Fabric As Wallpaper & More

I am obsessing over fabric used on walls, as backdrops in bookcases and hung as art! Sooner or later I know I will sell my home and move to an apartment! I don't want to do a lot of painting so I know fabric will come in handy.

This bedrooms walls match the headboard! Image source {HERE} My Favorite & My Best
Fabric covered walls Learn how to fabric your walls {HERE}

I am going to challenge myself to use fabric on the walls in my apartment! I also found a post on Little Green Notebook about fabric used in the back of kitchen cabinets! You can check out the whole blog post {HERE}

Image source / Little Green Notebook {links above}
Fabric in Cabinets

I look forward to attempting this!! Should be fun. :) Anyone have any suggestions on a great place to buy fabric???


Eclipse Movie Trailer

OasisTwilight on YouTube put together the Eclipse trailers for an extended more complete look.


More Twilight Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Movie news at Twilight Guide.

Read More {HERE}


MOSAIC - April 2010

Monthly Mosaic - April 2010

My Life Recap / April 2010
*Discovered Strawberry Flavored Rum!
*Had our house sold, but then the buyer backed out.
*Packed tons of stuff, wish I hadn't now.
*Cody got a job.
*Officially became a "Air Force" Wife
*Flowers in my yard starting growing like crazy!
*Sunshine made me happy even when I felt sad.
*Cut Muffins hair finally!
*Applied for a new position at work.
*I started photographing my toy collection.

Click {HERE} to see all my "Monthly Mosaics"


Design Board - Pink & Black Bedroom for Tee

Tee contacted me for some help decorating her new apartment! My design plan was based around her beautiful bedding and having a girly feel to her room....

Pink & Black Apartment / Design Board


Marilyn Monroe Poster {HERE}
Bedding {HERE}
Mirror {HERE}
Jewelry Tree {HERE}
Pink Lamp {HERE}
Curtains {HERE}
Pillow {HERE}
Picture Frame {HERE}
Pink Chair {HERE}
Chalkboard Decal {HERE}
Pink Storage Box {HERE}
Dress Form {HERE}

Inspiration Photos :

Bedroom / Image source unknown

Bedroom / Image source unknown

Wallpapered Bookcase / Image source {HERE} Scranton Design Inspiration
                    Wallpapered Bookcase

I hope these ideas and inspiration help Tee out with decorating her new home!!! { Thanks Tee for contacting me! I enjoyed designing this for you! }


It's Official {well almost}

Yesterday morning my husband Cody & I went to the Air Force Recruiting office and signed him up. It will take a month or so to get him through his "test" and physical. As long as that all goes well, things will move forward. We had planned on waiting longer to have him sign up. We wanted to wait to the house was sold. We had the house under contract, but the buyer backed out. She had a house inspection done by a "contractor" not a licensed house inspector!!! So, of course he said all this crazy stuff about our house and scared her away. He completely ruined it for us!!! My husband & I about lost our minds when we read the ghetto house inspection he wrote up on his cheap ass letterhead!!!

After this happened Strawberry Rum came into my life! Its really good with Sprite. :) I am not a big drinker, but sometimes it does help you relax...
How I got through April 2010

The Air Force feels like a savior to me! Sadly like many people right now, we are out of money. My husband lost his unemployment because his company keeps "fighting" us. We are praying that we won't have to pay it back. We don't have the money anymore to keep up with our life expensives. :( When you lose over half your income over night, it kinda leaves you short on funds. If someone would just buy our house we would be okay!!!!! My husband & I get through the hard days, because we know our future will be brighter.


My Favorite Colors {right now}

If I had a new home to decorate and paint right now....
Paint Swatches! - April 2010


Decor Love - April 2010

Decor Love - April 2010

Palm Springs Block Pillow {HERE}
Echo Chair {HERE}
Cow Plates {HERE}
PB Teen Curtains {HERE}
Typeface Wall Art {HERE}
Baby Owl {HERE}
Sutton Sofa {HERE}
Summer Glass Vases {HERE}
Liberty Floral Milkcrate {HERE}



Girly Whimsy Header

Girl Whimsy is a great blog featuring vintage design, fashion, home decor and just lots of lovely images!!! I love Debbie's blog! Here are some photos from her blog that I love....

Photo from Girl Whimsy

Photo from Girl Whimsy

Photo from Girl Whimsy


TV Stand / IKEA

I want this TV Stand. I love the BESTA Collection from IKEA! I like simple TV units, not huge ones that take up your whole living room!

bestaboastvstand 5x5

I plan to start with the unit ABOVE, and add on to it like the picture BELOW

besta layout

I also have decided NOT to purchase DVD's anymore. They take up so much space! My husband and I have Netflix now and love it. I will only buy a movie from now on if I know I am going to watch it over and over! { Harry Potter & Twilight }



Image source House to Home {HERE}
Purple Bedroom

Image source Home QN {HERE}
Purple Bedroom

Image source House to Home {HERE}
Purple Bedroom



10 Things from Crate & Barrel
I recently went to a Crate & Barrel store and loved what I saw! The items above are things I am dreaming of having.... All the items are on their website! {HERE}

Teen Bedroom

I love love this room. It was featured on Design Dazzle and I just had to share it!
See more photos at Design Dazzle and learn about the room! {HERE}


New Yellow Vase

I bought a new vase from Crate & Barrel. I love yellow right now!
My New Yellow Vase - April 2010


Muffins get a haircut {finally}

We finally gave Muffin a haircut! My husband did most of the work while I stood close by to comfort her. She hates being groomed and will bite strangers who try to cut her hair! So, we do it...
Muffins gets a haircut - April 2010

With a new haircut, comes a new dress...
Muffins new dress - April 2010

Muffin loves wearing clothes and loves riding in the car...
Muffins in the Car - April 2010

I am still cutting her hair a little bit each day. She hates it, so its a long process! lol
Muffins - April 2010


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe w/ Pink Flower
Poster from Fulcrum Gallery {HERE)



Couch from Room Service. Check out their cool store {HERE}  If I get to move to California I will be shopping there!!!
Image source unknown :
                       Pink Sofa
Image source : Harvest Moon {HERE}


The couch I want from La-z-boy! The Demi Sofa :

                        Demi Sofa - La-Z-Boy


Sending LOVE to Peggy

Sending Love to Peggy
I am sending Peggy from Creative Influences my "Love" print I designed. I decided she needed more then a few colors to pick from! They are all so pretty! I hope she enjoys them! :) Peggy sent me some lovely white vases from her personal collection! Thanks Peggy!


*Fingers Crossed*

We got our first offer on the house yesterday!!!! We will be signing the paper work to accept it tonight or tomorrow. We are excited but nervous at the same time. We just hope they don't back out on us. My husband and I spent the day looking at apartments. It is so hard trying to decide on one! Some are so pricey for very little space. We have one we feel good about. It is close to my work and has most everything we need and want. Just gotta hope that everything works out!!!!! I really have to get rid of MORE furniture. We have a certain price range we are trying to stay within and that means little living space. Which means Jessie has to throw more stuff away. :(