Artful Arranging

A few weeks back Lisa from Little Lovables had this great image on her blog...


I love the way these items are arranged in the bookcase. I have lots of bookcases that will be moving with me to the apartment so this photo really inspired me. Check out Lisa's post {HERE} Original image source : DIY IDEAS: Artful Arranging


MOSAIC - July 2010

Monthly Mosaic 10x10 july 2010

My Life Recap / July 2010
*We reached over 60 showing for our house!
*Finally got 2 offers and accepted one.
*Caught up with all my best friends.
*Went to DEP call with my husband for the first time. {Air Force Stuff}
*Found an apartment.
*Fell in love with the color PINK even more.
*Watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and loved it!
*Saw Eclipse. {Can't wait for it to be on DVD}

{ July was FINALLY a better month! Let's hope things just keep getting better! }

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TODAYS COLOR: Pops of Yellow

I am loving pops of yellow right now!
Image source: Interior Design Ideas


                                          Image source: La Dolce Vita Image source unknown
lindsey harper436847e23050c

Image sources unknown

flickr com2449060292_8b8d9bcbaa_o



IKEA 2011 Catalog

I got mine. :)

IKEA / 2011

IKEA has a new Sofa for 2011 called KIVIK . I really like the look of it. I need to sit on it and see if it is as nice as the IKEA Co-workers are saying! lol The cushions are made from memory foam.

Picture 2


Still Searching for the Perfect Apartment

My new favorite apartment. This apartment is way over my budget, but in a great area. After looking at "cheaper" apartments I realized I wasn't going to feel safe living in them. Sadly this apartment will break the bank but we love it. Good thing is we have already been approved to rent it and they are giving me plenty of time to think about it!


I have learned in the past year that I need to trust my gut. The other apartments have felt wrong. Plus this apartment has its own laundry room! I have always had a washer and dryer. I was not ready to give that up. Now we wait to see how the whole "selling our house" thing goes.

To be continued.....


Design Board - Melissa's Bold Apartment

Melissa contacted me seeking help with her apartment. She already has the Red Sofa, Black & White Rug and the TV Stand. I wanted to add a few bold colors that would pop against the red sofa. I love turquoise and red together. Then I thought why not add a little yellow also...

melissasapartment 1


Yellow Coat Rack
Yellow & White Vase
Small White Vase
Turquoise Lamp
Wall Color
Marimekko Wall Hanging
Red Sofa
Black & White Striped Pillows
Yellow Pillows
TV Stand
Turquoise Vases
White Coffee Table
Elephant Fabric
Warhol Print
Red Tray
Chevron Patterned Fabric

Inspiration Photos: Wallpapered Room with red sofa {HERE}, Turquoise Room {source unknown}, Vintage Vases {HERE}

Since Melissa emailed me a few pictures of her living room I was able to come up with some more detailed boards...
Lack Shelf bench image {HERE}

Melissa living room detail1

The Monroe Warhol print or Marimekko Wall hanging would pull the color scheme together.
melissa apartment detail 2

Other links not listed above:
Red Lack Shelf
Patrik Red Chair
Ribba Frames

Happy Decorating Melissa! I hope these design boards inspire you!


Crate & Barrel I love you!

Not only do they have my dream sofa, look at these lamps! Hoopla Table Lamp {HERE}

Picture 13


Decorating Collage - July 2010

Since I hope to be designing my next home soon I put together a collage of things that are inspiring me right now...
8x8 inspiration board

There sure seems to be a lot of pink. If I do decide to paint my apartment I will stick to only painting accent walls and lighter colors. I have so many ideas! Just have to find the right place to move so I can get started. :)


Fashion Inspiration

I am searching for the perfect outfit to wear to have my pictures taken by a friend...

fashion inspiration alice inspired july 2010

Everything is from Forever 21 except the hot pink dress in the middle. That dress is from Pac Sun. I plan to try it on later this week! I love the black romper in the top right hand corner.


I do not have long legs though and my husband thinks that rompers are ugly and dumb! lol I have not tried one on yet. The hot pink dress from Pac Sun is my favorite. :) Pink is good.


Pink Kitchen

SSSHHHHH!  Don't tell my husband.  I am dreaming of painting my next kitchen PINK.  I think I will be able to get away with it, since Cody will be going to Boot camp anyways.  I said to him the other day, "Remember this apartment is going to like MY apartment,.....so I am going to decorate it for me."  He is not stupid.  He knows the translation for that means: LOTS OF PINK.   lol  Here is some inspiration....

Image source {HERE}
pink kitchen

Image source {HERE} 2285690288_506d95c782_b
                   Image source {HERE}                                                 Image source {HERE}

26562_0_8 61NezKrVSeL._AA260_

The dishes above are from Target by Liberty of London. I didn't plan on painting when I moved into an apartment! I have so many decorating ideas that do NOT involve plain white walls!!! We'll see what happens! I got find a place first.


