Design Boards - My Apartment / Living Room Area

Sooner or later I will move to a new home. That means a new place to decorate! Woo-Hoo!!!! Here is a sneak peek of how I want my new place to look.

My Apartment Design Board #1 / Living Room

I am really wanting a pink & yellow color scheme with orange here and there. {Orange Billy Bookcase} It may look like a lot of craziness but I swear it will be pretty!!! ; ) lol The look of the apartment is mainly based around the couch and the Marilyn Monroe Warhol print! I used to have the Warhol print in orange until it fell off my dresser and broke! : (

the apartment living room 2 area

The second design features the PINK couch! This couch is pink which makes it awesome and it is cheaper then the Lounge couch from the first board. Also, this design features the rug from Chiasso. I love love the yellow & white rug, but my pets would ruin it. I just thought it looked fun on the design board!

I am leaning more towards the "Lounge Sofa" from Crate and Barrel for our living room! {HERE} The lounge sofa is so comfortable and that is what my husband and I want. The lounge sofa also looks more "modern" to me.

Look how deep the lounge sofa is! I am only 4' 9" so this couch is like a bed for me! lol

Picture 1

I do LOVE the Demi Sofa from La-Z-Boy...

Demi Sofa - La-Z-Boy

One thing I have learned about myself is, that I tend to buy only for "looks" and not comfort. Our current couch is so uncomfortable!!! It looks great in our living room, but we hate it. This is why I will probably spend the extra money for the lounge sofa.


Orchid at the Zoo

Photo taken by me at the Zoo. I wanted to share it because it is so pretty and peaceful...

White Orchid at Zoo


Design Board - Girly Bathroom

Tee had emailed for help decorating her apartment. I did her bedroom design board {HERE}. She wanted to use the "Dressed to Thrill" Shower Curtain as her theme in her bathroom. Here is the design board I made for her...

girly bathroom for Tee 2

With it being for an apartment bathroom, Tee is not going to be painting. If she could paint I would probably suggest painting the walls black. Or maybe painting the walls 2 tone pink stripes.


Hat Boxes {HERE}
Bathroom Space Saver Shelf {HERE}
Pin-Up Girl Picture {HERE}
3 Drop Chandelier Frame {HERE}
Shower Curtain {HERE}
Dwell Studio Towels {HERE}
Lilli Bath Collection {HERE}
Pink Towel Set {HERE}
Makeup Pictures {HERE}
Mirrored Vanity Tray {HERE}
Black Wall Shelves {HERE}

*The Roses I found in a image search. I thought some fake roses in a vase on the counter would be pretty!*

4 Movies

4 movies #2

1. Gossip - A story about how a "rumor" gets way out of hand. I was able to sit through this whole movie, but I really didn't like it very much.  2 stars

2. The Education of Charlie Banks - I enjoyed this movie. It felt long and the movie dragged on. It did keep me interested though. My husband hated it. lol  3 stars

3. The Iron Giant - Funny and heartfelt. I always seem to like kids movies. lol  4 stars

4. Wolverine - I love the XMEN movies. I think this one is my favorite.  5 stars



May Mosaic / 2010

My Life Recap / May 2010
*Started a new position at work.
*Still haven't sold our house after having 30 showings! :(
*Cody & I had our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary.
*Cody & I went to the Zoo.
*I saw my X best friend who I miss very much.
*We watched a lot of South Park to help keep us laughing.
*I launched my new website : Love Jess Design

Click {HERE} to see all my "Monthly Mosaics"



I broke down today and bought the orange and white limited edition billy bookcase!


I do not need this billy bookcase, but I will find a use for it somewhere someday. ;)


I love the black and white also. I plan to use orange in the next home/apartment that I decorate for myself.


