Victoria Secret Bedroom Plan

I am currently designing 3 rooms for one client. Here is pic's of my idea's for the decor for the "Victoria Secret" themed room. Please keep in mind its for a 14year girl! Very fun!



Check out this crazy wallpaper! Its from a magazine I have. I am just keeping it in mind for future projects! lol ;)


Pet Bowls

My new bowls for my cats. They were $10 for both at Walmart. Love black and white!!


Wedding Cake

I was bored so I thought I would post this. I found the black & white cake just looking online at pictures and thought it was neat. The pink cake is my wedding cake. We got married last May,..almost a freakin year already. We still have our top layer in the freezer waiting for us.


Purple Stripes

I posted this for Kim to see, because she is painting her bathroom in stripes. It is time consuming, but it looks neat in the end. This room was NOT mine, I did it for someone else. I am not a fan of purple really. Seems to be the only color I don't love. I used one of those laser levels that sticks to the wall, its the only way to do it if you want to stay sane. lol


Bad news today. Last night we "closed" on selling our house, and spent all day today moving into my mom's house. At the end of the night I got online to look at houses just for fun. But I found out that the HUGE REHAB house that we have planned on offering on is under-contract! So, we lost it. :( Of course I cryed and said some bad words! Someone has bought it and is going to RENT it out!! Which breaks my heart, because its such a nice house!! But the good thing is, we will be able to payoff our credit card debt! lol :) But I am very heartbroken,..I had the whole damn thing decorated in my head already. My husband & I have really bad luck when it comes to houses, but atleast our house is SOLD.


Stainless Steel Kitchen

I used to be so in love with stainless steel everything. Shortly after buying our first Stainless Steel fridge I quickly learned I hated it. Keeping it clean is a nightmare!!!! My advise to anyone who wants it,..don't do it. Don't fall for the pretty shiny stainless steel!! I have a bad habit of using the water on the door, and spilling it down the front of the fridge. So, there is always lines of water down the front, and I can never keep it clean. Then we bought a garbage can that is also stainless. Its also a nightmare!! It really is for a room that never gets used. We don't even have kids!! lol


I heart Chiasso.com

I love Chiasso.com !! They have great stuff. A bit pricey, but still fun to look at. Their sale prices are good though!

More Kitchen Dreaming

Just another lovely IKEA kitchen!

More things I want in my kitchen that I don't have! lol :)

IKEA JULES Chair $39.99! I love many other chairs for the kitchen, but these are affordable. I love the circle cutouts in the backs of the chairs.

I love these Red barstools for our kitchen also! I might just get white ones though, I don't want to over do the red! I found these at Target for $59.99 each.


IKEA teapot

Cute IKEA teapot! The Varme $8.99!!! I love it! I want to start a white teapot collection.

Kitchen Dreaming

So, when you are sitting at a home & garden show for 12 hours straight, you get bored and start daydreaming. I did drag my husband down with me for the weekends. So, this past Saturday we sat in my booth thinking about our "future" kitchen. Totally DREAMING of what we could do with it. (Even though we don't even have an offer in on the house) But when you love to Decorate,..you can't help but start picturing the rooms in your head and planning it out!! Its just what I do!!! ;) lol

Here is the design I made for our Ikea kitchen that we hope to "make/buy/design" whatever you want to call it. We plan on doing some red walls, and chrome backdrop that Ikea sells.

I want to paint this on a wall in the kitchen!

I love this furniture & I plan on painting the floors white.

These are the IKEA kitchen cabinets we will probably get,....these are the ones we can "afford"! lol


Cheaper Egg Chair

HA! I found the "egg chair" for $1,500 instead of $8,000! Still can't afford it,..but hey I can look! I am still going to keep looking for it cheaper. Its doubtful,..but I don't give up that quick!! I have pets,...so I can't buy that kinda of chair. My dog would probably puke on it the first week I had it.


Home & Garden Show

Here's some photos from the Home Show I am currently doing! Its going really well for me, people are very interested in my Interior Design Business. Its scarey putting myself out there, because I am nervous. Its great for my "design" self-esteem though. People love my designs!!
The first 3 photos are pieces of furniture I love. The red table is an old white tulip table that a woman took to a Auto Body Shop and had painted RED!!! (I might just have to do that to the IKEA table when I buy it!!!!) The Red chair is priced at $8000!!! Even worse, the couch, $20,000! How about, NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Thats just crazy! I think I'll shop around! LOL The last photo is Me in my booth talking to some friends that stopped by to say "hi"! (I am the short blonde in the booth)


Wingback Chair

I never thought I would find a Wingback chair that I would actually
love. Its vintage from the 1950's and no way I could ever afford it!
But its pretty! I found it on 1stdids.com !