Apartment Therapy ~ Chicago Entries

Peggy over at Creative Influences posted about The Apartment Therapy "got color" contest. She shared some of her favorite entries. I thought I would do the same just for fun. This contest was the first contest I had ever entered, and I entered because it was a COLOR contest. I think my color scheme is unique and bright. (not for everybody, but for me) With that said, here is who I would pick from the CHICAGO entries.

#2 Heather's Aqua in Austin (link)

Love the little pops of red. You have to admire Heather for painting those tall walls too! She could of just left them white.

Love the way her photography looks on her walls. She uses this space for meeting with her clients.

#8 John's Bold, Bright, Day or Night (link)

Maybe black isn't "color" to everyone. I think its stunning. One of my favorite colors to paint on walls actually. John's place is homey without being cluttered.

He's a graphic designer who places his items well, not to mention puts great color combo's together!!!! He has many many votes, I am sure he is going to place.

#20 The Crew Tag Boys' Balanced Energy (link)

Well, for one, I LOVE THE FURNITURE! Look at the orange lamp!! I just love all the stuff together in this one room. It just works.

They painted the stripes themselves instead of going and buying wallpaper. Good for them!!!! Looks wonderful.

They have a PANTON chair. Not that they should win because of that,..but it helps. lol

#28 Jamie's Unorthodox Color Palette (link)

I think Jamie did a great job mixing colors and styles together. She has tons and tons of votes, so I would say she is a winner. I will say she used color, unlike some people who entered. ;)

Love the white walls opposite of the couch. Nice to see someone likes WHITE with color like I do.

Okay this is 4. That's all that will be picked in each region. I think there are many more that deserved more attention. I was sad for some that got such bad comments or none.

#7 Michael & Mindy's Sunny Chicago Loft (link)

#13 Aj's Box of Crayons (link)

#30 Moca's Color Evolution (link)

I haven't taken the time to look at the other regions to pick my favorites from them. I just wanted to look at who was going to beat me. ;) lol


Color Sense Game

I found this really neat quiz you can take that tells you what colors fit your personality best. Of course its all just for fun, and you might not agree with the results after taking it. I took it and it hit the nail on right on the head for me. It even asks your hair and eye color. lol I think its fun.

Here is the link if you are interested in seeing your own results.
~ Color Sense Game by Pittsburgh Paints

My results were POP ART PALETTE. I would say that's me. :) This is a photo of one of the color schemes it choose for me.

It think its a Jessie color scheme. :)

Rehab Weekend (very end of Oct 07)

Happy Halloween from my cat Simon! lol

I have painted one coat of primer on our ceiling in the Masterbedroom. I hate painting ceilings.

The ceiling will be getting sprayed with lightweight drywall mud. So,...no more ceiling painting for me!!! The walls now have primer on them too...

I actually like the walls white, but no I am not leaving them white. ;) I hope to start painting this week or upcoming weekend. We also started laying the floor down.

Simon didn't waste anytime checking out our progress in the room....

and of course "testing" it out....

We have more than half of the floor down. We ran out of daylight, and didn't want to be using the saw to cut boards late on a Sunday night.

I have been working on small decorating projects around the house.

This is my WHITE vase collection. I had left over red & white fabric from my living room pillows. I decided to frame it and place it behind my vases. I did not want to paint 5 coats of red paint behind them!!!!

This is where a ghetto homemade china cabinet used to be in our eat in kitchen area. I hope to hang shelves, etc. I have ideas, just no time or money at the moment. Here is a BEFORE photo.....

Here is a photo of my Dining Room area.

One day we will have baseboard trim!!!!! We talk about it everyday! It really bothers us and it looks terrible. Trim is a big job and the WHOLE house needs it. This is all I got for now. Hopefully I will get alot done this week. *fingers crossed*


The Third Annual Colors Contest

Yeah, they picked me! :)

I entered some photos of my house in the Apartment Therapy Fall Color Contest. I didn't expect to be picked and was very nervous about entering. We'll see what happens! Go check it out and vote if you feel I deserve it!!! Thanks!!

JD Design's Wow Factor!

my living room.

Rehab Weekend (end oct 07)

My red house from the stop sign across the street.

We have been working on the Masterbedroom for what feels like forever. Last weekend we finally got all the walls hung.