You can also see the Billy Bookcase in orange on this design board I made for Chrissy! {HERE}



My newest PhotoShop Design {Inspired by a lost friendship in my life that I want to mend}

Fight for what you LOVE - May 2010


Inspiration: Living Rooms

These lovely interior images are from Deco Fabulous!
She always has great eyecandy on her blog! These rooms really inspire me. Deco Fabulous Blog Deco Fabulous Blog Deco Fabulous Blog

Benny & Lexey {my 2 black cats}

I bought the pets new blankets this week. Here is Benny & Lexey enjoying one of them...
Benny & Lexey May 2010

Update: In September of 2010 we gave Lexey & Benny to my sister in-law. They love cats and they are very happy in their new home.


Wallpapered Laundry Room

I love this image....

I would actually enjoy doing laundry in this room! Image source {HERE} Home Designing.com


My Website - Love Jess Design

Love Jess Design Logo

I have spent this week redesigning my website and making it an official ".com"! Please check it out and let me know what you think! I wanted to call it " Love Jess " only, but for some reason the domain name was $1500 to purchase!!!!! I much rather go buy some furniture or something for that price. So, it is Love Jess Design for $10 a year. lol

Love Jess Design


Decor Love - May 2010

Decor Love - May 2010


Green File File {HERE}
Lava Lamp {HERE}
Keep Calm & Carry On Wall Hanging {HERE}
Countdown Clock {HERE}
Retro Dining Set {HERE}
Cascade Barstool {HERE}
Metal Frame {HERE}
That Darn Cat Pillow {HERE}
Charcoal Picnic Grill {HERE}
Solay Slipper Chair {HERE}
Milo Planters {HERE}
Pagoda Table Lamp {HERE}
Deco Pillow {HERE}
Love to Save Piggy Bank {HERE}


My First Blog Redesign - Creative Influences

Peggy is awesome and has been following my blog for a long time! She asked me to help give her blog a new look. This was the first blog I have designed for someone else. It was really fun. The header photo is a picture Peggy had taken. I adjusted the colors to make them bright and bold. The main inspiration for the blog was "Graffiti". I love how it all turned out...

Peggy's Redesigned Blog

Check out Peggy's Blog {HERE} Creative Influences



I decided to feature this WHITE LOFT I found as Todays Color. I love all white interiors! I dream of living in a loft someday. Image source {HERE} Apartment Therapy

                White Loft

                White Loft

                White Loft



Little Lovables {Lisa's Blog}
Picture 10

This month I am featuring the blog "Little Lovables". Lisa is very creative and her blog is adorable. Check it out!


{ 4 Year Wedding Anniversary }

On this day 4 years ago Cody & I were married! Just goes to show that even Dr. Seuss Wedding Vows DO having meaning! We had our pastor read a little story about how it was love at first sight when we met. Then we did Dr. Seuss wedding vows to "surprise" our guests and lighten the mood. {VOWS HERE}

Our Wedding - May 2006

My Wedding - May 2006

My Wedding - May 2006

Our Wedding / May 06

Our Wedding / May 06

My Wedding - May 2006

My Wedding - May 2006

Our Wedding / May 06

Our Wedding / May 06

Our Wedding / May 06

Our Wedding / May 06


Girly Bedroom

I found this crazy looking bedroom on Rifz10 {HERE} I would love a bedroom this SIZE with those tall ceilings and windows!




Design Boards for Lindsay

Lindsay wanted some ideas for decorating her bedroom. She wanted a modern room with items that were nature themed. Her favorite color is green. I found the bedding and the rest of the design was based around it...

{Design Board #1}
Mod Nature Design Board


Birds Damask Comforter Set {HERE}
Melissa Spot Mirror {HERE}
Wicker Rocker {HERE}
Cat Bed {HERE}
Bird Wall Hook {HERE}
A Little Bird Told Me {HERE}
Green Turf Balls {HERE}
White Pigeon Vase {HERE}
Cube Bookends {HERE}
Vanity Stool {HERE}
Coconut Shell Table Lamp {HERE}
Yellow Damask Picture Frame {HERE}
Floral Picture Frame {HERE}
Green Swash Picture Frame {HERE}
Curtains {HERE}
Plant & Pot {HERE}
PAPAJA Plant Pots {HERE}
Rhino Gray {HERE}

I designed a second board based around the other bedding I fell in love with. I would love the bedding for myself, but I don't need it right now! This theme may be a little to girly for Lindsay, but I had fun making it....

