MOSAIC - June 2011

Monthly Mosaic june 2011

My Life Recap / June 2011
*Added to our Vinylmation collection
*Did a whole lot of nothing this month
*Started planning my trip back to Ohio
*Trying to find a place for us to live in Wyoming
*My poor Mustang got rear ended

June was a month that started out great, but ended with a lot of stress.



My decorating tastes change from time to time. One thing that hasn't changed is my love for POPART and Andy Warhol. I found this image today and fell in love...
Besides the Warhol Monroe print, I love the flower print above! I would love to do a wall of Warhol prints like that! I will just store it in my design memory bank. lol

Image Source: Decor Arts Now


Inspiration: Jonathan Adler Decor

I am taking a break from my daily life frustrations to post about pretty Living Rooms with Jonathan Adler decor!
The Lennoxx
Living Room - JA DecorTake Sunset
jonathan-adler-living-room-2Decor PadDecor Pad /Jonathan Adler Accessories
The Decorologistdwellers-without-decorators-living-room-4-jonathan-adler-lampert-sofa-blue-velvet-via-cococozy
Shop Jonathan Adler {HERE}


Weekend 11 {FRUSTRATED}

This weekend was what I would like to call a WASTE! It was beautiful weather and we hadn't gone and seen Pismo Beach yet. On Saturday we decided to head up there. Well it was super busy and we got frustrated trying to find parking. I don't really like large crowds either. I went to take pictures and walk Muffins. I didn't want a bunch of pictures with people in them.

collage pismo 6-25-2011

Then we drove further down away from the main beach to the Pismo Dunes. Well, I sure as heck wasn't going to drive my Mustang on the beach! I don't think that would of been to smart. lol We ended up just leaving because we were frustrated. This is what happens with you sleep in and wait to go somewhere in California during the late afternoon. Then Sunday came. We had no plans again, but the weather was beautiful. We thought we would just go to Solvang California again to walk around. On the drive to Solvang someone decided to hit their accelerator instead of the break at a stop sign behind me. Now my car looks like this...

mustang bumper

I couldn't believe someone was that dumb. I was pretty mad and jumped out of my car, while the person who just did it stared at me blankly. There happened to be a cop at the other stop sign and he pointed for us to pull over on the side street. This isn't the end of the world, but when you are stressed about 30 other things it just adds to it! I don't need to worry about getting my cars paint job fixed right now! Not sure what is going to happen, only time will tell. The main problem is I planned on leaving California soon and I know how repairs can take awhile. I just simply don't have time for this. Oh well!

me driving 6 26 2011

So the day went on and I tried to keep smiling. We didn't stay at Solvang long because my mood was pretty much ruined. Hopefully things go smoothly with the repairs. Unfortunately the Saturn that hit me really messed up the paint job! My fingers are crossed that this will be a quick and easy repair. My main focus right now has to be finding a place to live in Wyoming and planning my road trip that is probably going to be next week.



The Enchanted Hometobis-living-room-web
Chasing Davieskelly grn bedroom
Bijou Kaleidoscope & Kate Collins Interiors
kelly green rooms
Decor PadStriped Nursery/Kelly Green Dresser
The Enchanted Home111


There will always be a special place in my heart for PUMA stuff. I don't know what is about it, but I love it. The colors and the cute little Puma logo always gets me.

puma is cute june2011
Everything featured above is from Puma.com!

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Victorian Modern

How do you feel about mixing Victorian & Modern styles together? I love it! I love Victorian spaces filled up with Contemporary and Modern decor.
Victorian Modern RoomFamily-room-with-bay-window-design
Features I love about Victorian homes are the tall windows, wood floors, beautiful fireplaces and crown moldings. I am one of those people who likes to paint any and all the wood white! Yes, some people think it is a crime. In my defense though, I would never paint woodwork that is in good or excellent condition. I have looked at many Victorian homes and not purchased some of them because the woodwork was in good condition. I can not live in a home that has "dark woodwork" in it. That's just me. I thought this living room was beautiful...
10548Picture 1
I am in love with Erika's Dining Room from Small Shop Studio. Her whole home is beautiful, but her dining room makes my jaw drop! I love the mixture of furniture, gray walls and those pillows!
Small Shop Studio
Apparently I love gray now. I have been looking at gray sofas and I love gray rooms. This post today was inspired by the fact that I found a Victorian home for rent in Wyoming where Cody and I are moving. Not sure if we are going to bite the bullet and rent it or not. Sadly, you don't get much time to think about things. It will be gone if I don't decide fast. The rent is about $100 more then I wanted to pay, but its a 3 bedroom home with plenty of space for all my stuff. Plus, it would be fun to decorate. I need that decorating outlet!!! The landlord will let me paint also. I love the idea of not sharing walls and being in a home. Everything fits except the price. I just gotta think about it a day or so.

