Monthly Review // August 2012

Month in Review Title Aug12
Aug 2012 in Review
The numbers are linked to my posts:

1 We made a very quick trip to Ohio
2 I got my iphone and jumped on the Instagram bandwagon! YAY!
3 Learned A LOT of valuable information about the environment from the movie BAG IT
4 Cody & I had our 9 year anniversary of when we started dating :)
5 Finally got some black & white Converse and did a cute outfit post in them
6 Got some great Pyrex!
7 Took some cute photos of some Alpacas

I would like to welcome all my new followers. I have a lot of new readers since I start swapping and purchasing ad space on other blogs. It really helps to inspire me to keep blogging, because it is a lot of work. I try really hard to keep up with reading everyone else's blogs, but man there just isn't enough hours in the day!! I will say I love everyone's comments and if you comment I try hard to stop by your blog also. :) So again, thanks to all of you!

Cody and I went biking a few times in August and I am getting better. It's really hard and now I know that my bike is part of the problem. It's heavy and I'm really light, so it's very hard for me to GO!!! It's been a great summer and I hate to see it go! I have some great things planned for September! Cody and I are going to Disney World next month and I will have some fun guest posts planned. Do you love Disney or have you been to one of the many parks?


My Favorite Pins #2

I really enjoy featuring some of my favorite pins here on my blog! I starting use my iphone to use Pinterest at night if I can't sleep, which sadly is often. I must say I enjoy it way better on my phone. I used to never spend time on Pinterest looking at others pins, now I know why everyone likes it so much. LOL Here are a few of my favorite pins and why.....

Pinterest Favorites Title2
Pinterest Favorites2
Click the numbers to visit the link!

1 Lindsey's Red Hair \\ Lindsey blogs over at Thrift & Shout
2 The Painted Desert in Arizona \\ When can I go? No really. This is happening next summer!
3 Sand Kitten \\ One of the cutest wild cats I think!
4 Blue Modern Nursery \\ LOVE! Isn't is perfect? I love the color and style.
5 Alice Quote \\ Such a pretty print and one of the best Alice In Wonderland quotes I think!

See all my boards on Pinterest HERE!


Our First Year in WYOMING

So believe it or not we moved from the state of Ohio to the state of Wyoming a year ago! It went really fast, but time always flies by. After a year of living here I think you get a feel of whether or not you are going to like a place long term. There are pro's and con's of course. Great things have happened to us since Cody joined the Air Force!

Wyoming Sign

If Cody hadn't joined the Air Force so many things would not of happened to us! Not only did we move 1,200 miles from our family & friends, we have changed as people in general. It just proves that one decision leads to so many events happening:
Cheyenne listw-bikes
1 \\ 2 \\ 3 \\ 4 \\ 5 \\ 6

When we first moved here we had a crappy apartment for 2 months, but then got our nice place on base. We were pretty depressed when we first moved here. We didn't really have anyone to hang out with. I learned really fast that the Air Force is kinda like "high school". There are clicks and if you aren't one of the cool kids you have no friends. People drink here A LOT. I don't drink and can't stand drunks. You have people moving to this Air Force city from all over the country. You get here and you choose your path: Get a bike & become outdoorsy OR be drunk all the time. I hate to say it so bluntly, but it's so true.

Antelope live on the Air Force base and are protected. I love seeing them everyday.

We were biking the other day and my peddle was falling off. A nice older gentlemen that was also biking stopped to help us fix my bike. He asked us where we were from. We told him Cincinnati Ohio. It's so different here in Wyoming. We told him that we chose to get into biking, not drinking. He laughed and said that's exactly how it is here! We have only biked about 6 times so far and man it's hard! I love it though and plan to just keep getting better and stronger. We actually plan to "train" all winter and workout a lot, to hopefully be able to bike to the top of the summit at the Rocky Mountains next year! We'll see, it's a good goal but hard I think.

The sky here is always so beautiful!
We enjoy hugging trees now!

