MOSAIC - October 2010

Monthly Mosaic 10x10 october 2010

My Life Recap / October 2010
*Got settled into our new apartment
*Our friends Julie & Jared go married
*We got hooked on the TV show Paranormal State
*I started my Alice painting
*Got my haircut
*Went to my parents Halloween Party as Minnie Mouse
*Have our house under contract to the 6th buyer
*We watched a lot of TV, relaxed and enjoyed NOT being in our house


Paranormal State

Have you seen the television show Paranormal State? Cody & I do not have cable, we have Netflix. This month we have watched 4 seasons of Paranormal State. At first I thought the show was a bit cheesy. Then we got really sucked into it!



You may not believe in ghosts, and if you don't you probably won't like the show. I think its fascinating some of the things they capture. There are a few episodes that really "shake me" and I would prefer never to watch again. There really is some scary stuff they find in peoples homes. You can watch full episodes on A&E's website! {HERE}



I love vintage Pyrex. I love all the bright colors and patterns!

Pyrex Collage

Image Sources:
1. Dot Bowls {Craven Maven}
2. Bowl w/Daisy Lid {Kaboodle}
3. Collection {Country Home}
4. Orange & Rooster Bowls {Etsy}

If you want to see learn more about collecting Pyrex and all the different styles check out Pyrex Love.

When you spend a total of 7 years of your life working at antique malls and being an antique dealer like me, you see lots of Pyrex. I ended up only with a few pieces. I decided to collect the Daisy Pattern. I love the colors and the flower pattern of course...

orange pyrex bowls 2

orange pyrex bowls 1

I also have a few other small bowls that I snatched up from thrift stores...

orange pyrex bowls 3

I love collecting! I also do not like clutter. The 2 things kinda contradict themselves. I think it is good that I don't like clutter, because if it didn't bother me I think I would become a hoarder!

It is really exciting to go to a thrift shop and find vintage Pyrex. I really hope that where I end up moving to next year has some cool thrift stores and antique shops!


4 Movies

Picnik collage

1. Dan in Real Life - I loved this movie. It was funny and just a very sweet love story. 5 stars

2. Iron Man 2 - Yes, I know it came out forever ago! I loved the first Iron Man. The second movie was fun to watch, but not as good. 4 stars

3. The Burbs - An old school Tom Hanks movie. I really enjoy watching this movie. I hadn't seen it all the way through till I watch it recently. 4 stars

4. Year of the Dog - This movie was way better then I ever thought it would be. I recommend it for animal lovers. If you have pets and love animals I think you will "get it" more. Have tissues ready if you watch this movie! 5 stars


House Update, A Haircut & Other Randomness

After 2 months our bank finally had accepted the offer we had gotten at the end of August. {It was buyer # 5} A week before the bank accepted the offer, the buyer decided suddenly that they wanted to offer less. They went to the states auditors page and saw what we purchased the house for. They thought they were now getting ripped off after viewing the amount! Expect when we bought the house it was in a condition where it was close to being condemned!!! When we bought the home we financed an extra 30,000 plus dollars on top of the price the buyer saw on the auditors page!!! The buyer doesn't see that on there!!! Plus, we were selling it to the buyer for about $30,000 less then we owed on the home. Gee, who is getting ripped off here????
{Cody & I!! All that work for nothing!}


Above is a photo of myself ripping out the walls in our master bedroom. Notice that the ceiling is hanging into the room, which is where it rained into the house. This photo was taken by Cody standing in the garage. We busted through the bedroom wall so that we could just shovel the whole room out. {See more HERE} That is why we paid what we paid!!! Selling a home right now is horrible. Our house may not be "finished" or perfect, but Cody & I deserved to make profit on it. It is worth way more then what we are selling it for. It is really sad. It makes you so angry when people tear it apart and say THEY are paying to much for it. Anyways, we ended up not agreeing to letting buyer #5 offer less. We just let the contract go and moved on. We had a new offer within a week.

Now we are on to buyer #6. We have a closing date set for November 23rd. *fingers crossed* yet again! As long as this buyers financing doesn't fall through it will be a done deal. FINALLY. I know it is not over till it is over. Nothing surprises me anymore! lol

I am really loving my new apartment. I feel very comfortable here and it is really quiet. Even though we went with a much higher rent then we wanted, I believe it was the right choice. We are counting down the days when Cody leaves for his basic training. We are excited to start our new journey in life. I know I am going to have a hard time being apart from him for 8 months. In the long run though it will be worth it. There are only 5 places that we will end up living:

North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Louisiana or Guam!

