Feb 09' (is it spring yet?)

I hate the winter, and I hate snow even more.

My husband and I haven't done anything around our house all winter. We are just so sick of doing "projects"! I am going to redecorate our guest bedroom. Even though I really like it the way it is. My husband doesn't care much for the butterfly theme. I can't say I blame him. The new theme will be love & guns. Here is my inspiration board ~

.....I know not everyone will like this "theme", but hey, I love the Andy Warhol guns prints. This is a great way for me to get all these random pieces that I love, that I have no other place in the house to put them. My husband will enjoy this much better than butterflies. lol

We have been spending the winter months trying to think up ideas for our hall bathroom also. It is also going to be black and white.

All I know is I can't wait to destroy the ugly green tile walls. Yuck!!! We plan to do white subway tile and black painted walls. As much as I love COLOR, sometimes I think its best to keep some rooms simple. Someday we will finish our basement, so I will have all that to decorate also. (more color) I know I keep promising photos of my master bedroom. It still needs finishing touches, so I am delaying photos as long as possible. lol

I have been working on my photo collage in my office!

Only problem is,....I am out of magazines. :(

I took the closet doors off and put a vintage desk in the space. Instead of painting the closet pink like the rest of the room, I decided to collage it.

Here's Chloe! She is 6 months old now, and her ears are picking up radio stations. lol

Here is the worse thing that happened in this month. My custom framed Monroe print fell off my dresser..... I cried.

On a brighter side though, I finally got an IPOD and I LOVE IT!!!!!

I have already painted the green bedroom white for the new decor!! (guns and love theme)

This month I also went to my favorite antique mall in Indianapolis, Midland Arts and Antiques Market! Which is where I found this....

Which I wanted for the new guns and love bedroom! I was so excited! Its hanging in the kitchen though,.....and I like it in the kitchen, so it may stay there instead. ;)

I have lots of projects planned for March and the spring! So, hopefully I can keep motivated! As always thanks for stopping by my blog!