Monthly Review // September 2012

Month in Review Title Sep12
Sep 2012 in Review

The numbers are linked to my posts:

1 I got a new road bike! Decided I really wanted to getting into Cycling!
2 Made a card for one of my Best Friends :)
3 Shared some photos of my small jewelry collection on my painted shelves
4 Be GREEN at Starbucks! Purchased glass mugs that we now use every time we go!
5 I am doing the "4 Simple Goals" before 2013 challenge
6 Went to Disney World! YAY!
7 Biked 43 miles in Colorado and posted pictures of some beautiful flowers

As the colder winter months approach, I'm not sure what all I will do to keep myself busy. I won't be able to really go to the park, bike or hike anymore. I will miss posting beautiful photos of flowers and mountains. There will be more trips to antique malls and thrift stores. I am going to challenge myself to mostly thrift / 2nd hand store shopping for any winter clothes I buy! That should be fun. :)

Other things that happened on my blog in the month of September:

Lots of posts about Disney while I was at Disney World! You can view all my Disney related posts HERE.
Had a sponsorship post by PONYCHOPS, see that HERE.

For October I hope to get back into blogging mode since I pretty much didn't for 2 weeks!
That feels like forever! I want to do a VLOG this month! We'll see if time is on my side.
Thanks for following and a warm welcome to my new followers. :)


  1. I dare say, you have surely accomplished a TON!

  2. Gosh, those vinylmations... so cool!

  3. I guess I did do a lot! LOL Yes, Vinylmations are cool. I will do a post about them in the next few weeks. :)


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