakeries, windmills and beautiful scenery. It was a gorgeous California day and Cody and I enjoyed exploring Solvang. We plan to visit again.

Solvang CA Collage 3
Solvang CA Collage 1
Solvang CA Collage 2

Skull Dress for Muffins

Muffins got a new dress! Now she just needs groomed.

muffins new dress april 20 2011


FLICKR FAVORITES - Gina's Collections

Flickr User: gina678

Gina is one of my Flickr contacts. I wanted to share some of her photos with you! She has some really great collections. She collects vintage owls, Barbies, vintage dolls, cupcakes and her home is adorable! Here are some of my favorite photos from her photostream...

cupcake collection 1
ginas home 1
ginas home 2

Thanks Gina for letting me share your photos on my blog!


Inspiration: Park Avenue Apartment

I love this modern apartment that was featured on Fresh Home. I love the black and white wallpaper and all the white furniture. Of course if this was my apartment I would add more pops of bright colors.


The Adjustment Bureau


I went to see The Adjustment Bureau a few weeks ago with a friend. I love Matt Damon movies. This movie was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat. A added bonus is that it is a love story. I probably enjoyed it more because of that! It made me think of Cody. I highly recommend it. I also love Emily Blunt. I watched her movie Young Victoria not to long ago and really enjoyed it also.


Source: Interior Ideaz
Purple Wallpaper
Source: House Home Garden
purple room
Source: Decorati Access
Purple Ceiling
Source: Design Hole
Purple Sofa
Source: Purple Sheets
Purple Bedroom


Traveling to California - Day 2 and 3

I made it! After a total of 37 hours of driving I made it to Cody! Day 2 I started in Oklahoma City and drove to Flagstaff Arizona. (862 miles) I must say its a beautiful BEAUTIFUL drive. I loved every moment of it. The speed limit is 75mph for most of the drive! It was great. I basically used my cruise control the whole day.
Travel to California Day 2

Muffins pretty much slept again for 13 hours straight. lol I guess the car makes her sleepy. New Mexico was very pretty and I really loved Arizona. I could definitely see myself living in Arizona someday.

Day 3 was even more beautiful. (626 miles) The best part was past Flagstaff Arizona and right before the California border. The mountains and the scenery was breathtaking. I really got a good sense of independence and appreciation for life during this trip. There is so much beauty out there just waiting to be discovered! You just gotta go out there and find it!
Travel to California Day 3

Everything went well with Day 3 till I got on Highway 15. Then all hell broke loose. It was just normal driving in till I looked up in my rear view mirror and saw all these cars flying towards me! (Remember I am driving my Mustang and I don't drive like a grandma!) Traffic and people changed. Then as I got closer and closer to LA and all the other cities and attractions it was bumper to bumper. I was so stressed out. After spending days on the open road and basically being all by myself on the highway, then going into heavy TRAFFIC was a huge change. I did make it to Cody by 2:30pm on Saturday though! It was great being able to finally be done with my journey and be with him again. He was able to spend the night with me Saturday evening. I finally got some real sleep. Today we just were lazy and enjoyed doing nothing.
Travel to California Day 4

Tomorrow I move to my new place. Cody and I can't wait till next weekend when we get to spend more time together. I will see him a few times through out the week, but I want him to focus on his school work not me. The weekends will be for us. :)


Traveling to California - Day 1

First let me say how tired I am right now. I should be sleeping, not blogging. I really wanted to share my day though! As you may have figured out from the title of the post, I have left for California!!! I actually found a place that I could afford to rent. It just fell into my lap. I found out on Tuesday and decided to leave this morning at 5:00am. I drove over 13 hours today and almost 900 miles. I drove through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and ended in Oklahoma City.

Travel to California Day 1/ April 14 2011

My Yorkie Muffins slept the whole way! I had to force her to take pee breaks. She loves riding in the car. She is such a great dog. I really enjoyed the drive. It was a nice day. The only bad part was a thunderstorm I hit in Oklahoma! I actually saw a funnel cloud and it scared the crap out of me. I was glad to see that the funnel cloud went back up into the sky and not down to the ground!!!! I am running on 3 hours of sleep, caffeine and adrenaline. It is time for me to sleep. I can't wait to see Cody on Saturday!


