I currently drive a 2002 Yellow Mustang that I love very very much. I have taken very good care of it and can't imagine NOT keeping it. The problem is Cody and I will be moving somewhere that we will require 4-Wheel Drive most of the year. Not sure if the Mustang will be worth keeping. I would love to keep it forever, but that means I will have to keep moving it around the country. Of course this is something I don't need to worry about yet, but I do love this car...
Subaru WRX

I would love to test drive one. I don't know much about Subaru's. I just know it would be fun to drive like my Mustang and it could handle driving in the snow. Read more about the Subaru Impreza {HERE}.


MOSAIC -March 2011

Monthly Mosaic March 2011

My Life Recap / March 2011
*Went to Texas and saw Cody's Air Force Graduation
*Quit my job at IKEA
*Started planning a move to California
*Cody sent me roses
*I baked Cody some cookies




About a week ago I was talking to Cody on the phone and he says to me,"If you REALLY loved me you would bake me some cookies!" I hate baking in my small apartment kitchen, but since he sent me roses I thought I should do something sweet in return. His favorite cookies I bake are Chewy Gingerbread Chocolate Chips Cookies. I usually only bake them around Christmas. I paid $37.00 to mail them to him in 2 days. He is totally clueless. He just thinks I am mailing him some DVDs and clothes. Hehehehehe
title cookies for cody
cookies pg1
cookie dough
cookie dough 2
cookies done

Hopefully Cody doesn't share them with all the guys, since it cost me so much to ship them to him. Everyone who has ever tasted these cookies has gone crazy over them. I highly recommend them for the holidays! I follow this recipe.



I think red hair is beautiful! I had red hair in high school. I dyed it all different shades. I am not willing to give up my platinum blond hair, but some red with the blond may be fun.
Red Hair3
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4 Movies

4 Movies

1. Black Snake Moan - Christina Ricci is such a cute girl, but I just don't understand why she always has to be naked in her movies. I usually hate actresses who do this, but I want to like her. It frustrates me. The movie itself minus the nudity, was pretty good. I liked the story once the movie started going. She play a sex addict who is helped by Samuel L. Jackson to change her ways. 3 Stars

2. An Education - Hated this movie. It was just wrong. It was about a 17 year girl who starts dating a much older man. I am honestly surprised I watched the whole movie. I had never watched a movie with Carey Mulligan in it. I thought she was very good in the movie, I just hated the story. 1.5 Stars

3. Despicable Me - Very funny. I really enjoyed this movie. Steve Carell played a great villain. He adopts 3 little girls and gives up his evil ways. 4 Stars

4. Listen to your Heart - Sad sad movie. Very sweet love story about a musician who falls in love with a girl who is deaf. He still loves her even though she can't hear his music. 3.5 Stars



This bedding by David & Goliath makes me laugh out load. I would so buy it for myself, but I don't need it.

David & Goliath bedding for blog


14 Days

Well, it has only been 14 days since I saw Cody last. It feels like it has been months already. The memories of going to his graduation seem so long ago! I do get to talk to him daily now. Which even though sometimes it makes it easier, at the same time I tend to get really sad also. The only thing I care about is finding a way to get to him as soon as possible. I lay awake planning the day I will get a moving truck, who I will ask to help me move, where I am going to store my stuff and how am I going to have enough money to make all this work? (also, am I crazy?)
Cody & Me 3-5-2011

I have started packing and letting go of stuff I don't want or need anymore. I have talked to my leasing manager and I am able to break my lease,....for a small cost of course. I have also contacted an apartment in California who will rent to me month to month. I just need everything to fall into place for me. I am setting a very high goal for myself to be in California by April 22nd. I know this may or may not happen, that is why it is a "GOAL". I have to have something to look forward to everyday.
Roses from Cody 3/19/2011

Cody was a sweetheart and had roses sent to IKEA yesterday while I was working. It just made me want to be with him even more!!!!!


