My First VLOG: Jessie in Real Life

I hope you guys enjoy my first VLOG, because honestly I find it embarrassing, awkward, weird and I was so nervous even doing it. I haven't heard my own voice in a very long time and it's so strange really. HA! I don't want to type too much because I say a lot in the VLOG. The VLOG is basically about why I blog, why I read others blog and general advise about blogging. I say "um", "so" and "overwhelming" a lot. May try less coffee next time before doing a VLOG. Also I think I come across very serious, but I think it's just the topics I was discussing. Next time I will try to be more relaxed.
Enjoy my dorkyness :)

Let me know what you guys think!
Also, if you didn't get enough of me after that long VLOG, I did a guest post about Being Vegan over on Pony Chops!
Check that out HERE.


  1. Oh this was so fun to watch! I think it's funny that your blog has the same colours as your background :D And you have a really pretty voice and it seemed very natural, not weird at all :).

    I always start with checking out the blogs of people who commented on mine because I think that's really important and then I use Bloglovin to follow blogs in general. I start out with my favorites and then I just click on whatever I think will be interesting to read. Sometimes, when I have a lot of time and my whole Bloglovin had been read, I start to click on sponsors from other blogs and I go from there, just to discover new ones.

    And I don't know what I like in your blog or just other blogs in general. It's like you just said, I just like a person or the things someone writes about and so keep checking back. So I have no clue what you could do better haha. But the vlog was really nice :) xo

  2. Hi Jess, it is so nice to SEE you in this video, you're lovely and cute :) I love this idea of vlog, but who knows when I'll be able to do one.
    Anyway, you asked how we balance blogging - I must admit it's very hard for me. I wish my day is 58hrs long. With two kids, daytime job and lots of everyday chores I get tired fast...so I'm forced having a time off of blogging for a while, and I miss it!
    When comes to following other blogs, I'm just like you - I don't care if there is one follower or hundreds of them, I follow a blog if I like it. Mostly I'm interested in interior design related blogs and posts as I have too much of everything else in real life. Love to read your blog, keep up the way you do it, love the periodical changes and interior design posts the most (as I said it)
    Sorry for too long comment, I tried to be as short as possible :)

  3. Mille, Thanks for your sweet comment! I know you have been following me a long time and I'm sorry I don't do as many Interior Design post. It's mainly because I don't have my own place and I don't have anything to decorate anymore. We are thinking about buying a house soon, so there will be LOTS more Interior Decorating posts to come if that happens!!!!

    Dorien, I think I may start trying BlogLovin'. Maybe that would help me out. I think you left a comment on my blog once and then I found your blog. I think you are adorable and post cute things, so I follow you. :)

  4. I love watching vlogs. And you were fine, not weird or awkward at all. :]
    I always check commenters blogs, then i'll go check out their sponsors, and then i'll check out that persons sponsors... and then I find all these amazing blogs.
    I think people follow you cause they like what you blog about. I haven't been following you for super-long but I know I started followin gyou cause of all the disney stuff I saw.

  5. You are so cute!! I love watching Vlogs and this one was fun! :) I feel like I got to know you a little better through it! I know what you mean about bloggers putting a lot of pressure on themselves to post every single day! It's just too much (and too much for me to catch up on when I fall behind with my reading!!). I try to do a post on the weekdays and take the weekends off, but if I have extra time, I'll post on the weekends. It's not very often though. I use google reader to read all of the blogs I follow. Have you used it before? It's the best thing ever. It tells you which blogs have new posts, how many new posts and it keeps track of the posts you've read. I highly recommend using it to keep track of all the blogs you follow!

  6. Hi Jessie! I soooo enjoyed seeing this. You are not awkward or boring or rambling. I love your sincerity! I've had the feeling for so long that you are a nice and genuine person and this merely confirmed it for me. Please, please do more. I think that is how confidence increases. Have you ever visited Erin's blog - Design for Mankind. She did a series of dancing videos which were awkward but so very, very adorable. It increased her confidence.

    I am so with you about that blogging should remain fun. I notice when people get busy with their lives they apologize that they are not able to blog as much as they'd like to. I've been guilty of it. But I think we should stop apologizing! We do it because we want to.

