Baby Boy Nursery

My ideas if I had a baby boy......

10x10 taylor mod nursery 1 jpg

I am loving aqua & orange together. I am not a huge fan of brown, but it looks good with white furniture!


Nursery Love

Today I designed this design board for myself! I am always thinking of ideas for a nursery I DON'T have yet. Someday.....

Modern Alice in Wonderland Nursery {plan 1}


Baby Furniture

I was searching the web for modern baby furniture and found this......

Its the "Avalon Collection" from Lullabys. Only problem, for me, is that you can only buy it if you live in the UK. I searched on the web everywhere hoping another website would have it!!! Nope. :( I like this furniture because it is ALL WHITE and has great lines!

I can find tons of modern cribs / furniture that I like, but its so expensive! I am way to "thrifty" to pay $1,600 for a crib! I just can't do it. I did find a few cribs I like......
This one is from Walmart for $300 ~

This one is Babies R Us for $300 ~

Can you tell I got "babies" on the brain? hahahaha


Someday over the Rainbow

There are only 2 things that I dream of having in my life! ( besides a Yellow Dodge Viper with a black racing stripe! ) I want to have a baby girl and my own store! Good thing is, these things are possible! Here are a few photos of a building that I am in love with......

Lebanon, Ohio

Part of me wishes I would not of bought my house a few years back, and just purchased a building like this to live in. I dream of a store full of vintage items, clothes and whatever else I feel like selling. I get to design everything about it and I make all the decisions!!!!! I am sure there will be pink walls somewhere in the store. lol


Andy Warhol & Robots

Chrissy emailed me asking for some help decorating her apartment. She told me she wanted something modern, she liked orange, Andy Warhol and robots! After seeing some photos of her apartment, I came up with this....

Warhol & Robots
Most everything is from IKEA, since that is one of the only places Chrissy can shop where she lives! Other items are from websites I love! Fulcrum Gallery, Chiasso and Cb2!

I also made more detailed design boards with a photo of the room. This helps Chrissy see my vision better.
Couch Wall ~

TV Wall ~

Entry Area ~

Dining Area ~

I really hope this helps Chrissy and inspires her!



Pink Wall

I finally painted the old closet in my office! I painted the back wall pink so that my vintage desk would stand out. I am very happy with it! :)

I love "displaying" my stuff! I think it all looks really nice with the new pink wall!

For other pictures of my office click here and here!