10 Things {from IKEA}

I figured I should feature IKEA since I work there. Here are 10 things I love at IKEA.
10 things from IKEA - March 2011
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Contemporary Spaces

I love big open rooms with lots of glass to let the sunshine in. Here are a few rooms that inspire me. Enjoy.
Source: Shelter Popreilly-contemporary-living-room3-590am051410
E Home0629396ym
ADC Networkcontemporary-living-room-design-ch-1f-bb

I did not have a image source for every photo.



Now that Cody is done with his basic training he is going to start his TECH school for his career in the Air Force. He originally was supposed to go to Mississippi for 2 months, then go to California for 4 months, then fly back to OHIO to pick me up and move our things to the place we get stationed. Well, that changed. They sent him to California right away and he will be there for at least 7 months if not longer.


This kinda changed my plans and turned my life upside down! I had planned on driving to Mississippi a few times to visit him and then just fly to California a few times to visit him there. Well after already being apart for 2 months and only seeing him for 4 days, I realized how much harder just visiting him would be. My heart is broken without him. Needless to say Cody wants me to move out to California so that we won't be 2,300 miles apart. Cody and I love California. We went there for our honeymoon back in 2006. California is just so beautiful! Basically I am just nervous about having enough money to move. I am sure I could find a part-time job somewhere to help out with costs. My plan is to just drive my Ford Mustang across the country with some clothes packed and Muffins {my Yorkie} in the passengers seat. I wouldn't take much with me. I would just have to buy some cheap furniture when I got out there to fill the apartment with something. It sounds crazy but very exciting at the same time. I feel like Cody and I are magnets and we can't be separated. Time will only tell. Someone at work told me to follow my heart first, then my brain! Well I know what my heart wants! My husband, best friend, soulmate, my everything....CODY!



While in Texas I stopped in a Target near the Air Force base. I finally found a green shower curtain that was perfect! I love the pattern and color. It was just what I wanted! I can't find the shower curtain on the Target website, so I am glad I bought it.
New Shower Curtain - March 2011
New Shower Curtain - March 2011

Also, I have been going through my closets and finding things that I am not using anymore. I have also raided my dressers for clothes I don't wear. I almost have a full car load of stuff to take to Goodwill. It makes me happy to think of someone else enjoying an item that I just have packed away in a box!
Time to Donate 2 Goodwill


4 Movies

4 Movies

1. The Beach - Very strange movie. Leonardo much much younger. I enjoyed it but like I said it was very strange and dark. It is about a hidden society that lives on an island and they start their own way of life. 3.5 Stars

2. Dinner for Schmucks - Pretty funny movie. If you like Steve Carell you will enjoy it. It is about "rich and powerful" people making fun of people with unique talents. 3 Stars

3. Inception - Living within a Dream within a Dream. Very cool movie. I loved it! It was visually cool to watch. 5 Stars

4. Reign Over Me - A movie I told myself I would never watch because I knew it would make me cry. Well, I cried a lot! It was amazing though. A story about a man who loses his family on September 11th. Adam Sandler was great!
5 Stars



I am back from Texas with tons of pictures. I just picked some of my favorites to share with everyone. Cody ended up graduating with Honors. He was in the top 10% of his class out of 834 trainees. The first day they held the Airmen Run and the Coin Ceremony. Everyone lines up on the street to watch all the trainees run by. It was very exciting...
airmans run collage1

As you can see Cody was super excited and happy! I thought I was going to cry for sure, but once Cody saw me and we made eye contact all my sadness was replaced with happiness. After the run we had to wait about 2 hours before the Coin Ceremony. This was when I was pleasantly surprised to find out Cody had been awarded Honors. I had great seats and was really close to Cody, that is why he started to grin in the picture! I screamed, " I'm proud of you baby! " Then he really smiled.
coin ceremony collage1

Then the moment I had been waiting for finally came. The ceremony was over and I ran to Cody so I could hug and kiss him....
love collage1

love collage2

friday collage1

my airman1

last collage

It was a great weekend but was also a very sad weekend. Cody is now in California. We are over 2000 miles apart. He will not be done with school for 7 months. It is heartbreaking to not be able to be with my husband. There is a chance I may end up moving to California in the next few months because I can not see myself only visiting him. It is very complicated and I have no idea what is going to happen, only time will tell.