Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21

All items are from Forever 21 / January 2010
Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21



Here she is doing what she does best : Destroy things.

Chloe - 1-28-2010



I am so in love with this image... Found {HERE} Design Shrine
Yellow Art work
Bedroom Image found {HERE}
Living Room - Image source unknown
Bedroom - found {HERE} Bijou Kaleidoscope
Yellow Bedroom

Design Board for My Parents

Living Room - Design for my parents


Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21

All items from Forever 21 / January 2010
Fashion Inspiration - Forever 21

Robert Pattinson Eyecandy

Robert - Vanity Fair
Image from Vanity Fair


He believes that the couch is his.
Simon - Jan 23, 2010

Bathroom Progress

We have the tub and shower walls installed. My husband has all the electrical work done also. It is time to start hanging drywall.

Bathroom Remodel - Jan 20, 2010

Tub & Shower Walls..
Bathroom Remodel - Jan 20, 2010

Bathroom Remodel - Jan 20, 2010


*Love Me No Matter What*

I designed this today to frame in my bedroom. My husband & I are having to make some tuff life decisions right now. This really fits how we feel!


Photos in Bedroom - Jan 2010

IKEA Dresser in Bedroom - jan 2010

I am slowly working on getting a new "look" in our bedroom. I have a hard time placing items in the IKEA dresser. I am never happy with it. Today I put new picture frames on display with photos of my husband & I....

IKEA Dresser in Bedroom - jan 2010



Jodi Macklin Bedroom
Jodi Macklin Bedroom

Image source unknown
Turq. Bedroom Room

Domino Magazine

Image source unknown

My Master Bedroom - 2009
My Master Bedroom - 2009

Fashion Inspiration - Wet Seal

All accessories & clothing from Wet Seal / January 2010

Fashion Inspiration - Wet Seal


Bathroom Accessories

We got our toilet for our bathroom....

Toilet for Hall Bathroom - Jan 2010

I can't decide on bathroom accessories....

Picking Bathroom Accessories

Which one do you like best? They are all chrome, but the photos make the colors look different.



I found a new blog I really like. Great eyecandy!

Spearmint Decor Header

I have really grown fond of OLD OLD homes with tall ceilings and fireplaces in every room! I want my next home to be huge with tons of rooms to decorate! I love the mixture of modern furniture mixed with antiques. Spearmint Decor did a post with this lovely home that displays just that!

Antiques & Modern Home

Antiques & Modern Home

Antiques & Modern Home

Antiques & Modern Home

Antiques & Modern Home

Click {HERE} to see the Spearmint Decor post!
Images from Shoot Factory



I am loving PURPLE right now!
{Image source unknown}

Purple Living Room

Love this one purple wall in this Dining Room...
{Image source unknown}
Purple Dining Room

This Living Room is designed by AMANDA NISBET

Image found {HERE} Beautiful Living
Purple Living Room


Barrett {Pretty Boy}

Barrett : We call him pretty boy....
Barrett Collage

When Barrett was a kitten he was snow white. His fur has really darkened up over the years. He is very cute.

*New Bedding*

I purchased new bedding from Sears. It is from Ty Pennington's Collection...

New Bedding / January 2010

I wanted a new look in the my bedroom. I want my room to be more "grown up" looking instead of all the PINK. Click {HERE} to see the old bedding. It will be awhile before I get finish this room. I used all my IKEA gift cards from Xmas for things to remodel our bathroom. The bathroom comes first!

Here is a design board I made a few months ago with ideas for my bedroom makeover...

My Bedroom Makeover Design Board

Of course, I already found different bedding then I originally picked out! lol I am sure I will keep changing my mind! Now I have to hunt down some purple & hot pink throw pillows! {or make something!}



Great living room with pops of orange... Image found HERE {the estate of things}

Living Room

Love this nursery... Image found HERE { }

Orange & White Nursery

Great kids room... Image found HERE {Design Dazzle}

Orange Kids Room

Andy Warhol prints are a great way to add color to any room! I recommend this site {Fulcrum Gallery}

Orange Warhol Print

Bedroom I designed a few years ago...
Pop Art Bedroom

Design Plan for My Bathroom

I would love to redecorate my tiny bathroom that is tucked away in my bedroom.

Design Board - Purple Modern Bathroom

Sadly the ceiling and some of the walls are damaged by the leaking roof. Our roof has been nothing but a headache since we bought the house!!! Hopefully we can get it fixed in the spring and I will be able to design my "new" bathroom. I want dark purple walls with pops of white! I think black and white photos of Edward Cullen would be pretty! ; ) My bathroom is a light pink color currently. Now that I have my pink office, I don't really want pink walls anywhere else in the house. My husband is very happy about this! lol (But he could go with out the Edward pictures,...but its MY bathroom!)

Edward Cullen {Robert}


Goodbye Ugly Green Tile

{Remodeling the hall bathroom / January 2010}

The Day has finally come. We are finally remodeling our hall bathroom. This room is the reason we don't like to have company over. Its just embarrassing!!!!

Hall Bathroom - BEFORE - January 2010

Hall Bathroom - BEFORE - January 2010

I posted months ago my "design board" for the bathroom! I am so glad that I get to make my design finally come to life! Below is a photo of what most of our light switches look like in our house. The only reason they are like this is because the previous home owners pulled them all out of the wall. ?????? It will be nice not to look at this anymore!

Hall Bathroom - BEFORE - January 2010

Hall Bathroom - BEFORE - January 2010

As you can see from the pictures, the bathroom is small. It does have a tall ceiling though making it feel bigger. I plan to paint it white to keep it feeling larger.

Hall Bathroom - BEFORE - January 2010

Hall Bathroom - BEFORE - January 2010

The sink faucet we bought a few years ago, that will be staying! I am keeping the medicine cabinet and lights for our basement bathroom that we hope to remodel some day! HA! More like some "year".