So biking is for sure a highlight of living here. You can bike anywhere though. California still holds a special place in my heart. BUT since we are owned by the military right now, Wyoming it is. We don't get to move for at least 2 - 4 years. That's if we are lucky. So with that said, we are actually thinking about buying a house here. It seems crazy since we don't really love it here, but it doesn't look like we are moving for awhile anyways. A house means free range on decorating!!! A garden and no stupid rules anymore. Sounds like a whole bunch of awesome to me.

I love seeing windmills everywhere I go!
I love going to Veduawoo National Park. Hiking is so much fun.

Other things that I like about Wyoming is it's pretty. We haven't even seen Yellowstone or other beautiful parks the state has to offer. Sadly, we just hate the city we live in. The state really isn't the issue. We are 1200 miles from our family and friends back in Ohio. 1200 miles from the city we lived in while in California! 1200 miles from Portland Oregon, a place I really want to see. We like that we are in the middle of the country, making road trips fun and scenic. I always try to focus on the positives in life and not the negatives.

They still have many old billboards here. Mostly "Cowboy" related.
I do love having cute wildlife in my yard all the time!

Why I hate my city though: Well they have the biggest rodeo in the country here every year. The city is small and in my opinion it's way too many people in one area! I am not a "country girl", so I still laugh when I see people walking around with chaps on. ;) Of course I don't support the rodeo because I am Vegan. I honestly think it's cruel and don't understand why people would risk their lives to do it. That's just me I guess. The drivers here are so SSSSLLLLLOOOWWWWWWW! (Slow)

Yes, we have a Wrangler Store.
Everyone has to have a big ass truck here. It's a bit annoying!

The speed limit is basically 30 m.p.h. everywhere you go. In Ohio, when the light is green, you GO! They don't seem to understand that concept here and don't even get me started on merging!!! LOL I guess really, the pro's out weigh the con's. My main problem is that I lived in California and I want to explore maybe living in Arizona or New Mexico. I just feel stuck,....well I am. Honestly though, it's not that bad. I just know that I wouldn't pick Wyoming as a long term place to stay. I want palm trees!

So it's different, but I do embrace the change that my life has become. I am so thankful to have traveled half the country just from Cody joining the Air Force. Moving away from family and friends and your everyday routine of life, has changed us. I feel like we aren't as lazy now. We used to take life for granted and do nothing. Now all we want to do is GO GO GO!!! Travel, sight see and go places. Also become VERY fit! We are actually saving money now and feel like life is on the right track. I love our relationship more. We are stronger and closer then ever. I feel blessed. We also have met some great friends, Kara and Dan.

Us at the Rocky Mountain National Park, so happy!

We can get approved for a VA home loan in December. Will we buy or not? I don't know. The houses are pricey here for an Airman's paycheck. We don't want a fixer upper, been there done that! We want a home because we are really thinking about having a baby. We want more room to grow. A home that has space for guests to come visit. I think having my own house again may make me feel better about living here in Wyoming also. I am excited to see what our life brings us! I do know that I miss California and can't wait to go vacation out west with Cody. He has so much to see still!!!

Maybe typing this all out made me realize it's not so bad.
I just know there are other places that I want to live someday, and that's where I will settle down. :)


Design Boards: Nursery Style

Years ago I had my own interior design business that specialized in decorating kids' rooms and nurseries. I think they are the most fun spaces to decorate. Since my urge to have a baby has kicked in, I wanted to throw some design boards together. Each board focuses on items from one store. I chose IKEA & Walmart this time around!

Design Board #1 \\ IKEA \\ Bold & Whimsical
Nursery Style featuring IKEA \\ Aug 2012
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
I like mixing more grown up decor with baby stuff.
I tend to like nurseries that aren't overly "baby" themed.
IKEA always has great stuff with bold fun patterns!
My favorite thing is the curtains!
They have tree limbs with little birdies on them! CUTE!

