MOSAIC - June 2010

Monthly Mosaic - June 2010

My Life Recap / June 2010
*Spent most of the month planning our Disney Vacation.
*Showed the house a lot, but no offers.
*Really enjoying my new position at work.
*Trying to decide if we should move or not.
*Had a wonderful Fairy Tale like vacation at Disney World.
*Cody got swore in to the Air Force.

{Hoping for July to be a less stressful month. If only someone would buy our house!}

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~*Disney World*~

Cody and I had a great time at Disney. I took almost 1000 pictures.
I wanted to share some of my favorite photos. The Animal Kingdom : The tree on Oasis Island.  Pictures can not justify how awesome this tree is to see in person. IMG_7310 IMG_7374 IMG_7272IMG_7311 IMG_7385 Hollywood Studios :
This park was beautiful. The style of the buildings and colors. It had a very "Art Deco" feel.
I really enjoyed this park. There was a lot of fun things to do here. The Hollywood Tower Hotel was my favorite ride.IMG_7413 IMG_7433 IMG_7477 IMG_7488IMG_7505IMG_7487IMG_7416IMG_7418>br? Epcot :
This park was my least favorite. It's great if you love food and want to eat different things from different countries.
I rode Mission Space which gave me Motion Sickness. I usually can ride anything. Not that ride.
The park was pretty and I got some nice photos.
IMG_7577 IMG_7574 IMG_7621 IMG_7620IMG_7568IMG_7682 Magic Kingdom:
True Disney. I felt like I was instantly filled with happiness when I entered this park. Even though I enjoyed the rides at Hollywood Studios better, I loved the magic and happiness of Magic Kingdom. Plus I got my picture taken with the White Rabbit!!! That made my day.
IMG_7691 IMG_7700 IMG_7865 IMG_7868 IMG_8151
Our hotel we stayed at was also amazing. I hadn't slept that good in months. We were very sad to come home back to our stressful lives. It was a well worth the money. We can't wait to go back. I could post more and more pictures and go on and on, but I will spare everyone. lol ;)



Cody & I decided to bite the bullet and get the VISA card out. We really wanted to go on vacation together before he went to boot camp. I haven't been to Disney World since I was 4 years old. I have only faded memories of "It's A Small World After All" and "Pirates of The Caribbean"!

It will be nice to have a break from work and the stress of showing our house every other day. We will be gone for 7 days, so my blog will be neglected all next week. We are driving down, so not all that time will be spent at the park. Sadly all the cheaper places to stay at the park were taken. We had to spend more then we wanted too on the vacation. We will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Disney World Picture / Image source {HERE}

Be back next week! :)



emmas design blogg - a guide to stockholm
Emmas design blogg

Emma has great images and information about Scandinavian Design. Here is a few photos from her blog that I enjoy! Click the image to link back to her blog post...





What's Your Style In One Picture Challenge

Ally from "FROM THE RIGHT BANK" is giving her readers a challenge! Pick one picture that you feel shows your decorating style! I love the image below and felt it looked like a room I would design for myself!

I would say my style is : Modern / Bold / Fun / Unique / Colorful

{My style can be a bit Matchy Matchy also and to much IKEA! I hope to change this in the future. lol}

You can join the fun {HERE}
Sadly I do not have the image source for the photo above.

Decor Love - June 2010

Decor Love - June 2010

Nature Pillow {HERE}
Maze Bookcase {HERE}
Petrie Apartment Sofa {HERE}
Zebra Rug {HERE}
Neo Table Lamp {HERE}
Anna Pillow {HERE}
Pix Frames {HERE}
Snail Painting by Peggy Roberts {HERE}
Bird Clock {HERE}
Kitty Ring Holder {HERE}
Mini Cupcake {HERE}
Damsel Wallpaper {HERE}
Decorative Letters {HERE}
Rose Frame {HERE}


4 Movies

4 movies {#3}

1. Population 436 - Every once in awhile I enjoy a scary movie. This movie was about a small town that always had the same population of "436". A census employee went to check out the town and figure out the mystery. It was a lame movie. I hated the ending and wish I hadn't wasted 2 hours of my life watching it. lol  2 Stars

2. The International - I love Clive Owen. :) This was a very high-paced edge of your seat movie.  4 Stars

3. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Stupid. I only watched it because I have a chihuahua.  It had some humor in it.  I think that was what kept me watching the whole thing.  2 Stars

4. Neverwas - A movie based on a fairy tale . It was okay. The story was different and held my interest.  3 Stars


Inspiration: IKEA Lack Shelves & Photo Frame Collages

I love floating LACK shelves from IKEA. I also love the look of picture frame collages on a wall when it is done right. Here is some images I love...

Image sources: Glamour This & Purple Houses

Image source: Alkemie & Lovely Design

Image source : Decor Pad & Maggie Moon
c28248a28e8bPhoto Frame Collage


Design Board - Paris Theme

When I started this design board for Danielle I found all kinds of black, white and pink bedding sets I loved. I found myself NOT wanting to do pink for this design though. I stuck with mainly black & white decor and selected the yellow wall color as the backdrop for the room. I think the wall color gives the room a sophisticated look. Where pink would give it a more childish feel.

Design Board - Paris Theme

Decorative Boxes {HERE}
Paris Poster {HERE}
Black Eiffel Tower Picture Frame {HERE}
Mini Chandelier {HERE}
Dwell Studio Bedding {HERE}
Eiffel Tower Wall Decal {HERE}
Vanna Mirror {HERE}
Glass Accent Table {HERE}
Wall Jewelry Hook {HERE}
Damask Velvet Curtains {HERE}
Swoop Arm Chair {HERE}
Paint / Wall Color {HERE}
Black Urn Vase {HERE}
Mini Tower {HERE}

Hopefully Danielle is inspired by my design! If she didn't want to do yellow, she could easily do about any wall color she wanted if she stuck with black and white accessories.

Happy Decorating!

Twilight Inspired Bathroom

Today I was searching the web for inspiration and stumbled across this cute bathroom by The Mosaic Queen. I have been kinda stressed this week and not feeling very creative. This bathroom cheered me up a bit...


I love how she used the UNG DRILL frames from IKEA to dress up her plain bathroom mirror! What a cute idea! {I might have to steal that one! Spray paint it HOT PINK!!} Please visit her blog to view more photos and read more about her bathroom. {HERE}



Image source {HERE}The Garden Web
Brown Bedroom
Image source {HERE} Decor Pad
Brown Bedroom

Image source {HERE} HGTV.com
Brown Bedroom
Image source {HERE} The Lennoxx Files

Brown Bedroom

Image source {HERE} Hooked on Houses
Brown and white bedroom
Image source {HERE} Flickr user: Decorology

Brown bedroom