Good News Finally!

WooHoo!! After 30 days of waiting,..the bank finally ACCEPTED our offer on the house we are trying to buy!!!! I Don't know when we'll close,..but I think it will all happen fast now!!! So we are happy. Hopefully nothing goes wrong! Nothing should because we are approved already. So, hopefully I will get my atomic ranch soon and start decorating!!!!!!! Wait till you see what we are doing with the roof! ;)


Pirate Bathroom????

I might design a bathroom for my Mom with a Pirate Theme. She has a bathroom that needs something done to it. She loves Pirates of the Caribbean,....and has some cool photos she wants to hang. I think it could be fun,...and interesting. lol


UGLY Ceramic Tile

Has anyone ever painted Ceramic Tile??? HELP!!

Of course I did some online research and found some sites that say you CAN paint tile. I hate this green tile so much,...there is no way in hell I will be able to leave it alone. If I think somethings ugly, I have to change it!! Any advise? (still don't know if we have the house or not, should know this week!)


Chiasso Couch

I have fallen in love with this WHITE VINYL couch from Chiasso.com!!


HollyWood Room UPDATE

My HOLLYWOOD room is basically done. All that is left, is adding the accessories and finishing touches!! I really wanted to post pictures of my MURALS. :)



I still have some stars to paint around the Hollywood sign.

This MURAL was painted so that I could hang black picture frames in the center of it. I will be putting black and white photos of the teen girls friends!! She loved the idea!! She is really into having photos of her friends in the room. I thought this was a cute way, that matched the theme.

Can't wait to post the finished pictures!! I started the Louis Vuitton Bathroom today! I really look forward to that. Its going to look so pretty.


Panton Chair

I found them for $300 for a pair!!!Lots of colors too!! Modern Collections!

Pink & Red Bedroom

I love this room!! This room is inspiring me to do my own Pink & RED room, and white of course!!

Things I want in MY ROOM! (My husband is not excited about this design at all! lol)

Design Board #1

Design Board #2 (all the white IKEA furniture)

Ikea furniture is what we can afford. Not my first choice of course, but it is going to be the Guest Bedroom. Also, want the "hanging chair" from Ikea,..thought the Cats would love it!!



This is one of three rooms I am doing for my first REAL client. Very exciting! The room is used as a "hangout" space for a 14year old girl and her friends. She loves "HOLLYWOOD", California, and movie stars. The room has gone from pink to a very pretty Turquoise color!! Decorating with silver, black, and white accessories. I am painting black and white "California" road signs over the doors in the room. The word "HOLLYWOOD" really big on one wall, and a few other murals.

Here is my presentation boards with the furniture and accessory ideas. Not all this will be purchased. It all depends on how much the client decides she wants to spend.



Work in progress,...here is a sneak peek

These pictures aren't that great,...I will have better ones next week! :)


Water and More Water...

Its been raining alot here in OHIO. We went back to look at the house yesterday, and I must say it was very upsetting for me. You couldn't even walk into the doorway and entry without getting wet. Water is coming in the front entry and sitting on the floors. Its dripping down from the light fixture in the entry too.

There is standing water on the floor. Its hard to see in the photos,..but you can see how the floor is "darker",..especially on the wood floor.

I walked throw the house and found blankets to help dry up what was sitting on the floors. Then I found a few buckets, and vases to help catch some water. There really was no point,.but I was in tears. And very angry that the women who owns the home let this house go. Its being destroyed.

You might be able to see the "drips" of water in this photo. Now all this has to be replaced. More drywall work then we expected. More new flooring then we expected. Which of course means more money. :( We still are going to go forward with it. I am just nervous, because it our first fixer upper. The bank that owns it seems to be leaning towards accepting our offer. So, I guess thats good. :) They need estimates of how we plan to use the extra money we are getting from our lender. So that is where we are at right now. I am trying not to stress,..but its supposed to rain all weekend!!!! You go in the house and it sounds like a "rain forest". Its sounds like its raining in the house. Scary.



So I am doing it again.....decorating a house I don't "own" yet!! lol :) I can't help it. Today on "desire to inspire",..they did inspire me to maybe attempt wallpaper for the very first time. I want to do a red & white kitchen, with HIGH Gloss White cabinets from IKEA.

I love this red & white wallpaper. I am thinking something like this would go well with my "Jetsons" theme, and look good on this one wall in the picture below. ( the wall that is painted orange)

But, I don't know how my husband will feel about "hanging" wallpaper. Someone once told me,...that you must hang wallpaper with your spouse,...that it was a true test to see if you can get through it together. (Without killing each other of course!!)


West Elm Bed

Oh how I love this bed frame/headboard from West Elm!!! I want it!!!!



Okay, we went back to look at the house today, and I took alot more photos!!! :)
We still don't know if we are going to "own" it,...but it seems to be going in the right direction. We just have to keep waiting. I am also open to any decorating ideas that anybody has!!! :) You can skip through the pictures and stop them on the slideshow!


Still Waiting......

Here is a little update on the house!
We found out the seller lives in Chicago, and hasn't lived in the house since July 2003. The seller left her teenage daugther's behind, and they lived in the house. This explains all the crap that was left behind. There is family photos everywhere, and the closets are full of clothes! I see stuff, and I think "Why would you leave that behind?" So, anyways, we offered less than the seller OWES on the house. But she accepted our offer,... but the catch is getting the bank to take a loss on the house/loan. The house needs SAVED very soon. Everytime it rains more water comes in the house. IF we get it, my husband and I will have our work cutout for us. Lots of tearing walls and floors out, killing mold, and lots of cleaning. Yes, I still want the house. For someone reason every house we ever want has "issues". So, we feel we are meant to rehab a fixer upper!!! We could know something soon, or it could be weeks. *fingers crossed* We are waiting for the bank to give an answer!

Vintage Wallpaper Design

Why is it that I love these patterns so much??? I see it everywhere now. Its not something I would usually like. This bedding from Walmart is pretty,...not for me, but very elegant I think. What is it about this "vintage Wallpaper Design" that we all love????


Retro House

So, a few weeks ago we lost the house we wanted to buy. I was really bummed out! :( But like everyone kept telling me, "You'll find something else!" Well we MIGHT of. We are offering on it tonight. (monday)

I love that it has the "Jetson's Retro Mod" Feel!! It was built in 1961. Has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, full basement, swimming pool, & hot tub. I love the red on the outside,..my favorite color!!! It is a fixer upper, needs a new roof, water damage, and etc..etc..etc.. But its worth it in the end. So we'll see what happens.


Louis Vuitton Bathroom

I am doing a bathroom with this Louis Vuitton pattern that I will be hand-painting all over the walls. The inspiration was seeing the purse in the clients closet. What girl who loves designer purses isn't going to like this on their walls? The walls will be Semi-Gloss White, and I am going to paint the trim & the vanity pink. Again, this bathroom is for a 14 year old girl. I am not into Louis Vuitton, or any expensive purses for that matter, but I think the pattern is neat looking. In a few weeks I will post pictures.