Design Board #2 \\ Walmart \\ Pink & Girly
Nursery Style WALMART
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The crib on this design board is hands down my favorite and most affordable "modern" crib I can find.
When and if I do have a baby, that crib will be mine!
It also has great reviews!
I am also posting these design boards over on my baby blog, My Mod Baby!
I don't post over there much, but hope to change that in the future. :)


CONGRATS to KIM for winning the giveaway from Curio Design Studio! Thanks to all who entered and thanks to Allison for giving away one of her lovely designs!


Brass Armadillo & More Pyrex!

Over the weekend Cody and I decided to head down to the Denver Brass Armadillo. I think this is our 4th trip now, maybe 5th. I still enjoy it every time. We seem to always find what we are looking for! We wanted MORE PYREX. With all the booths there you really have to look because some were cheap and others were OUTRAGEOUS!

BrassArmadillo1 8.25.12
I always snap pictures of stuff that I find interesting or fun while antiquing!
The big "&" metal sign was $75. Cody said NO!
If you collect Barbies, there are a million there!
BrassArmadillo6 8.25.12
I am in love with the antique cabinet above! Seem weird?
I really want a cabinet to paint a bright color and put some of my toy collection in!
I would only paint something that's not in very good shape.
The cabinet above is priced at $449. It won't be coming home with me anytime soon. :(
BrassArmadillo5 8.25.12
The Pyrex above was very pricey. Very pretty to look at, but not affordable for me.
Then we came to a booth I could afford! You can see how happy I was...
BrassArmadillo3 8.25.12
I just started digging. There were so many colors and patterns!
I debated on the snowflake pattern. I love the color, but hate snow. LOL
Snowflakes remind me of snow, so I decided to pass on that pattern.
BrassArmadillo2 8.25.12
When it was time to leave, I told the cashier we didn't want any bags or the items wrapped.
He said, "Really??" and I replied, "Yeah, I'm like a hippie that doesn't believe in bags." He laughed.
I was so happy leaving the store without bags and wrapping paper! YAY!
So what did I get?
BrassArmadillo7 8.25.12
A whole bunch of cuteness!!!
BrassArmadillo9 8.25.12
My favorite thing I got is the bowl below.
We bought it to hold our coffee beans!!!
(We are such coffee junkies!)
This piece is actually Fire King!
BrassArmadillo8 8.25.12
If you missed it, you can view the Pyrex I scored last week HERE.
Why Pyrex you may ask? I want to be GREEN and plastics are harmful to our health!
I am trying to cut down on my plastic use and purchases as much as I can. :)
Plus Pyrex is just awesome anyways.
Linked up over at Lara's Vintage!



What I Wore #6

Did you know that Cheyenne Wyoming is the 4th windiest city in the United States?? Oh, lucky me! So please excuse my crazy messy hair. This outfit post is keeping it real and showing you how I look and dress on most days. Good hair days are far and in-between. You are lucky to not get blown away with the wind most days!

WIW TITLE outfit6 650x100WIW6 8.18.12 pic1
Our day started out antiquing, but I had no good photo ops!
Too many people around or the sun was way too bright!
In the evening we decided to take a walk around the parade field on base.
Chloe was in heaven. I had to include this super cute photo of her jumping on me....
WIW6 8.18.12 pic2 This outfit made me feel cute, but a little nerdy.
I am pretty much in love with my black and white Converse.
I want to wear them everyday with everything.
WIW6 8.18.12 pic3
Adorable Nerdy Owl!!! I needed black glasses also to match him!
I think that really would of completed the outfit!
WIW6 owl and instagrampics
Above are my favorite Instagram photos {pre-wind blown hair} of myself! Instagram is addicting.
WIW6 8.18.12 pic4 OUTFIT DETAILS:
Shirt - Wet Seal | Necklace - Owl, Hobby Lobby
Jeans - Thrifted, American Eagle $4 | Shoes - Converse One Stars, Target

The trees along the path are so beautiful. It was my first time walking it.
Poor Cody has to run it while being timed and tested next month!!!
I will miss these nice evenings as the cold weather approaches.