Needless to say, none of these places were places we hoped to get. I hate cold weather and ended up with 3 colder states. Guam is an island that is very very far away from OHIO. For that reason, I do not want to move there. Louisiana is my first {hopefully} choice. At least it is warm! :) It is all up to fate. I will make the best of whatever we are given.

I have decided to make my blog a bit more personal. It has slowly gone in that direction and I know with the way life is going for me it will continue to be that way. Moving away from my home state of 28 years and becoming a Military Wife, My Mod Style isn't just about decorating anymore. It is also a place for me to preserve important memories and events in my life. My Mod Style is a design outlet for me and also just a cool way to keep track of my ever changing journey. Feel free to tag along with me or just enjoy the pictures of pretty rooms I post. :)

Okay, one more thing while I am going on and on. I talked about getting my haircut last week. I ended up getting bangs cut. I really hadn't had bangs since probably the 4th grade.

Haircut - October 2010

I plan to just let my layers grow out and keeping it more one length. I do like the cute little bangs. The girl that does my hair is amazing. I can always trust her with my hair. Half the time I just let her do what she wants. It is nice to find a good hair dresser!

As always, thanks for stopping by!



BLOG LOVE - Belle Maison

One of my daily reads is Belle Maison / Written by Julie

Picture 1

She always has great eyecandy on her blog! She also has an online store where she sells beautiful home decor! Visit her store Modern Chic Home!

Here is a few images featured on her blog that I love...





Halloween Past

My parents throw a Halloween Party every year. I thought it would be cute to make a collage of Cody & I's past Halloween costumes.

5x7 Halloween past with border for blog


Cop & Prisoner - 2003
Peter Pan & Tinker Bell - 2005
The Mad Hatter & Alice - 2006
Harry Potter & My Muggle - 2007
Cheshire Cat - 2008
{Cody didn't dress up, but the dogs did! Muffins was an Angel and Chloe a little devil}

In 2009 {last year} we didn't dress up. We just couldn't decide on costumes and most of them are so expensive! I wore a Hello Kitty headband, that was my costume...

Cody & Me - Halloween 2009

We are dressing up this year. I was able to find a cheap costume for both of us! I will keep it secret till Halloween though!!! Looking at the past photos of us really made me want to dress up. It only comes once a year and its a great way to remember it. This very well maybe the last Halloween party with my family and friends for a long time since we are moving away. I want to make sure I take lots of photos this year and have a great time. :) Do you go to any parties for Halloween??



I love this image and just wanted to share it with you...


Source: Belle Maison


Apartment 103 - The Bedroom {sneak peek}

Here is a photo of my bedroom in the apartment...
apartment103 bedroom 1

I really would like to paint! I just hate the thought of worrying about painting the walls back. I will be moving across the country, maybe even out of the country! I will have enough do next year! We'll see....


It's time for a Haircut

I am getting bored with my hair. I would like something different, but I am also scared of change. I love my platinum blond hair and will NOT change that. I think adding some red or pink to it would be fun though. I haven't had bangs in many many years. I am scared I will look weird. My hair is currently grown below my shoulders. Here are 5 haircuts & coloring that I like...


I am really leaning towards the first haircut. I like the bangs and the simple look of it. BUT, will I look silly with bangs??? The second cut is really cool. It may look best on dark hair like the girl in the picture. Which cut is your favorite??

Here I am a month or so ago. My hair is a little longer now.
me air force museum


I saw this Alice in Wonderland book a few months back while shopping at Barnes & Nobles. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I love seeing all the different versions of Alice in Wonderland. The artwork that people come up with fascinates me! I hope to own this book someday. :)


I saw this last night at Books A Million. I found it a bit scary! lol Very cool though. I just don't know if I would buy it for my little girl.


The vintage Golden Books have my favorite artwork...


This pop-up book is really neat...

Alice in Wonderland 2

I have a few Alice in Wonderland books. They are packed away in storage. I may bring them to the apartment though, since Alice is in my decor. :) I never shared a photo of one of my purchases from Disney! I got a very cool Alice purse. I love it dearly...

My Alice Purse from Disney

{Click on the images to find sources}


New Desk from IKEA

My new MICKE Desk from IKEA.

apartment103 desk

I need to get a chair. I am not liking the whole orange & black color scheme. It is all I have right now and it works. I will get a new office chair later.


