Netflix Must See: Yellowstone - Battle For Life

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite nature documentaries on Netflix. It's a documentary about Yellowstone National Park. WARNING: It may make you want to go! Which really is a good thing anyways. It's such a beautiful place and I hope to visit it next year. Being that close to nature is what life is REALLY about if you ask me!

Yellowstone Pic

The documentary is visually striking and you learn so much about nature. It's 3 different episodes each featuring a different season. It shows you how the animals struggle to survive in mother nature and against each other. This series really changed me and opened my eyes. I didn't feel as strongly about environmental issues until I watched this documentary.

Yellowstone Collage

It really made me realize how important it is to leave nature alone and protect our planet. It really proves that nature is a circle of life and every animal is an important part of the ecosystem. I highly recommend this film! Here is a 10 minute clip of the beginning of one of the episodes. Enjoy :)

If you don't have Netflix, there are many clips of the film on YouTube.


  1. looks like a beautiful film - if not a bit sad though

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. I'll have to watch this. I love nature documentaries.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Looks interesting! I just drove through Yellowstone for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I was moving across the country. It was really beautiful, I can't wait to go back! I'll definitely have to watch the documentary, thanks for the heads up :)


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