Will over at Bright Bazaar posted a tour of Jonathan Lo's home. I fell in love with his vase collection!
Jonathan Lo Vase collection

I would pretty much love to have all the items in the image above. I am now on a mission to seek out a blue vintage vase. Look at this amazing collection of vases! It is like looking at a glass rainbow!
Source: Inspire Bohemia

Source: Retrolution

Like I need to collect anything else! HA! Hey, I only want a few....


MOSAIC - January 2011

Mosaic Jan 2011

My Life Recap / January 2011
*Cody went to basic training for the Air Force
*Built my Billy Bookcase
*Starting giving up Caffeine
*Starting doing Winsor Pilates
*It snowed a lot here in OHIO
*Purchased our photos we had taken at Disney


Design Boards - Meredith's Nursery

Alice emailed me to help her come up with some ideas for her little girls nursery. She wanted a modern nursery with clean lines but still have a feminine touch. Here are my design boards and ideas...
meredith nursery furniture board{LINKS}
1 2 3 4

I selected white modern furniture. I also picked the 3 Drawer Chest from IKEA to be used as a changing table. The inspiration piece is a photo that is special to Alice and her husband. They really would like to hang it in the nursery. I pulled the color scheme from the photo. I love black nurseries and thought it would pretty with all the items I picked out. Here is Design Plan 1 :
Merediths nursery design plan 1{LINKS}
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Design Plan 2 :
Merediths nursery design plan 2{LINKS}
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

This plan has more pops of color! I love the rug and it really inspired the whole color scheme. The great thing about the bedding is it is also available in other colors if Alice didn't want to do red. Bright red bedding in a white modern crib would be very pretty though! Here are some storage pieces I love for Meredith's nursery...
meredith nursery extra stuff{LINKS}
1 2 3 4 5

Number 2 is the TROFAST system sold at IKEA. The frame also comes in white! I think this piece is nice to tuck away in a corner or on a wasted wall. Great for toys or whatever else you want to use the bins for. Picture ledges are a great simple way to display books and small knick knacks. When gathering my ideas for Meredith's nursery I was really inspired by this nursery.

Image source: Oh Dee Doh / Nursery belongs to Maeve Rosalind

Now does it make sense why I love black walls for Meredith's nursery!? I have painted rooms black and I think its a myth that it "shrinks" the room. It gives a room instant interest and makes everything POP in the room! Whatever Alice and her husband decide I wish them luck and most of all FUN while decorating for their sweet bundle of joy!



fashion inspiration jan 2011 2

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Not counting stress from work, I am doing GREAT! I talked to Cody a few days ago. He called me early on Saturday morning. Talking to him fixes everything. I am so thankful that they let the guys call home! He is enjoying it and doing well. I have started mailing him everyday, instead of every few days. That way he gets mail more often. I am on Letter 19 right now. It is nice writing him everyday to let him know what I am doing and how I am. I'm sure he never gets sick of hearing how much I love him and miss him! :)


This week the snow came back. We had one day where it rained and cleared all of it away, then it happened all over again. This storm was worse because it involved ICE also. I did shop some more this week. I find shopping very therapeutic! Which is scary, because it can get expensive! I have only been hitting clearance racks and keeping a tight budget when I go! I bought an awesome Alice in Wonderland wallet from Hot Topic! Chloe got a new bone that she loves very much! I discovered Bengal Spice tea! Since I am giving up Caffeine I needed something Decaff to drink! It is really yummy. I ordered our Disney Photo Pass pictures this week. I plan to go get a few blown up today. I also got my haircut. It rests just at my shoulders. It is easier to take care of when its a little shorter. Overall good week. If Cody was NOT calling me this would be a lot harder. Hearing his voice and knowing he is doing great keeps me going! I just can't wait to see him in 5 weeks!