4 Movies

4 movies {#4}

1.  King of California - Funny movie about a girls dad who is convinced there is treasure buried under a shopping center. I really enjoyed this movie.   5 Stars

2.  Punch Drunk Love - Very strange movie. I like it because I like Adam Sandler, but the story is just "out there". 4 Stars

3. The Machinist - Very dark movie. I thought Christian Bale was amazing.  5 Stars

4. New Nightmare - lol. Don't waste your time.   1 Star


Design Board - Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design Board 10x10

Mia silver bowl {HERE}
Pendulum clock {HERE}
Damask Apron & Towels {HERE}
Damask Plates {HERE}
IKEA Stockholm Vase {HERE} & {HERE}
Dacke Cart {HERE}
Warhol Campbells Soup Print {HERE}
Wall Decals Image Source {HERE}
Urban Chairs {HERE}
NORRSTEN Dining Table {HERE}
KRYSSBO Light Fixture {HERE}

Image source unknown
White Kitchen
Image source unknown
Red, Black & White Kitchen
Image source {HERE}
IKEA Kitchen display


* House Update *

We finally got an offer!!!

We have had close to or over 60 showings and 2 successful open houses. Yesterday I showed the house 6 times. It has gotten to the point to where we can't even "live" in our home. We work and show the house. I basically sleep and shower in my house, that is it. Now back in May we had an offer and the girl backed out. So, I am not getting overly excited just in case something bad happens again. We are doing a "short sale", which means our bank has to accept the offer not us. It could take a few months to close. I really hope this is going to be over now. :)

UPDATE : * As of July 18th we signed the offer!! Now we just wait for our bank. Short sales can take anywhere to 2 months to a year! Lets hope we are lucky! *

UPDATE : * As of August 4th, Our "buyer" came to our home a 3rd time and then he backed out. So, back to the drawing board! We are so over this. Going to try to keep our heads up!!



Bright Bazaar {Will's Blog}
Bright Bazaar Header

Go visit Will's blog for great interior design inspiration. His blog is so cheerful and colorful! Here is a few images from his blog that I love...
black chairs

designismine1 (designismine.com)





Image source {HERE} Jessica Claires World
Expedit Shelf
Image source {HERE} Flickr user: Pilgrim_Lee
Image source {HERE} Chez Larsson              Image source {HERE} LMS

Expedit Shelf / Chez Larssonloungeinspirationbar

Image source {HERE} Whorange

I WILL have a white expedit shelf someday! lol ;) Actually, probably more than one. Here is a link to the shelves on IKEA's website. {HERE}

Design Board - Rock n Roll Bedroom for Summer

Summer wanted a room to share with her boyfriend. Something they would both love. A red & white color scheme with black accents and a rock n roll theme...

Design Board - Rock n Roll Bedroom

X-Ray Guitar Art {HERE}
Sex & Drugs Poster {HERE}
Red & White Vase {HERE}
Red Besta Burs Desk {HERE}
Lacoste Bedding {HERE}
Red Mod Table Lamp {HERE}
Mimic White Cube {HERE}
Easy Rider Chair {HERE}
Amp IPOD Dock {HERE}
Electric Bass Print {HERE}
Round Black Mirror {HERE}
Recording Light Box {HERE}
Capuchine Bullet Vase {HERE}
Diego Vase {HERE}
Bedroom Photo {HERE}

* Framing old magazines is a great way to add to the "rock" theme and save money! Framing LP records is also a great decoration. *


Inspiration: Jonathan Adler

Rooms designed by Jonathan Adler and photos taken at his stores...

Adler Liz Lange Domino Mag JonathanAdler7

Jonathan Adler __ Interior Design-2

Ever since Ally did her "What's your style in one photo" post and I picked a room by Jonathan Adler, I realized how much I do love his style. I love the color combinations and patterns he uses in all his designs. If there was one designer I would choose to help me decorate my home it would be him.



Image source {HERE} Twilight Guide

Well I went and saw Eclipse on Monday night with Cody. I really enjoyed it. It was amazing how FAST paced the movie was. Speeding through an 800 page book in 2 hours. I think they stayed true to the book for the most part. I enjoy reading the book better, but love seeing Robert Pattinson on the big screen. {DREAMY} I have to say that I really think Kristen Stewart is a good actress. It makes me sad to hear all the mean comments people say about her. I hope she goes on to do great things after the Twilight movies are over.


Thrift Store Mirror Made Beautiful!

I found this wonderful mirror painted by Kelly from Much To Do With Nothing.
Painted Thrift Store Mirror
I really want to do a lot of "thrift store finds" in my apartment. Spray paint is amazing. :) I love the way she displayed everything around the mirror. Simple and Beautiful...
Painted Thrift Store Mirror
Please check out her blog post about her mirror {HERE} Thanks Kelly for the great inspiration!



Image source {HERE} Apartment Therapy
apartment therapy

Image sources unknown
scan0008 pink bedroom compressedpink-bedroom

Pink BedroomPink & White Bedroom

A lovely room by Jonathan Alder...