Bedroom - Image source unknown

Wallpaper / Bathroom - Image source unknown
Black and White Wallpaper

Bathroom - Image source unknown

Bedroom - Image source unknown


MOSAIC - February 2010

February 2010 Mosaic

My Life recap / February 2010
* Lots of snow fall in Ohio
* Got new stuff for my bedroom - IKEA Mirror & Orchid
* Cody {my husband} finished our bathroom remodel
* Started my new blog - My Mod Baby
* Worked on decorating my guest bedroom again
* Still reading New Moon
* Bought the 6th Harry Potter movie
* Watched the movie "Zombie Land" and loved it
* My husband & I have decided to sell our home
* I met with the Air Force Recruiter

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Zombie Land

I took this picture of the movie Zombie Land while my husband & I were watching it. lol I loved the movie. Very funny.

Zombie land - Feb 2010

Peggy's My Little Ponies

I love these images Peggy from Creative Influences took of her My Little Ponies....

Peggy's My Little Ponies

Peggy's My Little Ponies

Peggy's My Little Ponies

Please visit her Flickr account {HERE}
Her blog {HERE}


Bathroom Progress

Toilet & Floor
Hall Bathroom - Feb 2010

You can view all our bathroom remodel photos by visiting my Flickr account!
If you want to view all my posts about our bathroom remodel click {HERE}

Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21 - Dress Love

All items from Forever 21 - Feb 2010
Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21


Why I Love My Cats

I know not everyone loves cats like I do. If you hate cats and you view the pictures below you will think, " Wow, those are some lazy cats. I don't like them." When I look at these pictures they make me smile.....
Lazy Couch Day - Feb 10'

Cats are loving animals if they are handled and loved when they are kittens. They are loyal pets who will love you no matter what kind of bad day you had at work or if you haven't cleaned your house in a week.
Lazy Couch Day - Feb 10'
Lazy Couch Day - Feb 10'
Lazy Couch Day - Feb 10'

And yes, Cats are lazy! lol ;)

PB Teen Pillows

I love PB Teen! I think a lot of their decor is great for nurseries, kids' rooms and grown up rooms! lol I love all these pillows....

PB Teen Pillows / Feb 2010

I don't need them for my home but thought someone else might be interested in them! Go to PB Teen {HERE}

My New Baby Blog

My New Blog - Feb 2010
I have been wanting to start a baby blog for months now. I have started to want a baby off and on for the past few years now. I am approaching 30 years old and I have always wanted one around this time. Current life events hold me back from having one and I plan to go to college in the next few years also. {Its a long story for another post another day}

With that said, I didn't want people who follow My Mod Style to be bored with "baby talk", so I thought it would be better to have a different place for baby stuff. That way YOU the reader can decide if you care about me rambling on about how cute this is and what colors I want in my nursery. etc etc etc...

My baby blog still needs a lot of work. Currently it is just mainly featuring nurseries that inspire me and design boards I have made. You can check it out here : My Mod Baby

{I am open to suggestions & ideas about things to post on the baby blog!}




Aja's Craft Room

Flickr Friend : Check out Aja's Craft Room. She has great style & knows how to organize!! See more photos by visiting her Flickr account! {HERE}

Aja's Craft Room


Mirror & Orchid from IKEA

Finally got my IKEA mirror I wanted for my bedroom!

IKEA MIRROR - Feb 2010

I also bought my first Orchid.

My first Orchid - Feb 2010

Bathroom Progress

1.) Drywall

Drywall in bathroom - Jan 2010

2.) Drywall Mud & Sanding

Drywall Sanding - Feb 2010

3.) Painted Semi-Gloss White

Painted - Feb 2010

My husband painted the bathroom all by himself!!! {He hates painting} I am so proud of all his hard work! He will start the floor tomorrow. :)


Andy Warhol

I love this room! Image found {HERE} Bijou Kaleidoscope



Although it is pretty, it is one of the reasons I hate winter....

Snow - Feb 2010

Snow - Feb 2010

Snow - Feb 2010

Snow - Feb 2010



Image found {HERE} From the Right Bank
Red Wallpaper

Image found {HERE} Digs Digs
Apartment - from digs digs .com

Bathroom - Image source unknown
Red & White Bathroom

Wallpaper - Image found {HERE} My Deco Blog
Red Flower Wallpaper


Looking for a Dress!

I am looking for a dress to wear to have my pictures taken in by Monkey Bean Photos. My husband & I will have photos taken together for our wedding anniversary. I want something really cute and fits my personality.....

Dress Love - Feb 2010

Do like any of them? Do you think they are ugly or cute? You can be honest. lol I am open to any suggestions!

*Designer Inspiration*

Millie from Passion Decor stopped by my blog the other day! I went and checked out her pretty blog and found a post of hers that I loved! {HERE} It was about designer Erinn Valencich. Her interior design work really inspires me. I believe my next home will be OLD and more colonial style, giving me more of a chance to explore my own decorating style. Here is some photos of Erinn's work....

Erinn Valencich Living Room

Erinn Valencich Interior

Erinn Valencich Dining Room

Erinn Valencich Green Bedroom

Erin Valencich Green Bedroom

Erinn Valencich Bedroom

Please visit Erinn Valencich website {HERE} for more lovely images and information about her!

CB2 Bathroom

There is a lot of stuff in this room I would love for my bathroom....

CB2 - Bathroom


MOSAIC - January 2010

I thought it would be fun to make one of these every month! I used the website Big Huge Labs to design the mosaic part. Then I used PhotoShop to add the border and lettering. Making one of these monthly will help me remember my year better! lol :)

January 2010 Mosaic

My Life recap / January 2010
* Started Bathroom Remodel
* Cashier of the month at work
* Bought new bedding for bedroom
* Cody {my husband} considering joining the Air Force
* Finally got my IKEA cabinet for my Dining Room
* Baked M&M cookies
* Started reading New Moon again
* Bad Sinus Headaches
* Found a new band to listen 2 - Band of Skulls

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I found a new blog I love.....

Deco Fabulous

Vanity & Mirrors from Deco Fabulous