Link to my cute Minnie & Mickey T-Shirt from Old Navy!
Listening 2: Phoenix



I have not shopped at an H&M Store, but really want to check one out! I enjoy their website because you can create outfits on models and it breaks down the price of each item. I think it is a fun little tool they offer and I wanted to share it with you! Here is a cute outfit I put together...
h&m fashion studio

I love the animal print skirt and may have to make a trip to the store to try it on! Of course, I do not have the longs legs that the model above has! LOL Hopefully the copyright police do not get me for posting the photo above! I just wanted to let people know about the cool tool they have on their site called FASHION STUDIO! I am horrible at putting outfits together, so this is really great for me.


Dream Home

La Zagaleta House by Peter Thomas de Cruz. Every once in awhile I come across a home that makes me drool! This has to be hands down one of my favorite contemporary homes I have ever seen and I had to share it with you....


Please visit Contemporist for my beautiful photos and learn about the British architect Peter Thomas de Cruz.


4 Movies

4 Movies

1. Hot Tub Time Machine - It had its funny moments, but it is a total guy movie. Seeing it once was enough for me. 2.5 stars

2. Sunshine Cleaning - Cute movie about two sisters who start their own business cleaning up crime scenes. It was cute. 3.5 stars

3. The Departed - I really enjoyed this movie, it has a great cast. The story starts out slow but it gets really good. I loved Leonardo Dicaprio in it and I don't really like him. It is a crime movie about good and bad cops. 4 stars

4. The Money Pit - Very funny movie. I love all of Tom Hanks old movies. It was the first movie I watched without Cody. I really reminded me of our old house. LOL 4 stars



a new digital camera....
canon camera

Possible Photo Collage Wall

A few months ago I posted about my Living Room Wall. I had all these ideas and all this stuff I wanted to buy! Then I realized I have a lot of pictures frames I hadn't used anywhere in the apartment. I love photo collage walls and came up with this layout...
apartment103 livingroom wall layout1 practice

I can't decide if I like it enough to put the holes in the wall! LOL Keep in mind the photos would be different that are in the frames in the photo above. I love my yellow frames! They are just $1.00 frames spray painted yellow. Here is the photo of the wall with nothing on it, What do you think? I could just buy one poster and hang it and be done! I still like the idea of putting picture ledges on the wall instead of the collage. Then I have to buy more stuff and I am really trying to avoid that!
apartment103 livingroom8


I *Heart* Andy Warhol

I love this image! I really would love to get the Hot Pink Andy Warhol Monroe print for my living room. I have always wanted it!

I also love this Warhol Gun Print!


The Gun Print is only $14.99 and is a regular poster size, which means no custom framing! I think I need to plan a trip to the Andy Warhol Museum!! See my Design Board with the Marilyn Monroe Print {HERE}.

Click on the images to visit their sources.



Week 2 started out fine. Towards the end though I started to get increasingly frustrated that I could not speak to my husband. It is such a weird thing to not even be able to pick up the phone and ask him how his day was. Good news though, he called me on Sunday. It was absolutely wonderful hearing his voice. I was actually in line at TJ Maxx when I got his call. The first thing I said to him was, "How did you know I would be shopping, you caught me!?!" I have been writing him lots of letters and he told me he loves getting them. That made me happy. He is doing really well. He sounds happy and his spirits are up! I can't wait to see him! Especially in his dress blues!
week 2 collage

This week I dyed my hair myself. Cody usually does my roots for me. {No, my platinum blond hair isn't nature. LOL} I also started doing Winsor Pilates and giving up Caffeine. Maybe the giving up Caffeine thing is why I am overly emotional this week? Coffee is free at work and I work a lot of closing shifts then I come back in the morning. Sometimes it is hard to keep going! There are days where I would drink up to 6 cups of coffee and also have tea. I decided I just don't want to do it anymore. I have been a huge coffee drinker since I was in high school! I have given up before, but only for a short time period. This week I also treated myself to some new perfume from Victoria Secret called Beauty Rush. I purchased the Cupquake and Candy scents. I also booked my hotel this week for Cody's graduation! Now I am pricing digital cameras because I may purchase a really nice one before I go!

