My Teapot

Here is my "teapot" that I picked for Anna and PinkMohair's tea party they are having. It figures that I would pick a teapot that is priced at $1850.00!!!!! I love the style, but no way in hell I would ever pay that much,....or could.

Ooh La La Nursery

My booth for the Home & Garden Show. I am hoping that this show will jump start my business, specializing in Interior Design for kids' rooms. I just have to get my name out there!! :) I based the theme on the bedding called, Ooh La La by Kimberly Grant. I decided to paint the bottom part of the walls black to make the design more interesting. I am very excited to see what people are going to think and say!! I hand-painted poodles and the words on the walls.


Mod Dining Rooms, again

The second picture just shows how pretty painted white floors can be!! I hope I get to do this someday!!!!



I hope to have a WHITE MODERN Kitchen from IKEA in the future. These photos all inspire me. These photos are from www.hgtv.com



I love POP art. These prints are from Fulcrum Gallery! I love there website, they have something for everyone. The Kylie Minogue poster is from Poster Shop, she is my favorite "pop" singer! I am very excited to find a poster of her fever album cover! I just need to buy it now! LOL :)


I love this shower curtain!
Its from Cosmic Closet!
I really like GREEN right now,
and white of course.



DOMINO Dining Rooms

I love DOMINO magazine! Here are some Dining Rooms that I like!
I am not a fan of "wood" furniture. So, the wood table would be replaced
with something white and plastic! I love the table and light fixture in the last photo!

Twiggy Mirror

I love the Twiggy Mirror, but the reality of me ever having it ,....not gonna happen. I have only found it for $199.00 for a 12"x12"!! Come on, I want the 24"x24" which is $299.00! So, forget it. There are to many other things my heart desires. Such as the Orbit Chair, priced at $99.00 each. Not to bad. Atleast its not like the Panton Chair, that I can only find for $209.00 each! Of course that is the chair I want more than any other chairs. Why must I have a chair fetish??? Then there is one thing I will have for sure, the Docksta Table from IKEA priced at $149.00.

If anyone knows where the Twiggy mirror is cheaper, please let me know! :) LOL

Urban Outfitters

Thanks to fellow blogger at www.design-milk.com , I discovered Urban Outfitters website. I had heard of them, but it had been years since I looked at their site. They have alot of stuff I like for the home. I was shocked, and very excited!!! To add to my discovery, their prices are affordable! I am cheap, so that is great for me!