My husband worked on plumbing for hours. I have learned from rehabbing this house, that plumbing takes the longest and most trips to Lowe's.

Eventually it was time to mud the walls. We started with mud that only took an hour to dry. We hated it!!!! Ended up buying the 24hour stuff.

We only hated the quick drying mud because we are NOT quick at mudding. ;) lol Its nice to see a ceiling finally. This was a very scary room when we bought the house.

Here is where I am going to put a Klippan couch from IKEA. I had it in my old living room at my old house.

Here is a BEFORE shot.....scary!!!!

Here is a picture of the color I plan to paint the room. (the one on the right)

Here is a shot into the tiny bathroom.

If you came over at night, and walked up the sidewalk, here is what it would look like...

Of course, hopefully there wouldn't be a drill on the ground for people to trip on. We have alot of cleaning up to do.

Its been raining for the last few days. Sadly we have water in our basement. We have been very stressed and have not been able to enjoy working on the house at all. This whole 6 month process has been fun, except for these last few weeks. Basically we have a handful more of days to make the house look more "finished", before the bank comes and looks at it. *fingers crossed* I will post more pictures soon. :)


'10 most influential design bloggers'

Go over to The Home Rejuvenation Blog and check out the results!!!
Click Here!

I am excited to say that Kim & Jo's blog, Desire to Inspire made the number #5! I love their own personal styles & all the hard work they put into their blog.

Some of the other blogs I had heard of, some I had not. There are so many out there, if I went to all of them I would spend 20hours a day on my computer!!!!! lol ;) My list that I try to visit everyday has grown. Also, I see so many comments from new people on my blog all the time,......and of course I go to their blogs, and it just snowballs from there!!! :)

Thanks to anyone who stops by my blog and finds it interesting. Its just me sharing what I love and what I do. Its fun. I love if I can actually inspire somebody and meet others who love design as much as I do.


UK Home Boutique

I was looking for Andy Warhol prints the other day, and found this site. It has nothing to do with Andy Warhol, but I still found it.
Its a store called, Topshop Pussy. They sell Homewares, Paul Frank items, books, and their website it really cute.
Here is the item that came up in my "Warhol" search.....

I would "LOVE" to have this. lol The Love Mirror! I might ask for it for Xmas. :)
Here is a bunch of other goodies that SHOULD be in MY home!!!

Click HEREfor the link to these products.
I love the look of their store. They are in the UK,....way to far away from me to go shop.

Just thought I would post about them, maybe somebody will find something they can't live without on their online store. :)

By the way, I want this.....

Anybody got a clue of where I can find one. I do online searches and get nothing.:( Modern Seed had them for sale on their website back in 2006.


Rehab Weekends (oct 07)

Photos from early ~ mid October 2007

I have lost track of the rehab weekend #'s, and I am to lazy to try to figure it out. lol I am not the only one feeling lazy.....

The Master Bedroom is our main thing at this point and time. The picture below is just showing that I have spent alot of time insulating the room.

Before the insulation went up, my husband did some lighting. We put two recessed lights over the window in the corner of the room, and two over the bed.

We also are installing a ceiling fan. It was a last minute decision. We couldn't find one we liked. I think they are fine in taller ceiling rooms. I didn't really want one in our bedroom, but we found a smaller one.

Its from Lowes, only $89.00. I like the extra light it will give the room. :)
I did spend alot of time one rehab weekend cleaning the basement really well. I mopped the floors and moved things around. I was getting it ready for the kitty's. We have it set up nice for them. They really like it! Gives them more room to play.

We hung a bunch of toys from the beams in the ceiling.

My girls, Sammy & Lexey enjoy the retro chairs in the living room also.

This past weekend we started FINALLY hanging drywall in the masterbedroom and bathroom. This is a picture of the ceiling in the bathroom.

Here is the shower. Not a very "exciting" picture. lol This is where a tub used to sit, before we ripped it out.

We had the help of "Team Dad". lol

Then the Bedroom ceiling went up.

On the left side of this photo is where a couch will sit for a nice seating area. The right side is the tiny bathroom.

Here is a picture of the bathroom with the drywall up. Its so tiny.

All day Barrett tried to sneak into the room to see what was going on...

Its nice to see some walls in here finally!!!!

Muffins watched while everyone worked hard....

We only have a few weeks left,....and alot to do. So, cross your fingers for us. The stress of having a deadline has really kicked in.