What I Wore #8

This past Sunday we spent the day going to open houses hoping to find our future home. (No luck yet.) The sun was out but it was only 60 degrees. I would usually just throw on jeans and a long sleeved top but I decided to dress "cuter". The blue striped dress below I purchased last year on clearance and hadn't had a chance to wear it yet...

WIW8 TITLE WIW8 BlueStripedDress1
It was just warm enough to wear the dress and I busted out some black leggings to pair with it.
One thing I love about the cooler weather is being able to wear leggings again.
Chloe wanted to sit with me, so I let her pose for a few pictures...
WIW8 BlueStripedDress2
There is my necklace that I got at Disney! It's supposed to be a Minnie Mouse bow.
Here is a another cute picture of Chloe...
WIW8 Chloe
I got my hair cut recently! It needed trimmed very badly.
I still have crazy frizz, but it looks cute I think.
WIW8 BlueStripedDress 3
I took the pictures in my guest bedroom because it was the only room with the sun shinning in!
I'm a bit washed out, but with 20 m.p.h winds outside this was the best I could do.
I miss being outside already!
WIW8 BlueStripedDress4
Necklace: Disney/Epcot | Dress: Target (last year) | Leggings: Garbriel Brothers $4 | Shoes: Thrifted

What's your favorite thing to wear this time of year???



  1. That's a pretty dress! I love the minnie mouse necklace :) And your dog is so cute! xo

  2. I really like that dress! It's a great shape.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Your bangs are just perfect!!!!!!!!! And that dress is so fun :)

  4. loving the stripes!
    super cute
    and that necklace is super super fun!

    happy friday

    Redheaded Daybook

  5. That dress is really flattering on you!

  6. Thanks guys! I love it. My bangs were just cut that day by me. :)

  7. Your hair looks awesome! Cute outfit too and loving that Chloe wanted to be in the photo shoot too

    1. Thanks! Chloe is so cute. She is such a ham in front of the camera. LOL

  8. this is all so adorable., your necklace, pup, new hair - all of it! i really love the new haircut especially

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

    1. Oh thanks. I love it when my bangs are straight!!!!!

  9. Your bangs are perfect! And I have some similiar shoes like yours but mine are mint and white instead of black :) You're so lovely!


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