    I get down every so often because my blog is not very popular, but when given opportunities for large revenues from ads then I get scared of losing my autonomy which is so precious to me. I investigate each request thoroughly and if the company does not meet my standards of morality, I do not take them on as an advertiser. I also get jealous sometimes of people's technical skills. On the other hand, I'm doing the best I can and it is for me after all. I love having the opportunity for self expression, and I adore hearing many different voices.

    I love seeing pictures and hearing the voices of bloggers, but I don't feel attractive enough to put pictures of myself on my blog. I have a dear friend who is trying to encourage me to put pictures of myself on my blog, but I just haven't worked up the courage.

    So, I applaud your courage. I've enjoyed watching you grow and I loved hearing and seeing you! Sorry for the novel, but please do keep the vlogs coming!

  7. I love this post! It's so great to actually see and hear you. I love your blog how it is, I think you're at the point now where you have a great balance showing your personality, things you love and interior design. I'd really like to see more Vlogs like this in the future! And I loved seeing your outfit posts.

  8. Jess,

    This was awesome!
    It was great to see AND listen to you at the same time. Haha.

    You didn't come across as rambling at all, and you weren't talking too fast either. I sometimes worry so much about what I am trying to say, that I either blurt it all out super fast, or I just jumble everything together. You did just fine. I can tell you are being yourself here, and that's what is always great about you! :)

    You seem very focused here. It's definitely weird to hear our own voice if we're not used to it. That's perfectly normal. But you have nothing to worry about. I watched the whole video, and I am very proud of you for doing this!

    As you do more of these, they will get easier. Take care. :)

    Love - Dan

  9. awww! Love, love, love watching Vlogs. I agree that I like seeing bloggers and hearing their voice. I think it's kind of fun. (Although I've been too shy to do my own Vlog) I like to follow bloggers who I feel I can relate to on some level, who are at a similar stage in life as me, who blog about similar things, and who are genuine/friendly/nice to me.

    I used Bloglovin for awhile but found it kind of annoying. It's easier for me to use Google Reader and just separate things into files like food, design, personal, etc.

    One thing I love is your images. I know it takes you a lot of time to edit them and add text or graphics but I love to see them. Mostly because I'm not very good at that and I'm always impressed by how good they always look.

    I've stopped following bloggers who are impersonal and just out to make money from their blog (not that there's anything wrong with that) It's just hard for me to make a connection with a big time blogger who doesn't have time to reach out to me.

    Currently I'm struggling with balance. I like your suggestion to stop worrying about blogging 7 days a week. I think that's the key. I want to blog when I feel like I have something worth sharing and not try to force a post out all the time.

    Anyway, loved the vlog! So fun to watch.

  10. Oh how fun to see you! So cute and you have a very sweet voice! I love looking at different people's blogs that have to do with decorating, and that's how I found yours. BUT, I don't have very much free time, so I just bookmark the ones I like the best. As for your blog, which I visit on a regular basis, I LOVE the design boards that you do. I am a big fan of seeing before and after pics when someone decorates. But as for vlogging, it would be so cool to see you do some posts about the things you care about, animals, the environment, etc. Maybe your hubby could video you as you walk around outdoors and point out some of your favorite places and so forth. Just some ideas, since you asked. :)

  11. Thanks for doing this vlog! I definitely want to do a vlog in the future. I love what you said about following and the popularity contest in the blogging world. Sometimes it does feel like a popularity contest. I blogged since 2011 but started my new blog a month ago or so and it feels like I'm starting all over again but I'm trying not to take part in the popularity contest but to just enjoy writing and following other lovely people!

    I love your questions at the end too. When it comes to following people I do use Bloglovin'. I only recently found out about it but I love it. It keeps everything in one place and I can organize blogs and put them in groups. So yours is included in my vegan group, as well as other groups. Sometimes if a blog doesn't have a Bloglovin' link, then I look them up on there but other than that it's not much clicking and keeps it simple. I really like to keep it simple.

    What do I like about your blog? Well I'm a brand new follower, as of today but I was drawn to your blog for a few reasons. First, I saw your "love animals don't eat them" picture at the top and knew I just stumbled across another vegan who's proud of it! So I love all of your stuff related to veganism. I'm also a thrifter and crafter, so I love your Thrifty Finds section. Lastly, I am constantly looking for inspiration, so your Design & Decorating section gives me that. :)

    And not awkward at all! I loved it! It's always nice to see other bloggers, actually see them.

    Project Lovegood


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