*Nursery Design Boards*

No, I am not having a baby! My husband and I are talking about it. We have to get some more work done on our house before we have a baby. I have just been playing with my Photo Shop making design boards. I really want a baby girl.

I have started to collect Alice in Wonderland items. I thought using them as my inspiration to decorate a nursery would be fun. I would love to paint some murals of Alice on the walls! I would love to collect some vintage teapots, cups, and saucers to decorate with also. I have tons of ideas, but no baby. lol Designing and Dreaming is still so much fun!!!


*April 09* (working outside finally!)

Yeah for sunshine!!!!! I have been able to work outside alot this month. It's been a great feeling. I have been happier this month due to the nicer weather. We have had a few cold days here in OHIO. One day it was 70 degrees, then the next 30 degrees!

I think I have visited all my local landscaping stores like 10 times already! I have my whole landscaping design planned out. Last month when I wrote I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

The fun has started in the yard! I have planted all around our pool in the backyard. I actually wanted to do that last year, but the weeds got over grown and I lost motivation.

Everything I planted is "little" right now. I am sure by the end of summer it will all grow much larger. :) My husband and I decided on red mulch. I am very happy with it. (By the way, lifting 10 bags of mulch hurts the next day. lol)

I also worked on my "white gravel" flowerbed. Here is what it looked like last summer.

Here is what it looks like now. I am going to sit flowerpots in the flowerbed.

I love purple flowers!

My husband and his dad have been working on cutting trees down in our yard.

I was a bit nervous watching this happen, since the tree was close to the house.

I hated to see this tree go, but it was dead and ugly. We will replant a new tree in the same spot. :)

My husband and I did some landscaping in front of our garage. We first had to clean out the white gravel, dig extra dirt out, and move the plants that were in the flower bed.

We worked from 8:00am ~ 8:00pm on the front yard. We did stop for lunch though. We made a trip to Home Depot to buy 12 bags of red mulch and this cute pom-pom tree.

Here is everything replanted in a nice straight line.

Here is a shot with everything planted and red mulch!

We live in one of those neighborhoods where everyone's yard looks perfect,...except ours. lol We are trying to pick up the pace and have a great looking yard this year finally! Oh, and lets not forget, freshly painted trim! I have lots of painting to do. I am trying to pick out some house numbers also. We are having trouble deciding. These are my favorite...

They are priced at $18.00 each from Chiasso.com! I am scared on the white siding they will blend in to much. I love them so much though!!! We could always make a painted plaque for them, so they would stand out. Anyways, back to tree work...

Again, cute little muffins watching from the window. :) The tree in front of the fireplace is now gone.

Luckly we still have a house. My husband proved me wrong, I was so nervous about not hiring someone to do it. They did a good job though. Now the real landscaping will start soon.

Thanks for stopping by.