Thrifty Finds: Vintage $8 Bookcase

There is a really cool antique store where I live that I love visiting every few weeks. Before we went on vacation I had spotted this bookcase that was priced at only $8! I thought about it all the time and a few weeks passed. I decided I had to have it. Luckily it hadn't sold when I went back and now it's in my bedroom....


Of course Chloe had to check it out right away! I didn't need this bookcase but I wanted to save it.
I think it is so cute. It's handmade and did come with sliding doors if I want to use them in the future.


It could use some love. I may paint it someday or do something else fun to it!
My Keep Calm & Carry On print looks way too high now!


The items in the bookcase where sitting on my dresser before. I like my dresser cleared off better.
So I guess I did need the bookcase??? HA!

Bookcase4 Bookcase5

I love finding inexpensive furniture!
If we buy a house I'm going to go crazy with second hand furniture and vintage pieces.
It will be amazing. :)

What would you do with this piece? Paint it or leave it?
Any other ideas???

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  1. I don't think I would paint it a different colour but just polish the wood. Maybe you could put a pretty wallpaper in the inside? I saw this at love, elycia I think. I really like the pink inside. :) xo

  2. i see you in the piggy!!!!

    hows everything jess!!!

  3. I would paint it!! But only because when I think of you.. I think of pink and limegreen. It's awesome unpainted though! Also for $8?!?! Jealous.

  4. That bookcase is totally amazing! I think it would look super neat if it were painted mint! I'm in love with mint at the moment! :) Great find!!

  5. WOW! Only $8?? It's a pretty bookcase!! Love your decorating too!! Thanks for linking up with Thrifty Thursday!! I am one of the co-hosts!!

  6. Oh my!! I love that book shelf!!

  7. Thanks guys! I did think about wallpapering the inside. I love backdrops in bookcases. I just don't know yet since I hope we are moving in a few months anyways.

  8. Love the shelf and the cute stuff you have on it! What a great find! -Jessica L


  9. I love the legs of the bookcase.

    <3 Melissa

  10. Cute bookcase! The legs are my favorite part!

    Project Lovegood


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