Linking up over on Blonde Episodes for Fashion Fridays!
Have a great weekend!!




I miss owning a house and being able to paint my walls! We may or may not be buying a house in the next 6 months. We are undecided, but when I think about painting rooms bright colors.....I want one. I missed doing these Today's Color post! So here is one with some fun GREEN rooms!!!
Decor Pad
Green Room Decor Pad
Decor Pad
Green Office
Decor Pad
Decor Pad
Decor Pad



RECIPE: Homemade Lara Bars

Have you had Lara Bars before? They are very yummy and come in many different flavors! Only bad thing is they are a bit pricey. Cody and I only buy them by the box at Target when we are staving! It's basically the only thing that fits into our Vegan\Whole Food diet guidelines. If we are out and need a quick snack, they are our first choice. Elycia posted her spin on Lara Bars last month and I really wanted to try to make my own! Perfect for our upcoming vacation to Disney World....

RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars
RECIPE TEXT larabars
{Text for the recipe is copyrighted, so I am just sharing with you my photos that I took!}
Recipe & dates soaking in water
RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars3
Almonds in food processor
RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars2
Dairy FREE Chocolate Chips! Taste amazing!
RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars4
Almonds and Chocolate mixed together
RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars5
Dates are also placed in food processor with mixture
RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars6
After being in the fridge for a few hours, time to cut
RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars7
RECIPE Homemade Lara Bars8

These turned out way better then I ever thought they would!
They remind me of the taste of cookie dough!
We had a hard time not eating way too many at once.
I urge you to try them! NO BAKING involved, just yummy HEALTHY ingredients.
100% Vegan and 100% Yummy!!!

Please visit Foodie with Family for the recipe!


Sponsor Post: Curio Design Studio & A GIVEAWAY

Hey everybody! I want you to meet Allison from Curio Design Studio. Below is a guest post written by her about her E-Decorating business! She is also hosting a giveaway to win one of her design packages!

CurioDesignStuio text

In this world of DIY shows, Pinterest and home reno blogs it’s easy to think that you can effortlessly tackle any remodel project without the assistance of a professional. And in many cases you can! But sometimes, despite having aspirations for a cohesive, beautiful interior step-by-step project just don’t come together to create the look you are seeking.

Enter Curio Design Studio--a revolutionary approach to a long lived profession, made possible by this uber fast communication network that connects us all. Curio Design Studio offers Interior Design services delivered 100 percent online.

Not only do we help you define your personal style with a series of specifically designed questions, but we also pull together a detailed, easy-to-follow design plan. 3D renderings and a detailed shopping list help you pull off a designer interior without the designer price tag.

This project below in Denver,CO providing lots of interesting challenges! The main issue, like many projects, was determining a furniture plan that was functional in a large open space. With no walls to designate space, furniture and area rugs were used to define zones.

Curio Design 2floorplan

The couple was recently moving from New York City and wanted to capture their urban past within their d├ęcor. A combination of clean lines and bright pops of color helped liven up their new space. Custom made wall art focused on NYC neighborhoods that were familiar to the family.

image002 image003

The end result was a space that was personal, functional and on budget. The client said:

"Curio Design Studio was a great help designing our home. The whole process was easy and filling out the questionnaire about my style and needs really helped me figure out what I was looking for and in need of. Allison worked quickly returning ideas and plans to me, and she had great ideas and lots of options for me to choose. I will definitely refer Allison to friends and seek her help in the future!”

Curio Design 1

To enter to win a Classic E-Design Package ‘like’ Curio Design Studio’s Facebook page and post a message to our wall on how you would use this design package. To increase your chances you can also follow CDS on twitter—be sure to tweet at us to let us know why you deserve this package!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest ends on Tuesday, August 28th! Good Luck!
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