Design Board - Amanda's Living Room

Amanda recently purchased a great retro home from the 1960's. She contacted me for some design ideas. She told me that she liked turquoise and orange. I love that color scheme and felt it fit her home really well.

Design Board #1
Design Board - Amandas Living Room


SOLMYRA Dots Picture
Orange & White Fabric
Orange & White Pillows on Sofa
Orange Clock
Shag Rug
Genie Glass Orange Lamp
Glass End Table
Sputnik Light
Aqua Dots Doormat
Image source for BLENKO GLASS VASES {HERE}
No links for the orange egg chair or vintage wallpaper

Detailed Entryway:
amandas entryway1

Detailed Living Room:
amandas living room detail1

I think it would be neat to have a wall of bookcases in Amanda's living room. She could find some vintage wallpaper or fabric to place in the back of them! I would also suggest painting the fireplace a bright white so that it would stand out more.

Design board #2
design board turq orange 2

White Mirror
Orange Table Lamp
White End Table
White Sofa
Wall Color - Cloudless
Mod Dot Rug
Tripod Table Lamp
Rex Ray Prints

I hope these pictures below also inspire Amanda! I featured this photo on the design board! I love the star burst style mirrors on the wall! They really create a great focal point...

This turquoise and orange themed kitchen is amazing!
Image source: Berd House Gallery

I think a collection of starburst mirrors {new and vintage} would make a cool focal point on a wall! Also, a silver floor lamp like the one pictured below gives any room a "retro" vibe...

Image source: Thirteen & South

I love this white room with its beautiful white egg chair. This room is a good example of vintage and new decor used together.

Image source: Three Men & A Lady

Here is a great image of a room decorated in retro decor...


Happy Decorating Amanda!


Painting Alice

I finally decided on something to paint on the canvas that hangs over my couch. I found this image of Alice in Wonderland and thought it would be fun to attempt to paint it myself. I will change the colors a bit so that it matches the apartment better.

alice in wonderland wallpaper3_0(intro)

I just started late last night. I used a projector to put most of the image on the canvas. I will go back and free hand all the small details. I spent about $13 on acrylic paints from Hobby Lobby.

Painting Alice 1

I wanted to prime the canvas, but realized I didn't have any primer. It just means more coats of paint! Oh well. Hopefully I stick with it, this is going to be very time consuming. I just think the finished product will be wonderful. I smile every time I see Alice and it reminds me of Disney World. Did I mention we are going again in December?? We can't wait!!


Alice in Wonderland Image source {HERE}


4 Movies

Picnik collage2

1. Youth in Revolt - I love Michael Cera. Very cute and funny movie. 4 stars

2. Adventureland - Funny movie with a cute love story. 4 stars

3. Superbad - This movie was pretty funny also, but I was annoyed with the main characters acting. 3.5 stars

4. Astro Boy - I really enjoyed this movie. My husband was watching it, not me. It actually caught my attention and sucked me in. 4 stars


New Bookcase Arrangement

When I posted pictures of the apartment the other day I had mentioned that I was not happy with the arrangement of my dining room bookcase. I spent sometime the other day digging out different photos & items. Here is what I came up with...

apartment103 dining room1 arrangement2

apartment103 dining room arrangement banda

The old arrangement wasn't horrible, I just wasn't happy with it. I felt it was to busy. I think now everything goes better together.

apartment103 dining room 2 arrangement2

Here is the shelf that you can't really see...

apartment103 dining room 3 arrangement2

Do you think I should paint the bookcase? I like it better white now that I changed the arrangement. I really am seeing pink walls in the apartment!!! I want to live here a month or so before I decide. I just hate the thought of having to paint it back. :(

apartment103 dining room 4 arrangement2

I now have a bowl of Hello Kitties on my table. lol I had to put them somewhere!!


ADORE {online magazine}

Have you seen Adore yet?

Picture 1

What great eyecandy! Adore is a new online magazine based out of Australia. I was drooling over every page. Look at this gorgeous kitchen...

Picture 2

Here is a few more of my favorite photos in the magazine...

Picture 3Picture 4

I had actually considered painting the chevron pattern on my bedroom walls. The image above is the only image I found online where someone else had done it. I know it would be a lot of work, so I am undecided. Make sure you check out the issue {HERE} and the link to their website is {HERE}. You can subscribe to their magazine by visiting their website!
Enjoy :)

{Image source: Adore Magazine / Kitchen belongs to Louise Bell / Other Images belong to Caitlin Wilson}