Dream Home

The Ross Street House by Richard Wittschiebe. Source: Home Design Home


Goodbye Apartment 103

This past weekend I decided to pack everything up and move it to storage. My friend Dan and Corey helped me move. Sadly on Saturday it poured rain when we started loading all the furniture onto the truck. It was supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny, but that didn't happen!
moving april92011

We made the best of it and just dried my furniture off once we put it in the storage unit. My apartment is empty and clean. Now I just have to hope they rent it before May 15th so that I don't have to pay to break my lease. I am so ready to go to California, but Cody may have found me a cheaper place to rent. We are waiting to find out about that. I plan to only stay in Ohio another week. Can't wait to see Cody!!!!

Here is a video of the rain on Saturday!


32 Days

This probably has been the longest 32 days of my life. It feels more like 62 days since I have seen Cody. There has been a lot of progress since then though. Today I am renting a storage unit and starting to move boxes into it all by myself. (It is going to be a hell of a workout!) I officially have a California address. My apartment is sitting empty in CA waiting for me to move in. Woo-Hoo!!!! I plan to move my stuff out this weekend in hope that it will help rent my current apartment. If my leasing manager rents my apartment I won't owe money to break my lease. That would be awesome! Cody is super excited to have me coming out to see him. He finally starts his schooling for his career next Tuesday. Unfortunately I couldn't get to California before he started, so it means I will probably only see him on the weekends. Anytime that I can get with him is better then no time at all.
california flowers and me
Last night I spent the evening with my friend Robin. She is also a military wife. She really inspires me, because she is so strong. Her husband gets deployed to Iraq and they are apart for months at a time. She helps me to have the strength to just keep going everyday. This whole experience with Cody has made me such a stronger person already and it has only been since January! It has put everything in life into perceptive for me. You realize what is and isn't important anymore. I have let go of so many bad past life experiences and learned to grow from them. Things that hurt me for years don't even matter anymore. What matters is my husband and our future together. My friend Robin sells Mary Kay products and I let her do a facial for me yesterday. It was really fun. Of course, they also were looking to recruit new woman to sell the products. It is not something I had ever considered doing before. Everything about it really seems to be a fit into my life though. Minus the fact that I am not super girly and not sure how I feel about working with a bunch of women. I have always been the girl that has only guy friends. lol That was also the Jessie in high school and growing up. Things are different now. I have learned who to trust and not trust. I worked with great women at IKEA! It is something for me to think about while in California. Cody supports it because he wants to see me get a Pink Cadillac lol I have no idea where my life is going. I would like to pursue design, not makeup.


Bubble Head Pink {Hair}

Every once in awhile I get in the mood to change my hair. I have been a platinum blond for close to 7 years now. I am creeping up to the age 30 and ask myself, "How old is to old to dye my hair bright colors?" I feel mature but not to "old" to stop dying my hair and wear hello kitty shirts. lol I bought this hair dye from Sally's Beauty Supply. There is only one picture, because it basically washed out the next day.
bubble head pink 1
I love the color but hoped not to lose it so quickly. My shampoo just completely took it out! It looked really pretty while it lasted. I am going to try to do it again, but this time use shampoo for colored hair. I will probably put a lot more dye in my hair this time since I know it comes out really easily.


Dose of Jonathan Adler

By the end of this year I will finally be settled into a place to live. Where ever we move will be for at least a few years. I will be able to decorate again. I still do not own any of Jonathan Adlers books! He influences my decorating the most and I plan to make my next home very happy and colorful! Here is some inspiration...
Source: Elle Decor
Jonathan Adler Kitchen
Source:Elle Decor
Outdoor Patio
Source: E+O SupplyJonathan Adler Kitchen
Source: Home Accents Today
Jonathan Adler Accessories
Source: Elle Decor
Elle Decor - Jonathan Adler

Visit his website {HERE}


What the heck have I been doing?

Destroying my apartment.
apartment packing1 march2011

I apologize for the lack of "decorating and design" posts. I am so busy spending my last days in Ohio with family and friends. I have been packing and planning. I hope to be in California Easter weekend or the weekend after. Money is the only thing holding me back at this point. Cody is just waiting for me to get there! I can't wait to drive across the country! I am super excited about it. (minus the gas prices! ouch.) I hope April is a great month for me. The motivation to be with my husband keeps me going. Love is Great.