Listening 2: Beck - Odelay

Decor Love - January 2011

Decor Love Layout CLEAN copy 10x14

Rodin Circle Cabinet
Green Rubber Vase
Damask Pillow
Canary Candle Holder
Cityscape Pillow
The Way You Move Rug
Sphere Table Lamp
Modern Gnomes
Pool Club Chair
The End Bookend



I really wanted to post something today, but wasn't sure what to post. I thought of something I had been meaning to post for months now! Not sure if anyone has noticed that I started putting a logo on most of MY photos. Here is why....

Picture 12

A few months ago I found this picture above on this blog. I wasn't that upset about it, but I decided if people are going to take MY DESIGNS and NOT give me credit for them, I sure as hell am going to at least put MY LOGO on it! Hey, I am thankful that they like my old dining room, but I designed it. IT IS CODY & ME hanging on that wall!!!! LOL

There is also another blog out there that took pages of my posts and just copied and pasted them to their blog. He has a disclaimer on the bottom of the page that tells people that the images and posts are NOT his. So, I guess he thinks by saying that it is okay. Again, link the posts back to my blog if you are going to do that! He steals peoples posts and does not give any information of where he got the content he has stolen. It is very frustrating! He has pictures of my pets and me painting my old house! It is just plain weird. His blog is supposed to be an interior design blog. He just steals content from other interior design bloggers. I lost the link to his blog, but I know I will come across it again. I find my images all the time when I do google searches and it is usually his blog. I left him a comment asking him to remove the posts or at least give me credit. I didn't get a response of course. I know when you put things on the internet it is just a bunch a sharing. Especially design blogs! We are just all sharing inspiration photos and enjoying the "eye candy" of interior design! We should all link back to each other and keep it fun! :)


Dose of Jonathan Adler

Just wanted to share these lovely photos of Jonathan Adlers home. He really inspires me. I hope to get a vase or a stoneware animal from his pottery collection someday.


Shop Jonathan Adler. Source for images: Style at Home


My BILLY Bookcase Decorated

Here is the BILLY Bookcase with all my stuff on it. I am very happy with the way it turned out. I bought a few new things from IKEA to put on the bookcase. I put our Vinylmation figurines on the bookcase! I think they look really cute. I am so glad I bought this limited addition BILLY bookcase! The design of the bookcase is full of quotes about friendship and LOVE. Very fitting for Cody & I.
apartment103 BILLY bookcase1
apartment103 BILLY bookcase3
apartment103 BILLY bookcase2

New IKEA items

SALONG white vase
Pink NYTTJA Picture Frames

{ Word of advise about IKEA products: There are many items that are on the IKEA website that are not even at my store for sale anymore. Always check the online stock or call the store to see if they have the item you want before driving hours to shop at an IKEA. }



Cody has been gone 1 week now! I survived! LOL I have worked a lot this past week and been staying busy. I do write him a letter everyday, it helps a lot. It makes me feel like I am talking to him. I mail a few together and wait a few days to mail the next group of letters. I want him to know that I am okay. I hope that the letters help him to get through his day a little better.

week 1

We got snow again this week. I had to drive in the crap yesterday to go to work. It was nice though, because it kept all the customers away! I got a lot of work done. My Mustang is staying parked for a few days! We are supposed to get more snow this weekend! YUCK! I hate this time of year. I got my BILLY bookcase together and in the apartment this week.

I am proud of myself for doing it without Cody's help. It wasn't hard, but usually he is the one that puts the IKEA furniture together. I am sure he will be glad that he didn't have to build this BILLY bookcase! This week was just a lot of cleaning, organizing some things in the apartment and working. I have been strong so far. I only cried the first night and the next morning. I think I am going to be okay. I just keep him in my thoughts and prayers and know that we will be together soon.

Listening 2: Eclipse Soundtrack