{Design Board #2}
Mod Nature Design Board 2


Carolina Parakeet Green {HERE}
Floral Bedding {HERE]
Pink Decorative Balls {HERE}
Bird Prints {HERE} {HERE}
Yellow & White Curtains {HERE}
MOD Green Lamp {HERE}
3 Glass Birdies {HERE}
Orange "Panton" knockoff Chair {HERE}

Happy Decorating Lindsay! :)


4 Movies

I love watching movies but I never talk about them on my blog. I thought I would start sharing some of the movies I watch with you. My husband and I have Netflix so we watch a movie almost every night. Here are the first 4 movies I have decided to share...

4 movies 1

1. Paper Heart - I really enjoyed this movie. It was very cute and funny. I would give it 4 stars

2. The Open Road - I love Justin Timberlake. His acting is actually not bad. I really enjoyed this heartfelt story. 4 stars

3. Uncertainty - Interesting story. Kept me interested, had lots of twists, but it was a very weird movie. 3 stars

4. The Cake Eaters - I wanted to see Kristen Stewart in something besides Twilight. She did a good job in this movie. Again, it was a weird movie. Not sure why its called "The Cake Eaters". 3 stars


What type are you?

Take the quiz to find out! I found the link to this quiz on Eye Q Blog. I thought it was fun to take.

What type are you?

My type is "Pistilli Roman" / I am Emotional, Assertive, Traditional, & Disaplined!

Picture 4

Take quiz {HERE}


Design Boards for Chrissy

Chrissy contacted me for ideas for her apartment. I put together a few design boards to inspire her. Apartment decorating has to be flexible and inexpensive. No one wants to spend a lot on a place they don't plan on living in a long time. The first board is based more on things I know she and her family likes.

Design Board for Chrissy 1

Orange and Yellow are happy colors. I think they are perfect for Chrissy and her family. I picked out lots of wall decals for her living room. I also love painting "color blocks" on walls instead of painting the whole room. It is a great way to add some color to plain white walls!


Family Wall Decal {HERE}
Robot Wall Decals {HERE}
Love Wall Decal {HERE}
Orange Billy Bookcase {HERE}
Owl Bank, Silver Robot, Clock & Yellow Garden Balls {HERE}
Pillows on Sofa {HERE}
Hanging Photo Collage Frame {HERE}
Ribba Frames {HERE}

The second board I designed is supposed to have more of a color scheme that may make you think of the beach. A trendy turquoise and yellow color scheme with seashells and starfish used as decorations. Again, I love the middle picture on the board. I love the color block and stripes painted on the walls!!

Design Board for Chrissy 2

This board is mainly just "inspirational". Photos that I found with fabric hung behind the couch. All things that are great for apartment decorating. I also think its a great idea to just go to a craft store and buy a huge canvas and paint it a bright bold color.


Yellow Tray {HERE}
Yellow Vases {HERE}
Pillows {HERE}
Trellis Fabric {HERE}
IKEA Lack Shelf {HERE}
Keep Calm & Carry on {HERE}

I hope that these boards inspire Chrissy and anyone else who views them!


10 Things {that cheer me up}

It is not always easy to keep a smile on your face. I thought it would be fun to share with you what does help me get through the tuff days....
10 Things - May 2010

{10 Things that Cheer Me Up}

1. Listening to the band BLUR
2. My cat Norman
3. Sunshine & Flowers
4. The color Yellow
5. The thought of having a baby someday
6. Caffeine
7. Listening to the band Coldplay
8. Spongebob Squarepants
9. Working on my blog
10. Driving my Mustang (except mine is a 2002)