MOSAIC - October 2011

Monthly Mosaic October 2011

My Life Recap / October 2011
*Finished my Union Jack Painting
*Started my Dollhouse
*Wyoming had two snow storms already
*Cody turned 28 years old!
*Got more Vinylmations
*Finally found nightstands for my bedroom (haven't blogged yet!)
*Considering becoming a Vet Tech


Inspirtation: Display

I have been looking for inspiration for something to hang over my couch. I found these cool images and wanted to share them with you. I love this look...
Home Klondike2-traditional-eclectic-white-living-room-ideas-storage-modern

I love how the boxes are all different sizes. I think this would be a cool way for me to display my toy collection someday. Here is a photo frame collage wall which looks great in this room with its tall ceilings...

This photo below shows a great use of a corner! Love all the photos sat on the shelves and they even used the floor...
Storage SystemsWall-Mounted-Shelving-Units

Then of course, I have always dreamed of having a wall of Warhol....
BeLigherMonroe Wall


Inspirtation: New & Old

I was watching HGTV the other day and fell in love with this room designed by Candice Olson.
Candice New and old - Copy
The home owner had a combination of antiques and modern furniture. Candice reupholstered and painted some of the antique pieces so that they would look modern.
candice olsen 6 - Copy
I love this look! These pictures really don't do the room justice! Lucky they have the full episode of the show on the HGTV website! I showed this room to Cody and he actually really loved it also. I was relieved because I really want to do this in our next home. Here is a shorter video to give you an idea of the before and after...

Want to see the full episode? Go {HERE}



I love the simple design of this bedroom. This is a perfect example of a beautiful white room with pops of color!
Decor Pad
Beautiful Bedroom


Decor Love - Silver & White

Decor Love Silver & White - Oct 2011LINKS
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This month I have added some new Vinylmations to my collection.
Vinylmations - Oct 2011
Spooky Series 1 | Oh Mickey | Pumpkin Head

Now I have the complete Nightmare Before Christmas set! I have left them in the boxes, but don't really like them displayed that way. I am trying to decide if I should take them out of the boxes or not? I try VERY hard to not get on the Vinylmation website. It's better I don't know what I can buy! They are releasing an Alice In Wonderland set on November 4th!

Vinylmation Alice In Wonderland

I don't know if they will put them online or not. I can't go to California or Florida to buy them in person! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite things and to add Vinylmations to it is super awesome.


My Dollhouse Update

The day I decided to go out to Hobby Lobby and buy my dollhouse, I thought for sure that I would come home and start putting it together right away. Once I started unpacking small piece after small piece and looking at the direction booklet, I realized very quickly that putting it together was NOT a one day project. (Not for me at least!!) I also have to be honest that I pretty much begged Cody to help me. He has been a HUGE help! Without him, there would be no dollhouse for me. The exterior of the house is so much work. Painting every little piece! Here is all the window trim painted white...
My Dollhouse - Primed Window Trim
After I spent all this time doing this I read in the instructions that I was supposed to paint it AFTER I glued them all together. Oops. It's okay though, because I didn't paint the ends where the glue goes. Someday I will learn to read everything before always just doing it "my way"! lol
My Dollhouse Primed - Oct 2011
There is the house primed. This picture is actually a week old. The house is painted now and all the windows are going in today! This weekend Cody and I are attempting to knockout the whole exterior so I can finally start decorating!!!! I will post some exterior pictures sometime next week.

Make sure to check out the update Emily posted on her blog about the challenge. It is really fun to see what everyone else is coming up with while decorating their houses!



This currently is my favorite room! Love the simple color scheme. Love the artwork over the couch. Love the furniture and LOVE the light fixture!!
Dcdelectably Classywhite-modern-chic-living-room-blue-pink-art


Cody and I can't wait to buy a house! We will not be able to buy a house till December 2012. (I'm counting down the days!) I sit and watch HGTV and daydream about a house I don't even have yet. I can't wait to paint and design again. Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are hands down my favorite thing to design! I hope to install and build an IKEA kitchen! I know my next home will not be ultra contemporary like my last house. I really love ADEL cabinets from IKEA....
Decor PadIKEA Kitchen
I feel like ADEL cabinets will give me the contemporary feel that I like, but won't scare away future buyers when it's time for us to move.
IKEA also has other white kitchen cabinets that I love. It's amazing how easily you can just change the door hardware to make the kitchen have a completely different style. I think that is a key factor to consider for resale in the future.
Decor PadIKEA White Kitchen
Decor PadIKEA Kitchen / Subway TileLast but NOT least, Jonathan Adler's ADEL Kitchen design! This kitchen is perfection to me...
House BeautifulJonathan Adler Kitchen 1
For now I just keep dreaming! See my Design Board for my Dream Kitchen {HERE}


My Union Jack Painting

A few weeks ago I did an INSPIRATION post with images of the Union Jack pattern. I had planned to decorate my bedroom in pink and orange. I decided I wanted to just paint my own Union Jack painting to hang over my bed. I started by making this design in Photo Shop...
Union Jack love
I wanted there to be a heart in the center with the word love on it. I have always also loved pink and red rooms, so I thought why not add red to my bedroom also?
Painting UNION JACK1
I am fortunate to own a projector that I purchased many years ago. It has helped me with many projects. I purchased my canvas, paint and small paint roller from Hobby Lobby. It only cost me $22 because everything was on sale! I already had blue painters tape, which is perfect for making the flag sections of the Union Jack pattern. To start the project I made the room really dark and then traced the design onto the canvas...
Painting UNION JACK2
After I traced everything I laid the canvas on my dining room table and started rolling all the layers of paint on...
Painting Union Jack3
The red took about 6 coats of paint! I decided to just free hand the word love on the heart so it would be my handwriting. I am pretty happy with the end result.
Painting Union Jack 4
For only $22 it was a great way to create a focal point for over the bed. It added the extra color I needed on the plain white walls and pulls the color scheme together. The small pillow in the front I have had for about 6 years. It was from Target and I have always loved it. It didn't work in my last house, so I am glad I finally had a room it matched!

(I can't find nightstands for my bedroom! Once I do I can finish the decorating and post pictures! Stay tuned...)




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