I waited, and waited, and waited.....

Its finally here!!!!! My own IKEA! (Only 9 miles from my house!) Going to IKEA has helped me to get back into the "decorating spirit"! We finally get to furnish our Master Bedroom. I ended up NOT liking the orange and white IKEA bedding in person. I did fall in love with this though.....


In the photo above, I have black MALM furnitire from IKEA. Well, we aren't getting black. We went with white. That is what I really wanted. My bedroom is a mess right now. Once I start getting it together I will snap some photos. Here are some cute little chairs that I have bought from the antique mall where I work.

My work will be having its GRAND OPENING the weekend of April 25th. All I do is work. I have no time to blog anymore. :( I am enjoying my new job though. (and my IKEA store!)


*Bold Patterns*

Hello! I needed to post something! Working at an Antique mall is really making me realize how much I love VINTAGE stuff. I actually have rented a booth of my own at the mall I work at. (I will post pictures soon.) I also need to post pictures of some of the cool stuff I have bought. :)

For now though, I am just posting about some stuff I love to look at. This cool pillow is from Henry Road. I really want to make pillows that look like this!

Or how about a Bedspread made from vintage scarfs!! I love the colors and patterns!!

I actually was looking for Black & White shower curtains and found this stuff. Still haven't found the "perfect" shower curtain for my hall bathroom. I think I have decided to decorate it Black & White. I have so much color everywhere else in my house. I want to find something very MOD with a strong 1960's feel. I like this floral one from Target.

Its a bit busy, but I think I could pull it off! lol ;)

We are working on our Master Bedroom again. Our new IKEA opens next week, and we hope to get it ready by then. We plan on buying a bed and all new furniture for our bedroom. I am very excited to decorate the room FINALLY! I think its going to turn out great. I am working on picking out the bedding. I love this new bedding from Target!

I still love this IKEA bedding.

I might just buy something that is a SOLID color. I don't want the room to be to crazy! We'll see.

Again, sorry that my posts are lacking. All I do right now is work.