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A Few More Vinlymations

A few weeks ago Cody and I got a huge amount of Vinylmations while they were on sale. They were mostly the Clear Series. After we got them I purchased some more while they were still in stock. I was super excited because they put the Runaway Brain Mickey Vinylmation on their website! Cody and I call him "Zombie" Mickey. lol
Vinylmations1 june2011
I bought 9 more Vinylmations from the Clear Series. We only needed 3 more colors to complete the set of 12. Sadly, I only got one that I needed. The purple one...
Vinylmations2 june2011
We weren't as lucky the 2nd time around. Now we have 11 Vinylmations to trade when we visit Disney again. Trading is really fun though! It will make our next vacation more exciting. Here are the 11 I have to trade...
Vinylmations3 june2011
Cody and I may go to Downtown Disney in Anaheim California to do some trading. We'll see, if not I will save them for our next vacation to Disney World.


Homes used in the Twilight Films

Yes this is a Twilight post. You are either excited or rolling your eyes. I was doing a google search for Robert Pattinson when photos of the house used in the Twilight movie came up. Maybe you aren't a fan and you have never even seen the movies. Well the house is a beauty! The house is actually called "The Hoke House", owned by John Hoke, designed by Sklab Architecture.
The first Twilight movie is my favorite. The more I watch the newer films, I dislike them. I love the first one because it is low budget and I felt it was more true to the story. One of my favorite things in the house is the staircase.
The staircase leads to Edward's bedroom. I dream of having a house with this many windows!
The kitchen is nice and open!
Until today, I had no idea that a different house was used in New Moon. Duh. I feel dumb. I have watched the movies a million times and never caught it. I assumed they used the same house in all the films. Of course in New Moon, there aren't really a lot of "Cullen" scenes. This home was on the market for 3 million dollars!
New Moon House - Living Room
Then I find out that they just build a house in a sound set now. Wouldn't it had just been cheaper to purchase the house above for $3 million and be done with it? lol I guess I don't make movies, so I don't understand how stuff works. It's not like they couldn't of sold it and got the money back.
Cullen House


Decor Love - June 2011

All items are from CB2

Decor Love june 2011 10x14{LINKS}
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Inspiration: CB2 Living Room EYECANDY

I am always looking for Living Room inspiration! I donated all my living room furniture to Goodwill back in April. As a decorator I get sick of reusing the same furniture in every new place I move to! I feel like every separate home, needs a different look. Is that weird? I will probably hit lots of thrift stores when I start to decorate my next place. I do not own one thing from CB2 and they are one of my favorite stores! Here are some Living Rooms that I found inspiring...
CB2 - June 2011
CB2 - June 2010
Picture 24
Picture 23
Picture 19

All images are from CB2's website.


Weekend 10 & A Military Life Update

This week has been a little different for Cody and I. Our "weekend" actually started on Wednesday June 15th. Cody was off Thursday and Friday, instead of this Saturday and Sunday. We didn't get to really do anything because we had to stay close to the base. We spent a lot of our time trying to figure out what we are going to do in the next few months.

me planning trip june2011

Another road trip is in my future and I have to make the decision of when I am going to take it and if I will wait for Cody, or if I will go alone. There is 2,450 miles to be traveled from where I am now to where I need to go in Ohio. When leaving California I must stop in Wyoming along the way, because that is where Cody and I will be moving to in August!

I have to find somewhere for us to live. I have been looking for a place for us to live since April! The "hunt" keeps coming up empty. I am not having any luck at all. Sadly, we are unable to buy a home because we had to do a short sale on our house. Even though we have excellent credit and money, those things don't matter apparently. The banks have changed the laws making it to where we have to wait 2 years to buy again. It has just added to our stress! We want a home. I want a place I can decorate. I can't do the crazy decorating things I want to do in a rental!!

decorating collage june2011

I may have found an apartment, but someone is still living in it which is making it hard for us to see it. I am scared we will lose out on it, since we are in California and it is 1,200 miles away from me!!! So, I just keep looking!

We have to go to Ohio to get all of our stuff in the beginning of August and then be settled in to our new "home" by the end of the August. I am already feeling the stress of the move coming. Not to mention all the stress of just finding a place to live and hoping that everything works out. I am not sure what I am going to do. Not sure how much longer I will stay in California. If Cody and I will travel together or separate. The thing is, I know that things always work out. I am trying to remember that and play it over and over in my head. We knew this was coming and now its time to deal with it.


Dream Home - Varda Studio

Found this beautiful home by Vardo Studio. Source of images Home Design Pics.